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Introduction to my senior project, non-40K, for your enjoyment
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Default Introduction to my senior project, non-40K, for your enjoyment

This is the senior project of me, Andrew Perrine of Torrance high school, Plagarism check people.

But so for the rest of you, here it is!

The Red Question

The United States of America has had numerous scares of various groups: Hatred of monarchists, of terrorists, fear of communists, foreigners, and anarchists, revulsion of men with red skin or black skin or an Asian tint to their skin—such prejudices have pervaded the United States for most of its lifespan, each singular incident of mass panic varying in extent and intensity with the ebb and flow of America’s prosperity and problems. This was all a normal, cyclical trait of the United States, with variations in duration and intensity and spacing, until the actions of one man took one such cycle, one deep--seated hatred against communism, and brought it to the surface, placing it upon a foundation for which it would sit for half a century. This one man, Senator Joseph McCarthy, would forever after be viewed as defining the quintessential qualities for blind, bigoted hatred, the kind for which the evidence need not have the requirement of being at all examined, or even the very necessary validity sought by any educated paper, and which relies upon the fear and terror and hatred inspired by such half-truths, tall tales and outright lies. This philosophy would be known thereafter by the name of its primogenitor, as McCarthyism. Such madness would be used by politicians for whatever was the current threat their voters would react fearfully against, even to the recently passed political era of George Bush’s post-9/11 Presidency. The hat mongers would target all kinds of groups, from African Americans to communists and fellow travelers to people whose decent brings them from biblical lands. However, it has always lead to overreaction and short-term political gain, but long-term infamy and as history, in its retrospectful righteousness, a sentence of guilt upon the heads of the persecutors of this ever-regrettable evil of man.
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Oh, dear...
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Default Re: Introduction to my senior project, non-40K, for your enjoyment

I like it! Drawing parallels between McCarthy's communists and Bush's terrorists is a great premise, and it's already as well written of some final papers I've seen. Give em hell!

But shouldn't this be in The Enclave? Unless you're going to work in some reference to irrational hatred of Space Marines (or even rational hatred), it probably doesn't belong in Fluff.
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Default Re: Introduction to my senior project, non-40K, for your enjoyment

What is your essay going to specifically find out? It is a very good intro, but it seems to only give a distinction between McCarthyism and Bush's terror lists.

Or have I got the wrong idea in my head about this assignment?
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