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It's just a dog...
Old 16 Feb 2007, 23:31   #1 (permalink)
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Default It's just a dog...


I don't know. My dog, brady, has had her health declining slowly over the last 12 months or so. And a steep cliff within the last month. Yesterday (thursday) my dad told me that she was booked into the vets today for the final sleep. :'(


Thats all that really crossed my thought at that moment in time. Just fine. Nothing more. I just said to myself "if it's time, then it's time". Over the last 36 hours (or so) iv'e simply been saying "shes better off - she's in ill health" and "it's only a dog".

I now realise, at 11 minutes past midnight unable to sleep, that i was lying to myself. When my dad led the dog out of the kitchen to the car i was just a mass of quivering tears, when he left it was a struggle to stop myself howling at the walls. I was never to walk that dog again. I was never to feed that dog again. Never to play tug-o-war. Never to play fetch. Never to hear her claws cicking agisnt the floor in the kitchen. And never to give her a biscuit. Never again. I don't know when it truly struck home that i am not going to get another moment of joy from that animal, maybe it was when i walked her for the last time, or maybe it was when i went to the kitchen to get a buiscuit and half expected to hear her walking up behind me begging for one.

Now that i think about it that probably was it. It stung. A lot.

I could never realise how much she had become an important part of my life, how many years she had been present in my life (all bar 4). Im 18. I was on monday. I sit here with her collar in front of me, it still smells of her, and it upsets me even more that not once in the last 14 years have i taken it off her.
With this day im beggining to wonder what is going to happen in the future. And im beggining to feel dread with every thought. My great grandma seems to be slipping health wise. My parents are both smokers (i don't know how heavily). My Grandma has diabeties. I don't know. I think im just beggining to worry a little too much, reading into things that i shouldn't be worrying about.

Or should I? How would i handle any human death? What would i be like if my mother was diagnosed with cancer?

Idon''t know why im telling you this. I know that people out there will have had harsher moments to deal with. And this thread may feel kinda crummy in comparison. I just know that this day has horrified me, and i need to get my thoughts out to be able to bear them.

Thank you for reading.

And i hope that i haven't offended anyone who has had to deal with more.
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Default Re: It's just a dog...

Its perfectly understandable to be upset about death because of the passing of a pet as close as a dog (believe me, i've been there), and from what you've wrote about how long he's been your friend for, your not over-reacting. My advice is to give yourself some time to cope with his passing away.
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Also Hive Tyrant Horror has one of the best ideas around in my opinion. ;D
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Default Re: It's just a dog...


Or should I? How would i handle any human death? What would i be like if my mother was diagnosed with cancer?
Don't think like that, from what you told me on MSN your dog lived a long time, and it lived a good life. When you deal with Human death, you deal with it when it happens. Losing two relatives in a fortnight was quite a blow to me, at first I wasn't that bad, my great gran or little nana as I called her, lived a very long time. She lived through the depression, and World War 2. But my Auntie's funeral was much harder to handle, she was only 55, but she had very serious cancer. We all deal with grief in different ways, just don't start thinking silly things.

My parents are both smokers
So are mine, my mum is fine, and my dad had cancer of the bladder, he had his operation on the same day as my 13th birthday, although I found that quite upsetting, it was only minor, and has since never came back.

The worst thing really for me was my parents very nearly getting divorced last year, over a friggin' car! That was quite bad, my lil' bro was immune to it all, but when they both start slaggin' each other off to me, it did get a tad to much for me.

It's understandable why you are upset, you'll be like that for a while, and then life will be back to normal.

Mate, if you want to talk, I spend most of my life on MSN, and I'll promise I want banter on about all the armies I want to do, and how much of a boob I've been at school, okay? :funny:
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lonely tau
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Default Re: It's just a dog...

That sucks.

My first dog (Chelsea) died of a brain tumor about 6 years back, so I was only 8 back then! Luckily enough I have never been too affected by it past about a year (I was little, not like I had many cares :P). I think the best cure for anything such as dealing with a death or something emotionally disturbing is to just find something to entertain yourself. For some, this would take the form of painting/modelling, for others it is random research. Just find something that entertains you and stick with it!

