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What are your other hobbies?
Old 02 Feb 2009, 01:01   #1 (permalink)
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Default What are your other hobbies?

We all know most of us play 40k. But what about your other hobbies?

Here's mine.

Drawing: I suck at it really, but I'm working on it. I can draw planes and stuff (to a degree) but people are straight out of the question.

I love reading all kinds of stuff. There's really nothing I don't like to read. I especially enjoy alternate history and sci fi. I'm a male Yomiko Readman.

Models: I got into 40k because I liked the minis. No surprise that I also assemble and paint model planes? My current project is a Bf 109 painted khaki with the stars and bars inverted in color (blue field with red bars.) This is based on Harry Turtledove's Timeline-191 series.

Writing: I enjoy writing a lot. Mostly essays on various subjects (I'm weird, I steal the essay topics from school and write about them on my free time), compile reports based on date from data mining, fan fics to piss off the fans, fiction for myself, or a roleplay thing.

Data mining: Oh god I love this a lot. Give me a topic and a library and time and I'll hunt down a lot of stuff on it. Someone wanted to argue with me on the Stryker combat vehicle and the M1 abrams and how great the stryker was and how crappy the M1 was. A week later and MANY congressional reports read, he was proven wrong. I even interviewed an infantry officer on the stryker. I'll go through census reports and stare at statistics just because it's somehow entertaining.

^^ Yes, I enjoy learning something new. I try to learn something new everyday. If I don't, I get bored. It has to be relevant to my interest though.

Cooking: Who doesn't love being able to make something good? Spend hours hunting down the perfect recipe to that buffalo chicken sammich? And then nearly burning down the kitchen when you try to make it. XD

Gaming: This is a major one. I love my video games, my board games, my card games, my table top strategy games, stuff like that.

Who doesn't love talking and discussing with friends and family? My only problem is, there's no one that really gives me a good discussion like my dad. I mean, a good discussion the kind where I come out learning something new or the kind that lasts days.

Paintball: Namely woodsball. Running around with my friend covering my back as we rush to take the middle flag? Covert ops behind enemy lines? D-Day scenarios? Where do I sign up!? =]

I enjoy taking an idea and making it better.

I think all my hobbies are interlinked to an extent. I think that's all the hobbies. =]
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

Being a critical ba..bugga :Papparently by my friends Im a deppressive Ben Croshaw# when it comes to my views on life
With The People For The People! And when I say people I mean Me! :P
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

Musical Theatre: Yeah, that's right ;D
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?


It ranges from the competitive nature (Rainbow 6, Call of Duty 4, Halo3) to the more RPG, read everything and immerse yourself in a different world. The competitive side of it all involves pitting your skills and knowlege of the game against others, although at times there are those occasions where things can be abused (The Famas in Rainbow 6, Martyrdom, RPDs and grenade launchers in CoD4 and that frigging sniper rifle in Halo 3) it just forces yourself to go further and better and you get a real buzz when the under dog, with his mundane weapons comes out on top against those that want to do nothing more than abuse the game. Rainbow 6 is amazing, it's like playing counter stike all over again, only this time I'm a latex covered, gas mask wearing lass. CoD4 has little to equal it - the maps are slick, the action intense and turning 11 year olds into a fine paste and hearing their attempts to threaten you over XBL never grows old. Halo3 is weird, it's method of playing is ancient (Picking up weapons as you play? DooMs been doing that for years!) but it manages to do them all just right, and mix it in with a map editor and the ability to record games is priceless. Others do slot in here - Left 4 Dead is an experience that no modern gamer should go without, and frankly, if you have an Xbox or a PC that can run it and you don't own the game you are seriously doing yourself a disfavour in not playing it. Gears of War is just simply sick. It's an absolute blast with mates and the trials of horde mode alone make the game worth owning. The multiplayer modes are immaginative and the figthing close quaters and very heated.

The RPG side comes from my love of books. I can devour an entire series of books within the week if I let myself. Same comes from RPGs. Fallout, Oblvion, KotoR, Mass Effect and fable all hold a very special place in my heart. Oblivion has absolutely devoured my life since I bought it, although I have done everything and seen everything that the game has to offer I still dig it out for another play through. I still crack a smile at the jokes made at the old games (Juib anyone?), the knowlege for the chaos that Vvardenfel is in has actually made me anxious (Balmora feels like home... Everytime I fire up Morrowind it's like im coming home after a holiday... :'( ). A beautiful game and I eagerly await the next installment.

