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Help Support the KJ Army
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Default Help Support the KJ Army

Originally Posted by Redbeard

This thread is for discussion of a board-wide project in honour of KJ, that will be both a way for us, as a community, to remember him, as well as to raise some money for Leukemia research.

The end goal is to have a fully painted, ready-to-play ork army, which will be auctioned on eBay, the proceeds being donated to a leukemia research foundation. Of course, nothing happens that easily.

There are several steps that we're going to need to complete, in order to pull this off.

First, we need to get commitments. It's all good to plan a 2000 point army, but, if there are only a handful of people willing to participate, it might not be possible. Commitments come in three forms.

1) The obvious - painting and modelling. We need to have a fully painted army. That entails people building models and painting.

2) Financial support. If you're not a good painter, or don't have time, but want to contribute to the project, you can still help with a financial donation. Making an army isn't cheap. Postage might not be cheap. Every bit helps. Don't think, "I can only spare $5, so it's not worth it", because if every member on this board donated 50 cents (or pence), we'd have enough for two armies.

3) Logistical support: We're going to need to do some mass purchases, and distribute models to people, as well as get them sent back together. We're going to need someone in each region who will collect all the models from that region and mail them to the final destination (as, if we ship them all together over the long distances, it will be cheaper).

My goal is for as much participation from site members as possible. I think this would make a really excellent tribute to a dear friend who we have lost far too soon, and would really show how this community can pull together.

After we get our commitments, we'll do some threads about what sort of army to build, what colour scheme and basing to use, and we'll run these as voting threads. But we need to know who is interested first.

Okay, that said, who am I and why do I think we can pull this off?

My name's Alex Kallend. I'm a manager at Oracle, the software company. I've got ten years experience running an online Mud, handling financial matters for that online community. I've managed fundraising efforts in the past, in college, and in community groups. I'm an active eBayer, having both bought and sold before, with a fairly high rating of over 145 - I'm not a professional seller, but certainly have good standing. In short, I've got experience managing projects, handling finances for projects, and know the tools we're going to need to sell the army.

Oh yeah, I also play orks, and I'm pretty good at painting and converting them, as my sig should show. 8)

So, if you want to be part of this community project, post in this thread with your commitment. If you're offering to paint, honestly state what level you think you can paint at, and what sort of model you would want to paint (character, squad, individual ork, vehicle). If you're willing to contribute funds, state how much, either in financial terms, or in terms of models. If you're willing to buy the model you will paint, state that too.

I'll start.

I will convert, and paint, either 1 character or 1 vehicle.
I will match every financial donation, up to a total of $300 US (that means if the rest of you, together, pull in $300, I'll throw in $300, and that should pay for all the models we'll need)
I'm willing to handle US logistics, final pictures and eBaying - but if someone else wants to do this, I'm willing to let them.

This is for a good cause, it's for a good friend. Who else is in?
Hey all,

My name is Aaron Styba, I'm a 15 year old who currently lives in south eastern Ontario, in Canada. I've been playing Warhammer for 4 years, and I believe I'm quite experienced.
I work part time as a hockey referee/official, meaning I have developed people skills, and the ability to take a verbal beating.
I rarely purchase anything online, so I won't be an expert on anything financially.
This takes dedication, and is a huge commitment. This won't be over in a month. It will take a long time for everyone to first purchase the models, send them out to everyone, and finally receive them back. So, if you're really interested, make sure you stay an active member on Tau Online.

I will paint models, and help organize everything in the background.

Are you with us?



If you are interested in painting or helping, please leave your name and what country you are from in your reply.
We will get your specific address later.

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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

I am Evan Walters.

I am a student who is working at the local hobby shop where I started the hobby that brought me to these forums and lead me to meet KJ.

I am from the U.S.A.

I will paint models.

Question though. Do we need models because I have a ork Mech guy that I haven't done anything with I can paint up.
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

There, stickied.

Now, I have aready posted my "resume" so I won't bother doing it again :P

I can go grab a couple of blisters and have them sent out, just tell me what I should grab and I think we will be good ^_^
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

I was planning on picking up some orks and paints if I ever get some money And I would contribute
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

This is a most excellent idea. If you wish I could bring it to the attention of the admin over at the waaagh. I'll understand if it is desired to keep this as a tauonline only project, but I figured I'd put the idea out there since there are a great many extremely talented orky modellers over there that may not know of this project.
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

Models will be sent to you, by people tasked under "regional manager".

Admin: Responsible for anything he can provide for us on the Forum.

Committee Members: Has the job of organization, design, planning, and working out the final details.

Final Contact: The person responsible for collection and sale of the collected army.

Regional Manager: Person responsible for distribution and collection of incomplete and complete models. Regional managers will be responsible for a continent, or a large area on the Earth.

Volunteers: The members, who paint and "beautify" the models.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

My name is James MacLeod in Flossmoor, Illinois and i would like to help.

I have seen this done before. Its easier if you just collect funds and have the final contact order them in a lot. He can then send the models out to volunteers who then have the return address. Large lot orders are cheaper shipping wise. Also many places give a discount on orders in excess of X amount. I know the warstore gives an extra 5% off after $300 (In addition to the known 20% off) or he used to. You may also be able to get donations of models for this. Then the shipping for all of the models is $4 + Shipping from Final to volunteers + The return. It's just easier than the piece meal buying from what I have seen.

I spend a lot of time in the hospital and see a lot of people undergo treatments for chronic or terminal illnesses like this. It was awful to hear that someone who meant so much to the people around here lost the good fight. I am not too good of a painter but I can probably find some model donations or work on collecting some funds if someone will get me a list of what you need. I would really like to help because this research can help a lot of people.
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

I am James Baker, I live in Newcastle, Australia.

I would like to donate funds and paint/build some boys for this project.

I've been playing Warhammer for 9 years, (half my life span). I'm an all-rounder with my abilities.

I used to talk to KJ quite a lot over msn and on these forums, anything I can do would be great I NEED to be apart of this project, anything for a mate.

I will be around for quite a while, I hope.
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

Anthony Montivirdi, New Hampshire, USA.

I'm willing to provide some funding, but I won't have enough time to paint anything unfortunately.
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Default Re: Help Support the KJ Army

Same deal as The All-Father. I really can't paint well, so I can't exactly do volunteer stuff, but I can certainly donate a some money.
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