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ChiliFriez's non-serious roleplay
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Default ChiliFriez's non-serious roleplay

Ok I know there is a role-playing board, but this isn't going to be serious role-playing. Instead you can roleplay however you want, but we are all in the same dungeon, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you leave the dungeon. There is no goal, and you can do almost anything you want, but there a re a few rules:
  • You can kill other players, but the other players can always come back to life
  • You still have to make a profile, and stick with your stuff IE: A mage wouldn't suddenly become a knight in the middle of a dungeon
  • You can be any class, and any race from any fictional or non fictional universe IE:Spacemarine, Wood Elf, or even a chainsaw wielding penguin
  • If you really want to change your profile then all you have to do is find the Holy Tome of Profile changing

Cool now I'm gonna make my profile:

Starting Equipment: Chainsword, Power Armor, and a Bolter
Background: A Spacemarine Penguin is so awesome that it automatically forced itself into existence

For starters I'll go into a room, find a treasure chest, and discover it to be an evil demon treasure chest so I drive my Chainsword into it, and loose a few rounds at it. I then leave the room before it regenerates.

Originally Posted by Circus
Dogs think they're human. Cats think they're God.
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Default Re: ChiliFriez's non-serious roleplay

Name: Mavfreak
Race: Midget
Class: Canadian Stereotype.
Starting Equipment: Maple Syrup, Hockey Gear.

Backround: Canadian, eh? A Northerner who wandered into a cave in search of a Zambonie truck. He enjoys playing hockey, free medication, talking about snow, and saying stuff like 'eh' and 'aboot'. He flies into a frenzied rage when anyone commments on Canada's government and money.

As a midget, he is commonly the butt of many jokes. He is also tossed by many other Canadians. Thus, he has forgotten about his puny body and began to use his mind to twist his enemies...

[size=1pt]I hope no real Canadians or Midgets are offended by this. I am southern and only moderatly short, so do not take this personal.[/size]
Originally Posted by Mage

And Mav is the probably the smartest one of us, so it makes sense.
Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
My advice is simply walk through life and see what happens, and remember the one thing most of my yearbook from this year is filled with...

"Sex can wait, masturbate"
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Default Re: ChiliFriez's non-serious roleplay

I walk into a room filled with sleeping monsters. I'm carefully sneaking by, but unfortunately Power Armor is hard to sneak in if you don't have infiltrate, so I take out the first two with bolter fire, and finish the other two off with my Chainsword.
Originally Posted by Circus
Dogs think they're human. Cats think they're God.
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