Mass Effect falls along similar lines. The depth of the history that has been created for it is immense - only incredibly old games such as fallout and The elder scrolls makes it seem small. You can hear tales of war between various races, learn about the how the Council races interact and learn what has happened in 200 years. Every race has it's own feuds, each with their own uses and history. Everything intertwines in ways that I have never seen before. There are entire piles of Films that, in comparison to Mass Effect, have a story that is as thin as tracing paper. The characters themselves are full of life. Not one of them would be labled as wooden, each has their own history that just gets deeper and deeper as you probe with more conversations. Couple this with unique personalities and voice acting (and lip syncing that actualy looks RIGHT) and it I'm awestruck! The big thing, the really, really big thing though is that the main character, Commander shepherd, comes along with full voice acting and animations. It's not just a quick "yes" or "no" you can have a full blow conversation going that can end up good, bad, or ugly. In combination with the regular characters it makes other games feel obselete. Take Fallout 3, released a year after mass effect, theres no voice from your character unti you get hurt, you are in the exact same static pose until you use your gun or crouch. Drugs? Nothing. Talk to lucas simms to tell him to stuff it? Nothing. Yet, if it was Mass Effect, Shepherd would have his/her Pistol pointed square in the eyes of Moriaty to get the info out of him, rather than just a few lines of text begging him. The whole game plays out as a Movie and it does it better than many I have seen.

err.... I think thats it for now ;D
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

Other wargames: I play WWII and Dark Age historicals. I also enjoy a good RPG (game not weapon). I'm very much addicted to computer based RPGs and I actually need to regulate my time playing them...oh, and don't even mention WOW to me...I'm avoiding that game like an ex-druggie avoids a crack house.

Writing: I write poetry, short stories and non-fiction. I also like to write rules for wargames.

Science: Yes, science is a hobby for me. I enjoy all aspects of natural science and I love to figure out how things interact.

Reading: I really enjoy good fiction and non-fiction. Some of my favorites are Watership Down, The Prophets, and anything by Lewis Carrol.

Music: I play bass, guitar, and penny/low whistle...though none of them very well. I also enjoy just about all types of music except country, rap and metal.

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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

Lego. I love Lego.
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

I like reading about cultural studies of people, and their history. However most of the time its just laying back.

I like to write, I mean...write. I vent so many ideas at once in my head when I write.

I like the long awaited naruto manga release at the end of the week (yes, yes, not the most mature of titles, and seems fanboyish, but Ive been hooked for two years now. Its a good title if you dont take it too seriously, and its good for a plot twist or two. COME ON HINATA MAKE A MOVE! Sakura is going to be on the eve of being Narutos wench after this latest fight.

oh well, btw im holding out for a Hyuga X ray eyes medical specialist. Considering their Kekkei Genkai you would think that they would have more medical specialists in their clan.

its a good excuse when im researching manga for customer tastes.

Games, cant get enough of Rpgs, and Devil May Cry type action. Both feature cheese, and I love cheese.
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

Originally Posted by coolmule
Lego. I love Lego.
Man I still have all mine in my cupboard...

Oh the days..

Um, I don't see much beyond sculpting, talking to people and going on stupidly long walks at bad times with the wrong clothing on.

Like walking home along unlit main roads wearing all black at 7pm :P
5 lorries had 2 meters to avoid me the other day
So. Does that count as maybe being an adrenaline junkie too? [or just crazy, seeing as how I get not a rush or any sort of emotional or physical response to nearly being hit by trucks :shifty:]
I love looking back to yesterday, to see how we performed.
Then, looking to today, and seeing how we've improved.

Unfortunately, looking back to the things posted here, I realised I can now do much better :3

Here are my step by step tutorials for ease of use
Dreadnought close combat arms
Ig tanks
Ork PowerKlaw
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

Reading: For some reason I have a need to read just before going to sleep. It's kinda weird.

Writing: Getting through my x[sup]th[/sup] novel right now. This one might even get finished.

Games: Xbox 360. Games like Mass Effect, Gears, Oblivion, Dead Space, Lost Odyssey, Lost Planet, End War. Variety is the spice of life here.

Listing/Planning Stuff: Mostly making universes for my books, or trying to redesign my Ragnarok game.
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Default Re: What are your other hobbies?

Reading - I love reading, can read through a whole novel in a couple hours. My problem is lack of restraint - once I start, I focus everthing on it until I pass out from tiredness or finish.

Gaming - be it online on COD/Halo/Gears, where you are pitted against each other (even though I suck) or Eve, where you are staking out an empire, or offline RPG's such as ME I love immersing myself in them. I also loved X2/3 as you got to map out your own empire as well, and enforce it with your own starships (its basically Eve: Offline).

Driving - I loooove driving, so much. I like to get on a good road, throw the map away, crank up the heavy metal and just drive. If the option was there, I'd bugger off with just my car and a change of clothes, and end up whereever.

Thats about it really, I wanna take up running, but weather + smokes + unfit means thats not gonna happen for a while
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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