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Starting an American Football team: any advice?
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Default Starting an American Football team: any advice?


I am starting an American Football team in my school and have the required number of players interested (22). My plan for the team is this:

Split the team into two groups of 11.

The 11 players on each team will play both offense and defense and will form, effectively, two teams seperate from each other. The supervising teacher (an American from Seattle) will coach one team and I will coach the other, as well as play for the team I am coaching (he will not be playing due to the unfair advantage of experience and being an adult). Neither of us has coached before, but the teacher has experience of the game and has played on a team before.

We will be playing flag football. For those of you who are unfamiliar with flag football, it is basically normal American Football minus the padding and helmets and blocking is always done above the waist. Tackling is done with the tried-and-true method of flags in the belt on either side, which are pulled off to make a tackle.

Any advice on management of the players? Drills and practices? Getting people involved? We will be practicing at lunchtimes although all of our players have never played the sport in its full sense before, so this will be an added hurdle to jump over for both coaches.

Thank you for your time and input.

-Lord of the Pit

PS: Where did the spell checker go, by the way?

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Default Re: Starting an American Football team: any advice?

khoff, handegg, khoff
I've always enjoyed the "last man standing" approach myself.
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Default Re: Starting an American Football team: any advice?

flag football is pretty simply, have your big guys up front and the little runts running around the field.

offense: have atleast a few guys protect your quarterback(I dont think you would exactly be in your stances)by just standing there and pushing anyone who tries to take your QBs flag on a blitz.

everyone else runs down field and tries to get open for someone to throw. I would suggest pratice throwing and catching a ball. hands open and thumbs out when above the waist, reverse it for below the waist.
Pratice sprinting for atleast 5 strides and cutting inward abruptly(when you cut in the ball should be in front of you, requires timing from QB). Other then that usually having everyone sprint to the endzone for a post route is good enough. I mean, nothing fancy :P

Running, simply get your fastest guy and have people block for him, simply getting in the defensive players way is good enough.

Defense, you want your big, but agile players that have quick reaction times(quick feet, come off the ball right away)to blitz through the front. other then that, try to match everyone up with an equally fast player so its not lopsided and cover every guy they have and who knows, you might get an interception if you keep your hands up :P porbably would help if you could read their eyes but hey, just play and have fun.

Only things i can think of, just try to be quick when they snap the ball is all you can do since its flag...everything i know requires pads :P
would probably help to know if you guys are allowing blitzs(how many) QB sneaks, how many times you can run the ball(running back gets the ball handed not thrown), and if you guys just get four downs or is there a chance to get first downs(which would included and extra 4 downs).

Have fun with it, it can be fun.
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