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Daemon Adoptables
Closed Thread
Old 28 Mar 2009, 21:16   #1 (permalink)
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Default Daemon Adoptables

Hey fellow Daemon Players, just giving you a heads up.

Note: I am not advertising. Trout Online Forums is by far superior; it has more active members, better posts and is a much better experience than any other forum I have visited.

I found someone making creatures called Daemon Adoptables. It basically allows you to get your own mini daemon straight from the warp and makes it easy to put into profile signature bars (BBCode and HTML). All it takes is people to click on your Daemon and click "Level up this Daemon!". How easy is that?

Anyway, just thought I'd give you guys a link so you can get your own mini-daemon in your signatures. I'm of course going to get my own mini-Tzeentch army up and running.

Please give my little guy a click to level up, and get your own so I can do the same! Link is in my guys picture, and you can make your own account and start creating Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch Daemons of your own.
Scroll Down to Give my Daemon a click to Level it up: Much appreciated!
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables

Where is the link? ???
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables

Errr... I appeared to have moved a thread to a location where he doesn't have access to. :huh:
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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables

Originally Posted by Scorpifish (FT)
Where is the link? ???
The Daemon.

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Default Re: Daemon Adoptables

Originally Posted by SILK
Errr... I appeared to have moved a thread to a location where he doesn't have access to. :huh:

Gonna lock this and keep the other as the main one, as long as FT is ok with it.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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