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YouTube has Doctor Who!
Old 18 Feb 2007, 15:18   #1 (permalink)
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Default YouTube has Doctor Who!

I don't beleive it...

I watched Parts 1-5 of The Empty Child on it and I thought to myself "This is illegal, this is illegal, this is illegal". It IS illegal, so what in the name of Khorne is it doing there?!

Wouldn't the person who ripped it straight of the telly get sued to hell?

I'm really confused as to this, copyright laws and such. Also, would it have viruses that upload onto your comp while you watch it? Seems pretty likely to me.

Can anyone explain what is going on?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: YouTube has Doctor Who!

I've seen lots of stuff like this on Youtube. I've watched a few South Park episodes on Youtube. Yeah there are copyright laws, but people ignore them. The companies can claim copyright on the videos though, and they get removed.

It's happened to most South Park stuff :'(. But, luckily it hasn't happened to any WWE stuff yet. ;D

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Default Re: YouTube has Doctor Who!

Did you hear about the illegal Simpsons episodes on Youtube a while ago? Apparently some guy posted episodes from the latest simpsons season. Fox took action against Youtube, but google turned around and stuck it too them. Telling them that the season hadn't even been screened yet, and therefore it must have been a Fox employee that posted it.

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Default Re: YouTube has Doctor Who!

I know a website that has hundreds of links to tv shows posted on the web... it is a fantastic site, you can watch stuff like Battlestar (unscreened new episodes), Scrubs, all, yes all of Doctor Who, Torchwood all that kind of stuff. loads of cartoons like simspons, family guy etc.

I'm not sure, as per forum rules I can post the address though, as while the site itself may not be illegal, the links on it may be classed as bad, therefore I cannae post as per TO rules.

Unless a mod wants to enlighten me, in which case I will post it.
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