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Default Sadness

Hi, ive not been around for god knows how long but i thought I'd post my feelings somewhere.

Im just terribly depressed. Kangaroo Joe (or Craig...) was the closest thing i ever had to a brother and the thought of him keeps cropping up. But then, when i think of KJ, i think of all the other people in my life that just die and its too much to bear, my dad died 8 years ago, my grandma, my aunt in the past few years.

Just somewhere to offload some feelings, im not asking for pity or anything

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Default Re: Sadness

I don't blame you. I can't imagine how you feel about K|J - I only knew him from here yet I still felt terrible about what happened. The first two nights after I heard, even I couldn't sleep.

Everything'll be all right. It sounds really cheesy, but everything does work out in the end, things will be good again.
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Default Re: Sadness

Just remember how he was and how he impacted your life.

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Default Re: Sadness

I didn't really know him, but 20-years-old is too young. :-\

People die though, I lost my grandfather in 1994 and just last year one of my friends died, only a year after graduation and he got into a car accident. All you can really do is ask yourself if they would want to see you brooding over it or if they'd want you to be happy and get on with life, and console yourself with the fact that they're in a better place. Talking helps too.

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Default Re: Sadness

There's nothing you can really do about death. It sucks, but eventually you just have to move on... Try finding someone you get along with (girl) that loosens you up a little (ok, defiantly a girl).
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Default Re: Sadness

Originally Posted by Sidstyler
Talking helps too.

its true it does help but try to find someone who wont mock you for being open.

also find something small or big that really reminds you of them (for instance a ring)
i where my brothers ring on a chain around my neck (he died 2005 :'()

this is really something only you can work through but be sure to keep your friends close believe me they really show you who they are in these instances

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Default Re: Sadness

I know the feeling, I've lost my father in 1993, I was 9 years old... that's been terrible! But life goes on and everything will be ok. You just need some time, and it's not hard to find good friends that'll help you
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