I find the best thing to do when worrying about people's deaths is to just stop for a while, and look at all the better sides of the certain situation. But as I have said before, everybody finds a way to deal with it somehow, you should just stick to whichever method you have found the best.
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Default Re: It's just a dog...

Having lost several dog to various things (stroke, heart failure, old age, coyotes), I'll say something very plain:

If you didn't feel grief, you wouldn't be human. It's that simple.
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Default Re: It's just a dog...

Hey, I know how you feel man. I had a ferret for years and then she got cancer and we thought it was gone but it actually got worse inside but she looked fine outside. Eventually she wouldn't eat sleep or do anything because she was in so much pain, so we had her taken down.

She rocked :-[
Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
Competitive, sure. Sports...
Originally Posted by executioner
Note "3.diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime."
Its a sport...
In that case, so is sex. Therefore, pornstars and prostitutes are professional athletes.
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Default Re: It's just a dog...


I know what you mean. My family is a long time lover of pets, and we've had a lot of them. Three of my favourite pets; Swartzy (a young German Shephard), Brat Cat (a bratty cat), and Tabitha (a black and white female cat), have all died in my lifetime. Swartzy died in her cage one night, and we still don't know what happened, while Brat Cat and Tabitha were both put down after old age started getting to them. It's hard to deal with, but you've got to get over it eventually.

You may feel like you're being a wimp when you cry for your dog, but you're really not. You're being human. Humans have all the emotions possible to a living thing, and there's a reason we have them; to use them. Feeling sad that your dog is dying just means that you care for her, and that tells a lot about you as a person. That you're kind, caring, and appreciate the good things in life. Don't be afraid to show your emotions, because your emotions show you.

Just remember that your dog is in a better place now. Getting the sleep she deserves for her struggles.
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Default Re: It's just a dog...

It was not just a dog it was your friend. It's okay to cry, It is normal to cry. Remember your pup isn't suffering anymore.
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Default Re: It's just a dog...

I feel your pain mate. I keep chickens as pets. They're lovely animals, and highly underrated. Over the years we have lost several to urban foxes, and every time we have fortified the hen house further. But the worst time was last December. When I came up to shut the house up for the night, I noticed one of the chicks dead on the floor. Saddened, I returned to the house to get a torch and a bag. Only when I returned did I truly realise what had happened. The foxes had come in and slaughtered almost every one. Out of our 15 chickens, 8 lie dead and 3 had to be taken to the vets to be put to sleep. 3 of them were only chicks. And the damned foxes didn't eat a single one of them. That's the odd thing about foxes - they're one of the only animals that actually kills for fun.

I think we all know how it feels to lose a treasured friend. For weeks I kept half-expecting all their little heads to bob up at me, in anticipation of a handful of corn. Just remember your lost friend, and I'm sure that wherever she is, she's wating for you, tail wagging.
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Default Re: It's just a dog...

I'm sorry for you dude.

I lost a cat last year, my dear little Meggie. She was 17. I was really upset for about a week, since I witnessed when she died. (Believe me, it was a horrible moment.)

We were watching Kingdom of Heaven at the time, and when we had taken her upstairs, and I was on the sofa, my dad came up to me and asked, "what was the name of that film we watched?" and it took me a while to remember, I was in so much grief. Then I replied "Kingdom of Heaven". My dad said "That's where Meggie is now. Be happy she is in a batter place.". And I was.

So really, you will get over it, it took me about 2 weeks-a month to fully recover, and whenever I used to play Rise of Legends there was a tune that reminded me of her, and I cried then. But I do not cry now. I just remember that Meggie is in Heaven, with all my other deceased pets, having fun.

And that's exactly what you should do. Believe me, it will help. Just think that Brady is in a much better place, enjoying herself, and that she had a long life not to mention a good one.

So, good luck, directly from me, on recovering from the shock, and be happy that Brady is in a better place. Love her in death as you did in life, and remember the happy times you spent with her.

My sincerest condolences, Lord Lynx.

PS: I'm not exactly sure if Brady was a girl or not when I wrote this, if I'm wrong then my sincerest apologies!
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