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ROOM 101 Special edition (Wargamer)
View Poll Results: Read the argument(s), add your own if you wish then vote to bin or save each item
Save Political Correctness 2 2.22%
Bin Political Correctness 13 14.44%
save American Foreign Policy 1 1.11%
Bin American Foreign Policy 15 16.67%
Save Mega-Corporations 1 1.11%
Bin Mega-Corporations 15 16.67%
Save Global Warming Zealots 7 7.78%
Bin Global Warming Zealots 8 8.89%
Save Alcopops 3 3.33%
Bin Alcopops 10 11.11%
Save Flamboyant Gays 3 3.33%
Bin Flamboyant Gays 12 13.33%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 90. You may not vote on this poll

Old 16 Mar 2007, 14:20   #1 (permalink)
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Default ROOM 101 Special edition (Wargamer)

well, I promised Wargamer that after the Room 101 series I was running finished i'd give him a chance to have a go. he came up with 6 items which he wants to get rid of.


So if you don't understand what's going on, this is a chance for people to let off some stem and have a mini-rant. BUT, you don't have to just listen and put up with it. YOU have every chance to argue back against each and every point made here, and voice your opinion via the poll. The poll is going to run for 7 days as there is a lot of stuff to talk about here. plese vote, as at the end of the eek that will determin whether the items are saved from room 101 or go into it (for further information click here)

Please only vote one option for each thing, it isn't clever to both bin and save Alcopops for example, and is just stupid.

Also, there is a fine line between a heated debate and flaming. Do not flame, troll or brak any other forum rules please. And if you find one of the options offensive then please PM me and I'll ask a mod to remove it ASAP (alternativley go straight to a mod).

So this is the PM wargamer sent me with all the items he wishes to be rid of. have your say, and vote!

Originally Posted by Wargamer

Political Correctness: Seriously, what good does PC do us? How is "Black Board" or "White Board" offensive? Any arachnophobe who is offended by "Spider Diagram," or any Epileptic that gets pissed off by "Brainstorm" should be marched in front of a firing squad. Political Correctness is now just a way for the minorities to persecute the majority.

American Foreign Policy: Here's a hint, Bush; if you want the world to like you, stop bombing Shtlk! Genocide wasn't cool when Hitler did it, so why you think you can do it for oil is beyond me...

Mega-Corporations: The world doesn't need self-centred, capitalist vermin. We don't want to be run by mega-corporations, or oil companies, or have our lives dictated by air-heads in Hollywood who've never worked a real day's work in their lives. Anyone who isn't willing to sell out their friends and family in the name of money is basically damned to a life of slavery and oppression. This has to change.

Global Warming Zealots: I am sick of people preaching how we're killing the planet. Our CO2 emissions do sod-all to the planet. If you want to see for yourself, go find a car and flick an elastic band at it. That is how much damage, per year, CO2 does to the planet. All Global Warming is now is a two-fold system of oppression; a method to tax the working class, and a way to stop Africa developing.

Alcopops: The drink of pussies. This stuff is an insult to Vodka, of which is it so often made. If you're going to drink, then bloody hell drink the shot straight, not by mixing in some bizarre fruit from a third-world country that the local won't feed to the pigs.

Flamboyant Gays: These guys make me sick. The way they trounce around wearing the most garrish costumes humanely possible as if being a queer is something special. Well, here's a tip; it isn't! I've slept with guys, so I know what I'm talking about. If you want people to know you're gay, then tell them with words, not with body-tight pink spandex!
Originally Posted by Yaifrog
Hooray! We've corrupted Hadhfang ;D
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Old 16 Mar 2007, 15:27   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: ROOM 101 Special edition (Wargamer)

I had hoped, in a way, to be able to make some counter arguements to Wargamers decisions.... and yet, I find he is perfectly correct, I agree hole heartedly, and think he should be PM.

Oh, if only people who think straight like this were in power.

Ooops, PC alert, I said think Straight, therefore I Insulted Gay people* :

Thanks WG, Its good to know the UK isn't all PC airy fairy goddamn hippies .

On Alchopops - I saw some chav down a club, staggering around trying to look "hard". He ruined his attempt by drinking smirnoff Ice through a straw. *sigh*

Drink Beer, or proper Drink.
[quote]Thou shalt not crave thy neighbour

Originally Posted by Tim.
Rafe is damn sexy once he gets into his night attire.
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Old 16 Mar 2007, 15:50   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: ROOM 101 Special edition (Wargamer)

Ah, very good ajective Wargamer. "Flamboyant", the only type I don't like, of any type of person.
R.I.P. Freddie Hope, May your memory never die.

Originally Posted by runer60000
Originally Posted by Gearhead
I believe so, I get mine at Walgreen's for around $7. Brake Fluid works too (Pine Sol Works on metals, not so well on plastics), but I prefer the spraycanniness of the Easy Off. Spray it (Wear gloves, it's important), let it sit, and take a toothbrush to it later.
so what your saying is that oven cleaner can remove paint from plastic models? and after that, you take a toothbrush to your plastic model, and the paint just comes off?
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Old 16 Mar 2007, 17:07   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: ROOM 101 Special edition (Wargamer)

bin em all...

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Default Re: ROOM 101 Special edition (Wargamer)

Save the flamboyant gays! They make me laugh!
I want your love, I want your revenge...

New Seal!
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