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Default Universities

It's getting to tht time, the time where you have to think about your future etc.
While I was looking at courses and unis I wondered?

What University/college did you go to and what course?

(Just interested, don't want a university war to break out though...)

I'm planning to do Maths and Management

Thinking of Applying too

Still debating the other two options
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Default Re: Universities

I'm currently at University of Teesside studying Computer Games Art.
Greatest time of my life!

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Default Re: Universities

Didn't go, government made in unfeasable.

Would probably have gone to the UEA though, its close to my "life"
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Default Re: Universities

Ottawa University
1st year in Prescience, 2nd year B.Sc. in Physics, 3rd to 6th a B.A. with honours in Linguistics

D.E.S.S. in Andragogy (eg. A specialised Grad Diploma in adult teaching)
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Default Re: Universities

Coupla community colleges in minnesota, UofMN-Duluth, UofMD-CP, currently attending UMBC.

I suppose the college of the air force technically counts, I do have credits through there. For the sake of time, I'll just say that I was rather unfocused, and have around 170 credits in all. Programming focused though.

The advice I always give is to pick a four yr college, and start off by hitting some of the graduation requirements. If you start running low on those, and still don't know what you want to do, start after a business degree. They're useful for almost any career, and if you get sick of it partway through, they tend to offer a lot of hybrid degree options. Also, it's easy.
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Default Re: Universities

I've applied to Royal Holloway (got an AAB offer) and Manchester (Got an interview offer) and waiting on Birmingham and Warwick to get back to me.
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Default Re: Universities

I applied to study philosophy at:

University of Cambridge (Rejected)
University of St. Andrews (AAB)
University of York (AAB)
University of edinburgh (BBB)
University College London (Pending)

Now that Cambridge is gone my first choice will be St. Andrews, even though it's all the way up in Scotland the buildings are beautiful, it's one of, if not the highest rated institutions for philosophy in Europe and it's one of the top 5 universities in the UK. Also it's a four year course which results in a masters degree which would be awesome.

Now I just have to get those grades...
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Default Re: Universities

Originally Posted by Timjim
I'm currently at University of Teesside studying Computer Games Art.
Greatest time of my life!

*picks nose*
Wow, I applied to do that course about 3 years ago!! If I hadn't decided to go work instead I could have been working with ya. ^^
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Default Re: Universities

University of Bath studying mathematics! ;D

Anyway, GWIZZ, I don't know about Brunel but Leicester and UCL are definitely good choices for maths. As for your final two choices, I can remember off the top of my head from when I was researching universities and going to open days that Bath(), Nottingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Durham, Warwick and of course Oxford and Cambridge are also excellent choices for maths. I'm afraid I can't help you with the management side though.
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Default Re: Universities

University of Nebraska at Lincoln, History focus...

I also have 5 credits at Northeast Community College, for Calculus.
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