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Cooking with Pepsi-How to make breadsticks with pizza dough.
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Default Cooking with Pepsi-How to make breadsticks with pizza dough.

<licks fingers> Howdy, and welcome to our show. We have a nice and simple treat for you guys today. Today we are making breadsticks! Now this tutorial will cover the post dough kneading phase, since pizza dough can be handmade, or even bought if you ask a pizza parlor (worth it btw, it can be cheap!) that and im often to lazy to knead dough ;D

what you need.

An oven
Cooking tray
Pizza Cutter
A small brush applier (or simply a brush to glaze butter)
Vegetable oil (or anything to keep the breadsticks from sticking to the pan)
Small bowl to keep butter in
Small bowl for pepper
Large bowl for the flour
Garlic pepper (optional)
Tray pan glove

Step 1

Preheat the oven to 500 degrees, or simply leave your oven on 500 degrees if thats not the case. This will be important because you will get white breadsticks if you dont let it heat up. In the case of preheats let it sit until it lets you know its ready, or in the case of non preheats give it 10 minutes to be sure. In the meanwhile this will give you time to prepare the ingredients, and your set up.

Step 2

Find a good place to put the butter, the pepper and the flour bowls in, preferably in hand reach, near the spot where you will work with the dough. At the same time, get the Brush to glaze with.

For butter, 1 small cube will be enough place this in a bowl and set it in the microwave for 15 seconds to melt. Set this aside for now. this will be your flavor, and paste for the pepper.

Garlic Pepper is not necessarily needed, but it adds a kick to the breadsticks. You only need enough for a 3-4 pinches, so just dump a small amount of pepper in a bowl, roughly equivalent to a handful.

at this time set both the Garlic and the Butter away (within reach)

The flour you pour into the bowl need not be too deep (1 cup of flour will suffice), your looking for two good coatings of flour as a rule of thumb. Any generic flour will do.

Step 3

Take out the dough (plastic sheet, container however it came) its desirable to have a circular piece of dough, but if not, then thats fixable. (you may roll it into a bowl)

Now with your dough in hands place it in the flour bowl, using your left and right hands to flatten the dough (this will prevent air pockets). flip it over and do the same thing.

With your hands grabbing the left and right sides, pick the dough up and start rotating the dough between your fingers. The flour from your hands should be finishing up any spots left on the side, and forcing air out at the same time. One rotation is enough.

Place the dough back in the flower bowl and grab a pinchful of flour and apply it to your working area spreading it out.

Take the dough out from the flour bowl and set it on your working area.

Step 4

The dough flattened, look for the top left and right corners of the dough. With your left and right hands, pinch the corners with your index and thumb. Raise the dough up like a piece of paper with the pinching hands. Now simply stretch it in opposite ways, just enough to get length but not tear the dough. Set the dough back on the working table, and repeat this process with the bottom corners. After all the corners are stretched lay the dough back on the table.

Step 5

if you havent gotten your brush out yet, nows the time to grab it. First take the brush and dip it in the butter. Youll spread this on the dough. I like to work left to right when I place the brush on the dough, as long as the dough is coated well, you should be fine.

The butter you placed on the dough now has flavor and acts as a paste for the pepper.

Step 6

Grab the bowl with your left hand and use your right hand to grab at the pepper. You want to sprinkle the pepper evenly on the dough, from left to right. Youll be able to tell as you work through it.

Step 7

The dough needs room to be cut through, so adjust it if you need to. (middle of the work area will do) now grab your pizza cutter.

Starting from the middle cut through the dough. You might get resistance, but keep pushing. Now with the left, and right side chunks you got from the deal, cut through the middle of them again. You should have four even(ish) chunks at this point. Cut through the middle again on each chunk. Youll get 8 relatively similar size cut pieces. Leave these on the work area for now.

Step 8

Coat a cooking tray with vegetable oil, just a dab will do. (I use the glazing brush to coat the tray.) This will stop the breadsticks from sticking. It doesnt always have to be vegetable oil, but it works.

bring the pan to transfer range and start moving the breadsticks to the tray.

I might recommend doing two sides with 4 each, but you can be lazy and set 8 on one side if you like, doesnt make too much of a difference.

Step 9

set them in the oven for 10 minutes, turning them (to evenly distribute temperature) at the 5 minute mark. You will be looking for the breadsticks to brown.

Step 10

when they pop out of the oven glaze the newly warm bread sticks with the melted butter ;D, this will give it a sexy golden color.

Step 11


You can make them, place them in a bag and set them in the freezer. All you need do is bring them out and heat them in the microwave (15-30 seconds) and you can literally have a lunch snack for pennies daily!

I spend 1.04-1.48 on dough.

Get some marinara sauce and your set.

I can also make a rectangular pizza, if you guys are interested lmao, I cant seem to get the hang of the circular pizza because I make dough to thin towards the middle.
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Default Re: Cooking with Pepsi-How to make breadsticks with pizza dough.

So....where do I add the Pepsi? This is "cooking with Pepsi"...is it not? ;D

But you <i>are</i> making me hungry...time for some late-night cooking!
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Default Re: Cooking with Pepsi-How to make breadsticks with pizza dough.

I had just made breadsticks as I started writing it. Had to share a simple recipe.

I guess best case scenario you could coat the breadsticks with Pepsi but...yeah not happening. ;D you know what we need? a sticky for cheap recipes >

I also have an idea for a stuffed crust cheese breadstick to...not hard in theory.

The stuff crust pizzas arent hard to make either. Grab string cheese and line them up on the corners of the pizza. The trick is to wrap the pizzas up well enough, with space to negotiate. If you dont dont spread the dough well enough youll get a massive crust and a ruined pizza. However the cheese does melt hehe.

The stuffed cheese breadstick seems simple, wrap dough around a cheese stick.
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