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heh...had an interesting time selling some naruto cards. I had two ebayers I was getting ready to deliver to and I could only remark on my words I said to myself (why did they pay this much for this? "douche" was somehow present at time)

<i shake it off>

so I deliver the items, and two days later I get a message saying I shipped the wrong cards (the high bidder I sent cards on priority mail) the other guy paid like 3.00 so I sent his by normal 5-9 day mail.

so I have the high bidder on two days, and his cards are within the 5-9 day cycle.

I refunded his money... but I kicked myself....ARGGHH

now I hope my imperial guard combo package sells well, so I can break even.

case and point to me.

DOnt sell cards!
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Sorry to hear about that...
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Woah, sorry to hear about that too. But don't be discourage, try again and learn from your mistakes. That's what my mom always says.
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Found out the card I was selling auctions on average 50$ (I was expecting 5-15$ ???)

So im trying to get in touch with the other guy. And I hope I can get the card back, and to its rightful place (that, and I need my thirty! im unemployed atm )

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