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Default SOS!


Iíve recently received a letter telling me that I suddenly need to pay the £175 coarse fees because Iíve been denied the grant I had allied for last year. It turns out the letter is the third time they have attempted to contact me and so my payment is grossly overdue and I am now supposedly banned from taking part in my lessons.

My problem now is how do I get my hands on £175? Itís partly the job centres fault and they always seem unwilling to help & Iíve tried everything with them from being the gleaming role model they expect to raising my voice with threats of violence. Other grants seem out of reach too either taking weeks to complete or only being available at the begging of the educational year. Do I sell my warhammer? Will some one out there give me a job? Or will I end up being booted out of college and become the bitter alcoholic like my flat mate?

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Default Re: SOS!

It turns out the letter is the third time they have attempted to contact me and so my payment is grossly overdue
Tell them that, and you don't have £175 ready cash (although surely if your at colledge you should have a good deal more than £175 in your bank acount, yes it might be tight on food but considering that everyone spends between £2-£5 on themselves just in living each day it's no biggie.

Second if money is cash, talk to your course tutor or colledge finaice officer. Seriously they won't want you dropping out of colledge and there will be a number of schemes like colledge loans to help you with problems like this.

Seriously it's no real problem. Try finding 1.4k when your already in your overdraft , that's a problem!

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Default Re: SOS!

Your college, student representative council and student union will usually have low to no interest loan services for financially troubled students.

Or else, I don't know. 115 pounds, that's like $250 AUD, shouldn't be that hard to get. Borrow it off your parents or a friend or a few friends. Write a letter back offering to pay them in installments.

Also get a job I guess, but that should be obvious. :-\
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