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More curious news reports from Emmy (spiders & clowns)
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Default More curious news reports from Emmy (spiders & clowns)

To begin, scientists at the University of Rennes in France drowned spiders in an effort to study their adaptability to life in flood prone marshes. To the surprise of the scientists and the chagrin of every arachnaphobe in the world, these drowned spiders were able to reanimate only several hours after being submerged in water for 24+ hours. Scientists are now studying the phenomenon to discover how the spiders were able to ressurrect themselves after dying.

In other news, a Russian clown working in Liverpool was told that he cannot wear his clown shoes because they are a health and safety hazard to his highwire act. Even though Valerik Kashkin tried to is explain that his Flip Belt would provide enough protection from any potential fall, British health and safety officers said the shoes must go.

In the hard economic times mercenary clowns are reporting that their payments are coming later and later. Rumor has it that if clowns don't start getting paid soon, they're going to join up with Somali Pirates.

Finally, a clown in Canada is protesting a pair of department store adds which feature clowns getting sliced up and chopped up by saws. The add company, Masque Entertainment, responded with an official statement staying, "Isn't that how all clowns meet their ends?"

FT I think you have some explaining to do on how your experimental zombie spiders got loose.

Circus Moar clowns as asked. Now I need to find some really interesting clown articles.
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