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Daemon Adoptables!
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Default Daemon Adoptables!

Hey everyone.

Now to show you all what I've been secretly working on for the last few weeks with Heresy Online

I can't show you the full sets naturally, but I will be putting up the concept sketches in my artwork thread.

Daemon Adoptables Guide

So you've decided to bring your own ravening Daemon out of the Warp!

First of all, if you haven’t already done so you’ll need to http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/../daemons/index.php?page=usercp&mode=register"]register for an account. [/URL]

What are Daemon Adoptables?

Daemon Adoptables are small graphical representations of Daemons in the Warhammer Universe. You adopt them by joining the Daemon Adoptables website and clicking on the summon now link.

They level and evolve (grow in power) as they're clicked on. Therefore, it's in your best interest to place them on high traffic forums and websites where they'll been seen and clicked on frequently.

In essence, they're your own personal selection of Daemons to name and grow from insignificance to the most fearsome Greater Daemons you've ever seen.

Warp Rifts & Summoning

Once you have an account you’ll be able to summon Daemons. Head over to the http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/../daemons/index.php?page=adopt"]summoning area[/URL] to get your first “Warp Rift”.

Warp Rifts are small areas of space where the realm of the Immaterium is able to break into the physical universe.

Fig. 1

All Daemons begin their existence as a rift, this is the earliest stage in the life of a Daemon.

]Note: Anyone found to be using adult themed or vulgar names will have their account banned on sight.
Growing Your Daemon

For your Daemon to grow it will need to be strengthened by people clicking on it. Therefore, you'll want to post it onto high traffic areas of the internet where people will see and click on it.

By far the best way to gain clicks is to place the Daemons into the signatures of forums you post on. Some sites even have areas dedicated to this, post them there and like-minded members will click and assist your Daemons growth.

To post your daemon, copy-paste the code found on your http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/../daemons/index.php?page=usercp&mode=adoptables"]Manage Daemons[/URL] page.

Most forums will use the BBcode section, although some sites allow HTML.

This isn't the only way to level a Daemon. You can do so by clicking the "Level up this Daemon!" panel from your Manage Daemons page or from the individual Daemons profile page.

If your Daemon receives enough clicks it will level and grow. Every Daemon has 10 stages of growth.
  • Warp Rift
  • Daemonling
  • Inferior Daemon
  • Insignificant Daemon
  • Minor Daemon
  • Lesser Daemon
  • Daemon
  • Exalted Daemon
  • Daemon Champion
  • Greater Daemon
Banishing Daemons

If you decide you no longer want one of your Daemons you can banish it back to the Warp by selecting the "Banish Daemon" option from your http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/../daemons/index.php?page=usercp&mode=adoptables"]Manage Daemons[/URL] page.

Fig. 2

You will be asked to submit your password. Upon doing so the Daemon will be banished and deleted from the site.


The Daemon Adoptables site has a trading option. This will allow you to overcome the 24 hour summoning limitation and complete your full set quickly.

To trade a Daemon you will need to find someone to trade with on the http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/index.php"]Heresy-Online forums.[/URL]

Once you've found a willing trader and decided which Daemons to swap you'll need to visit the profile of their Daemon and click on the "Make a trade offer for this Daemon" link.

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Upon clicking for a trade you'll be forwarded to the main trading window. (see fig. 4)

From here you can select a Requested Daemon and an Offered Daemon from the drop down menus.

Once you're happy with the selections click "Request Trade" at the bottom. An email will be sent to the recipient to inform them of your trade offer.

If you're offered a trade you can check it by visiting the http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/../daemons/index.php?page=trade&mode=view"]Trade Center[/URL].

Fig. 5
Note: The image above was a trade sent to myself - hence the confusing identical names.

From here you can see exactly who offered you a trade and check out the Daemon they are offering.

You then have the option to accept or reject the trade offer. If you accept the Daemon will switch hands immediately.

The trade will stay in your trade center for a few days before it disappears.

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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!

Those daemons are the business!! ;D
Click on these little dudes to get a slightly bigger little dude!

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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!

Everyone who gets one needs to post it on this thread so we can level each other's daemons. You can click on a friend's daemon once every day.
Take a look at my IG/Ork project log

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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!

Clicky in my Siggy ^^
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!


Click me!!

Edit - WTF?! Why do I have an evil Metapod?
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!


Only me and the admin know what awaits after each stage ;D

You'll be happy Silk with that one

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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!

This guy's mine at the mo, but I'm trying to get a trade for a Tzeench daemon.

Anyone fancy a Khorne guy?

[img width=650 height=59]http://img512.imageshack.us/img512/3373/lazorzcopylh9.png[/img]
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!

Hopefully mine will look cool... I like shadowy things. He's kind of Cthulu-esque.
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!

click mine!
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables!


Tzeentch daemon for you Loriath
But which one I do not know.

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