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I played at my school talent show...
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Default I played at my school talent show...


I... Messed up twice, oddly, just after the crowd started cheering allot. :P
Also... For some reason the video started 4 mins after I started. But hey, I also had no stage presence, being on a stool so I could push a buton on the amp a few times...
Originally Posted by Savon Saal
brave kid, i don't know if i could do that. whichever girl gets you for life is the luckiest in the world.
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Default Re: I played at my school talent show...

Impressive. You have a lot of talent, that's for sure.
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Default Re: I played at my school talent show...

You are awesomeeeeeeeee . Seriously i enjoyed that.
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Default Re: I played at my school talent show...

Yeah, your guitar-playing skills trump mine. Mine don't exist :P But really, this is awesome. There is a lot to be said for musicianship.
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