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My Battlestar Galactica theory -spoiler safe-
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Default My Battlestar Galactica theory -spoiler safe-

OK, This is SPOILER SAFE. On parts I don't feel sure about, I will tag it to be safe.

OK, let's start!

There were the twelve colonies, and then Earth, the 13th colony. What other nation started with thirteen colonies? America.

They then fight the Cylons in a massivly bloody war of survival. The Colonies of America fight their revolutionary war against England.

Galactica and the fleet find the Pegasus, and they strike back against the Cylons. See ressurection ship part one and two. Who helped the American Colonies? The French.

If you've seen the latest episode, this is safe. [spoiler] The Colonials are now fight a civil war. [/spoiler] The Americans also fought a [spoiler] civil war [/spoiler]

What happened? The North won, and America is now a super-power containing fifty states, a powerful armed forces, and all that jazz we all know about already :

So what is my theory? Whoever wins in the fleet, is going to lead the human race to salvation and create the United Colonies of Galactica.

This is of course going on if they followed American history like I see it :

My other theory is everybody but starbuck, hera and one other person survive :P
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Default Re: My Battlestar Galactica theory -spoiler safe-

I think thats pretty tenuous, at best if I'm honest.

There are 12 for the 12 tribes, which left Kobol approximately 2000 years ago. These tribes had a falling out of sorts, and settled in the new system.

The 13th tribe left Kobol a long time before humanity did, founding earth. Whether the 13th tribe at the time was cylon, is still to be explained - at the time of the first exodus, humanity did not have cylons. They were developed later by the Adama and Graystone families on Caprica prior to the first war. Its likely the 13th tribe were human, but independantly developed cylons (hence the different design of centurion).

What happened, whether the cylons and humans lived in peace, and the human form cylons were living intermixed with humanity before replacing them in one form or another is yet to be explained, but it appears as of the events of the second exodus that the whole 13th tribe was cylon.

The First cylon war happened because the cylons rose up, for reasons unknown, and fought a bitter war, eventually ending in armistice, and they were exiled.

After about 50 years, the cylons strike back, wiping out the colonies, causing the survivors to flee into deep space.

The pegasus wasn't an allied power, they were a ship of the line which had taken the opposite route to Galactica. Where the 75 chose to help the civilians, and try and keep humanity alive, 62 took the other option Adama had refused - strike back until they can fight no more.

Lots of countries fought a civil war - and considering the circumstances, its no surprise that there are problems.

Whilst its possible that whoever wins can create the USA you want, its highly unlikely. Its more likely they will find another planet, or possibly return to Earth (as there is still some stuff there that raises questions.


Its not a bad theory, but it does mean you have to ignore a lot of established to make it fit. Sorry for being anal, but I am too much of a fanboi with bsg
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