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TO Poetry Thread?
Closed Thread
Old 15 Jun 2005, 01:14   #1 (permalink)
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Default TO Poetry Thread?

Why not? Here's my entry:

Evening set, wine by the fire
Under the blankets, inflamed by desire
Each touch, each kiss, no moment so dire
To go on so long, and fail to tire.

Skin to skin, aroused and mighty
Your smooth body, my Aphrodite
Whispered words, fingers, so excite me
No wonder why I need you nightly.

The feeling in you, soft and warm
Right now the calm before the storm
Expressed through motion our looks adorned
Our passion unleased, love is reborn.

I heard it first, a knock at the door
Jutted in surprise, you screamed out more
Such startled me further, fell to the floor
A harder knock came, timing was poor

Sneering, hurting, I looked through the glass
You sort of just sat there, rubbing your arse
I saw the man, I growled out fast
"A witness, my dear, but maybe he'll pass."

A knock came again, our desire falling
This dumb jerk just had to come calling
It was no use, I couldn't keep stalling
The door was close, so I started crawling

It was then I noticed, to some dismay
In our fury, our clothes had been thrown away
The fire was burning my shirt sleeve like hay
So I did what I could, yanked it out of the fray

But the shirt fell hard on the bottle of wine
The liquid caught fire, and alarms did twine
The bedroom, in smoke, the flames did mime
And down the stairs, did we decline

Out the door, we burst through nude
The witness rocked back, a startled dude
Outside the house, a crimson hue
The witness stared, without a clue.

"Have you found Jesus?" the witness said
I glared at him, this prey in my head
"Are you serious?" I scowled, wanted him dead
"You heathens need God. I'm Brother Ted."

To the point where I was ready to kill
Brother Ted just stared, he stood very still
"We were just fine, till our door you did mill."
We were still naked, we must have looked ill

"I've been sent here to save you from burning."
"You started the fire!" Red was my face turning
"You can keep your God, and all of your yearning!"
Brother Ted shook his head, he was not learning

Sadly I peered at my house aflame
In the background, the sirens of the firetrucks came
Brother Ted smiled, said, "Have you read James?"
I punched him hard, his clothes I did stain

So be prepared next time you "sin"
If somebody knocks, just give a grin
Those guys will strike as you begin
Be this a lesson to those listening in

Yeah so...yeah...next!
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Default Re: TO Poetry Thread?

The blur of speeding steel fills my world.
All I see are lights, red and white upon the road.
Catseyes blink at me as I drive, full throttle,
Seeking the glory of speed.

Flat out, pedal down, loving the feeling of speed.
Jinking in and out, around the slower card.
They choose caution, I choose speed,
The adrenalin rush is intoxicating.

Maybe one day I'll regret my desire for speed.
Sooner or later, we all make mistakes.
Perhaps one day, my speed will kill me,
But tonight there is only the road.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: TO Poetry Thread?

I prefer songs. Have fun, Poety Peoples.

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Default Re: TO Poetry Thread?

Originally Posted by Hatman!!!
I prefer songs. Have fun, Poety Peoples.
*beer* mhmsss
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Old 19 Jun 2005, 15:14   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: TO Poetry Thread?

My 'Emotives'

I call these poems emotives because sometimes I just write what I am feeling, whether or not it makes sense. I conjure up a feeling and a vision in my head, and write what it feels like. :P

This first poem was inspired by the sky (obviously), and with it the sense of power and freedom, accompanied by awe and thoughtfullness, while all the time being a capsular barrier, keeping us trapped inside.

Sky (Read fast)

Drifting away from me, like a white flow of exhilaration,

Curve of the Earth, shapes the vast expanse,

Air tight,

Grip tight,

Running now, fast as light,

Soaring now I cannot bite,

Hard enough through this barrier,

The atmosphere abounds, eternal space,

Plane of pain and ecstasy,

Pain of fear and joy in me,

Falling I can inspire,

Lifted up on wings of fire,

Air power thrust through the experience,

Soar up, a different existence.

This poem is based on hundreds of things, up to and including self-hatred, the womb, safety, growing up, getting old and dying, hiding away, breaking out, hiding your true feelings and the sense of isolation that depression can bring, amongst other things. I wrote it a while back, in my head and heart, but I've only recently written it down. Only weird people will understand! 8)

Inside (Read very slowly)

Cocooned inside I dwell,
Softness draws me in,
The warmth transforming all around,
The dark is in but kept outside,
Crushed hopes and false pride,
Crippled soul, lashing out,
Internal angst, external bliss,
I'm cocooned inside of this.

This last poem that revolves around several subjects, some obvious and other obscure. I think it's better to let people guess what it's about; they tend to see reflections of themselves in it, because they apply their own 'demons' to each line. It's quite a personal 'emotive.'
Feel free to comment.

Why and Them
Several, inside they scream,
Assimilation, crush the dream,
Prove the theorem, enslave them all,
The machine it turns, they're oblivious to the fall,
Process undertaken, unnoticed death,
Convinced it's a lie, every breath,
Cannot run, cannot hide, only blind them,
But still it binds them.
It cannot see, why cannot be,
If it is truth, why ... and them?

Hidden life and concealed decay,
Buzzing in the head of it all,
Every crumb obsessed.

The world cries out, the knife twisted further,
The healing begins, and the stinging is clear.

Can it happen, could it never escape?

The fate that befalls,
The man that falls,The mountainside it beckons us,
And the sky it strikes,
Our hearts they give.

Strong or weak, I cannot breach,
The hardened layer,
Pushing into, an endless cycle,
Could it help it's own self harm,
Why ... and what about them?

Save it all, preserve them all, in amber,
Relics and dust in torment rust,

Help them.

This is the last one, and it's partly a happy light poem (think Offspring style 8) ). It's about all the great things in life, and how much you can regret missing them! It's about not going through life just watching.

I'm watching the sun, as it dances on the water, white boards cut through it as I dream of sandy shores and red hot drinks that cool me down. The Jet Ski's roar.
Through my shades I gaze, over the bonnet, I'm cruising California, open terrain and sunset, my friends tagging along like only friends can.
I'm gliding over a valley, the wind in my hair, pupils dilated a sharp breath I take,
Now I'm in bed and in love, my heart it aches, I'm sipping wine.
And guzzling beer.
I'm running away.
And I'm coming home.
Life is for living.
And for the exquisite pain of loss,

Avoid the bubble, or all is lost.

[i]Thanks for reading! I hope you like them.
KJ - Friend, Brother, Ork. Never forget you mate.
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Old 19 Jun 2005, 15:17   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: TO Poetry Thread?

Broken mind
Shattered dreams
spirit torn
eerie screams.

I still hate S4C.

Thats all of it. S4C stands for Siannol Pedwer Cymry (I can't spell it, its welsh) or welsh channel 4.

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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