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Red Dog's Drinking contest
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Default Red Dog's Drinking contest

***Puts couple boxes of vodka at the bottom of the tree and sits besides them.***

Ok, It just came to me. Lets hear all our worst drinking stores.


Most drinks consumed in a given time: What was the biggest amount of alcohol that you had consumed in the specified time?
Weirdest Drink: What was the weirdest drink that you had ever consumed?
Worst Consequences: The worst thing that you've done while drunk.(plz do not tell me that you run someone over, its not funny)

All answers must be true.


Most drinks consumed in a given time: HEhe... 30 straight shots of vodka... in about 1:30 hour I am not kidding. Me and my friend drink 30 shots straight. And we were still half sober... ;D and another record - 1/3 of a bottle of vodka in less then 20 seconds...
Weirdest Drink: 200g of Mix of ethanol and aceton... In my defence I was told that it was pure ethanol... ;D
Worst Consequences: It has to do with the weirdest drink, I almost proposed to my friend's sister... (Almost is a key word hear! ;D ;D ;D)

Ok so now your turn...
***Opens up a bottle***
P.S. Plz do not be shocked ;D

Walk Tall everyone!!!!!

- What man is a man who doesn't make this world a better place?
- Definitely, mostly not about the girl.
- I should only kill people after I get to know 'em?

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