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back from the warp!
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Default back from the warp!

Hello my fellow TO members. Just wanted to say if anyone cares I'm back from the warp after having alot of personal issues. To let anyone who cares and was wondering I have more or less gone thru a soul/life changing exp and realized I wasn't the person I once was. So for the month or so I've been searching for who I use to be and with great news I'm on my way back to who I should be and not some drone of evil manipulation. Anyways HAIL TO TAU ONLINE. THIS IS WHERE I'LL STAY.

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Default Re: back from the warp!

Welcome my friend.
May you drink deep, and enjoy the home you left.
I kept you're room clean.
Man, this origami dream is beautiful, but those wings will never leave the ground without a feather and a lottery ticket.
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