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Plastic Casting?
Old 22 May 2008, 23:08   #1 (permalink)
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Default Plastic Casting?

Hey folks,

I've just bought myself a Mauser Kar 98 airsoft gun for a great price It is quite realistic... to the point that it uses shells! It comes with 5 shells, but extra shells are $6 each!, which is simply not acceptable since you may loose some in a skirmish.

So, I was wondering, is it possible to make plastic copies of the shells myself? It isn't a very complicated shape, basically a tube that gets a bit smaller at one end. Is it even possible to do something like this? Can I do it at home? What supplies would I need? Is there a "kit" persay that I could buy?

And most importantly, has anyone ever done their own casting or anything even remotely like this?

I would really like to save some money, preferably to the point that if I loose a few shell casings here and there it doesn't really matter, especially since this gun is just so fantastic.
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Default Re: Plastic Casting?

If they are made how i think they are, you will need to make it in two parts.
And yes, casting is difficult. I remember seeing a guide somewhere. I think it was here or on the tyranid hive. Was about resin casting. Not that cheap but if you need alot of shells, then it will be profitable.
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Old 22 May 2008, 23:48   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Plastic Casting?

Well I'd like to be able to carry at least 50, so that means making 100 or more, possibly as many as 250. I'll have to search around for that. Thanks.
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Default Re: Plastic Casting?

Resin casting is about the aeasiest and least complicated. you can do a foam rubber as well but plastic takes molding and ijecting equipment.

Just look up resin casting in google and you should get a ton of good hits.
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Old 23 May 2008, 02:50   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Plastic Casting?

On second thought, I think I might go ahead and convert my Kar 98 to use a different internal magazine system, the TM VSR-10 bolt action innards. Plus that comes with a nice long proper-length barrel.
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