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Folk wars
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Default Folk wars

I have created an Online game similar to Fire Emblem/Final Fantasy Tactics, A Guild Battle game where players take control of a Guild and Battle eachother for fame. Working for NPC controlled Kingdoms the players can shape the way the map and story advances by doing quests ranging from simple things like slaying a Troll, or standing guard to hard things like invading a town, or Assassanating a King. The games currently registering there are 2 Guild spots avaliable and many Member spots for those just wanting to act as a second in command


This is not an ad, the reason I say its not is its completely free I gain nothing by telling you about it, call it an announcement of a new game like when someone says woah did you here Elder Scrolls 5's coming out. I make no money from this niether does anyone else.
The reason I do it is its the most pure style of videogaming out there the players control everything and have input theres more games like this if anyone wants to find out more just post.

The World of Nevarse has 5 Kingdoms that the players can help or hurt they are liste below with backgrounds

The Empire of Olivia
Race: Vampires
Story: The Empire started as only a few infected by the Vampiric disease, but when the town of Olivia was tainted by but one infected it spread through out this mountain town like wildfire causing King Gregory of Franklin (Daniels Father)
to declare his beloved hometown Olivia a devil worshiping place of Heathens
So he declared an inquisition upon Olivia. Alexander the town Captain of the guard before the outbreak saw women and childeren not demons so he led the towns defense which was victorious due to the Mountains difficulty of scaling with a large army and the Ollivian raids upon the supply caravans of Franklin. The Vampires would live on to see the Mountain trail covered by a blizzard. when Summer struck the Vampires found not Franklin soldiers ready to attack at thier gates, but Vampire refugees which caused the population to soar.
The Empire of Olivia has now been founded naming Alexander as Emperor.
King/Leader: Emperor Alexander
Color: Purple

The Clan of Golgat
Race: Goblins
Story: some say they are merely misunderstood and that they kill Humans because of thier intrusion of the Goblins noble forest. Whether this is true no one knows. All we can say for sure is that the Goblins strike at any time of any day like lightning and once the battle is over they return to thier lands as if it was a game. Golgat the Tuff is proclaimed as the savior of the Goblins he saved them from Franklins very successful early attempts of the Goblins destruction and developed new blitzkrieg tactics that have paved the way to Goblin domination of forests.
King/Leader: High Chief Golgat the Tuff
Color: Green

The Kingdom of Franklin
Race: Humans
Story: Franklin has been at war with Golgats tribe since settling in this area 80 years ago, Golgat feels they are invaders to the Goblins homeland. But the Humans of course assume that the world is thiers and thiers alone. King Daniel has tried to make peace with Golgat but the citizens of both sides just dont like eachother. To make things worse after King Gregory of Franklin (Daniels Father)
attack of Olivia the Vampires have hated Franklin with a passion, causing newly crowned Daniel a great deal of stress. Franklin has always been known for its connection to the church of Sacre who worship the god of wisdom sacre who they believe to be the only true god anyone who believes differently will see High Bishop Leonard Chell and if not commited to repentance will be deemed a Heritic.
Leader/King: King Daniel
Color: Red

The Confederacy of Balvan
Race: Werewolves
Story: Original inhabitants of Nevarse have lived here so long that Nevarse actually was the name of thier First King (when they were a Monarchy)
Civil wars have turned the once mighty kingdom into a rabble of 6 states which until recently have been at war, but 80 years ago when Franklin stepped foot on Nevarse the Werewolves were forced to join together in a shaky confederacy. Since then Chancellor Mezorr has taken power about 10 years ago leading the Confederacy to many victories over Franklin reclaiming lost ground. King Nevarse of old was originally a Human Scientist who wanted to drive the world to use steam power to run things. He wished to change the world, but in an attack when walking through his hometown of Yelvin he was infected by a Werewolf. He sought a cure for 10 years, but when he tested his cure it kept him as a Werewolf and not as a human, but he had control of his mind as if he was human. Other Werewolves saw this as better than Being both man and monster so they accepted this cure, but the Werewolves were driven from thier old homes they were forced to take sail and landing on Nevarse they grew to a Kingdoms size. The Werewolve Cure went into thier genes and all offspring were purely Werewolves.
Leader/King: Chancellor Mezorr
Color: Yellow

The Republic of Daan
Race: Humans
Story: Far to the West of Nevarse and the rest of the world lies Daan a small continent that Civilizations been on since the dawn of time. Daan has had no connection with the outside world, but has progressed similarly perhaps even more so with the amount of things they can achieve with Gunpowder. the Republic was formed over a 200 years ago and all has been peacefull, but curiousity has led to the most well funded and well armed exploration group that the worlds ever seen an armada of a 100 ships has sailed east hitting Nevarse first. running into Goblins first the Daanites were shocked at what they found, but the new sights then became enemies as Golgats men fired upon what they thought to be Franklin Soldiers. General Wolfe has since the first attack setup a base camp with some farmland to feed the soldiers also settelors from Daan have built homes near the base camp. Govenor Flint came with to make sure things run smoothly. The Republic of Daans next meeting was with Franklin who welcomed them with more kindness in return Wolfe has created a pact with King Daniel to help eachother defend from the attacks of Goblins. Daan has yet to meet the other Kingdoms of Nevarse time will tell if thier settlement even lasts
Leader/King: General Wolfe and Govenor Flint
Color: Blue

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Default Re: Folk wars

Only advertise in your signature. Starting new topics or posts solely to advertise another website, 40K or not, is against the rules. Advertising in posts is only allowed if it's germane to the post. Advertising via linking to other websites, or by advertising goods being sold on things like Ebay, Amazon etc are what this rule talks about.
From the rules - I know you don't get money from it, but its still against the rules I'm afraid.

Edit - If you wanna have a chat with the Admin, such as FT about it, he may give you permission to have the thread, in which case it can be unlocked.
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