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Bad Things Happen
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Bad Things Happen

Hey everyone I know bad things happen to us all and that it usually helps to say it and laugh about it. So I wanted to share the bad things that have been happening to me lately.

First my mother is throwing me out and making the entire process more than difficult. For over a year she has not cared to understand what it is to be in university and not being able to find a job. So she has slowly been trying to starve me out. Recently she has changed the garage code and took away the bike that I was using as transportation becuase I can't drive nor can I afford public transportation. She also took away my phone so now all I have is email but to use it I must walk three miles to school and its about 90 on average as of lately. Three weeks ago I was sick and couldn't excersice in preparation for Officer Candidate school in less then three weeks from now. I went camping almost cut off my finger. Came back got sick agian and now that I am actually feeling better I have this huge swollen thing on my neck and I have to run three miles and some other stuff tomorrow morning. And to top all of that off the paintbrush I was using to paint my Tau fire warrriors is missing which means with all this free time I can't even paint, which in itself has been a long joke since I have been trying to finish painting 24 firewarriors since march and I am only done with two. Not to mention my nine months mark with my girlfriend and her birthday are coming ups very shortly and I have no dough no how.
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Default Re: Bad Things Happen

sucks to be you m8.
but were with you,you can count on TO to comfort and/or mock you when you down.
my bro got kicked out recently but he was a total ***** are you a complete victim or are you just being bias?

kind regards
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