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The New Pet
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Default The New Pet

Obama has a new pet llama now. Naturally, he is naming it Ollama. ;D

So it dawned on me that we lack a joke thread on Obama, and since there are literally thousands of Obama jokes out there, lets spill 'em all out. ;D

NOTE: Racist jokes will be removed by the mods people. In case you forgot.
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Default Re: The New Pet

Naturally, he is naming it Ollama.
Oh thats just ACE!
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Default Re: The New Pet


See I could almost believe this, because you know Obama's a gigantic geek, and he does like his fun, in a way we can relate to. I mean yeah Bush kicks back on his ranch but what do I care about that? Obama? He gets Stevie Wonder or Kanye West to play every few weeks for him, his favourite TV show is my favourite TV show (The Wire, for those wondering), so yes, I am prepared to accept that Obama has mused upon the identity of the 5th cylon and called Shtlk when it was revealed. Before going on an internet forum to get into argument with four seperate posters, a 21 year old IT support worker, a 16 year old kid who skipped school, a 40 year old secretary, some girl from Sweden , before calling each of them in turn a "raging faggot".

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