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1000th Post! A trip down memory lane
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Default 1000th Post! A trip down memory lane

Hello all, It's me, and I've finally done it! this is my 1000th post and for it I thought that I'd write a meaningfull post, and after a lot of thought decided on a trip down memory lane, and invite all of you to join me in your experiences of 40k, the game and how you came upon it. ain't nostalgia wonderful?


I started in 2003 when I was 12, My friend suggested that I go along to GW and have a look around- LoTR was a big thing then.

So I did just that and played an intro game, and found that it was fun and went away to look at the lord of the rings miniatures and choose and army. My first was a high elf army, my brother started an uruk-hai army and we played against each other. but having seen the lord of the Rings I wanted my games to be more realistic and so started an army of Minas Tirith. It was in my lord of the Rings stage that I tried all parts of the hobby, gaming, painting and converting (though converting became bigger later). I found that the painting was enjoyable and I found that I would not enjoy a game unless my army was properly painted. It is thanks to Lord of the Rings that I found 40k so enjoyable.


Now the bit that is important. Around my 13th birthday my other friend decided he wanted to start 40K and suggested that I go along with him and start as well-since my birthday was the following week i did a bit of research on the armies and found that the Tau models were my favourite so i decided to pursue that army. I went along and bought the tau codex and a box of firewarriors, then set about assembling them.

Whilst assembly was not too bad my first painting attempts were sadly, poor to say the least-but at school a lot of people were getting into the hobby as well so we played a lot of games at each others houses (though the only owner of a rulebook was interested in winning) though after Christmas I went along to the beginner class armed with the knowledge of a new rulebook (since most people at my school had packed it in-my friend had decided that IG needed a thing called "tactics" to win with and didn't like using them-so he started marines and played with 250 points more than he was allowed to win) and then to the sunday beginner club.

This was the beginning stage all gamers go through, and I went to the sunday club with my Tau every week and every week I got creamed. My friend who had now started marines turned out to be as bad winning as he was when he lost. Myself I stuck with the Repainting them for the 3rd time and enjoying gaming non the least. I got to know the staff a bit around this time but then my 40k army was forgotten for a wile.

I had got to a stage where losing every week had become a routine and i was getting a bit tired of it so decided to start fantasy in the hope that i may be able to win due to the lack of marine armies on the other side of the board. I started lizardmen and actually began to win on occasion. I became one of the regulars at the Saturday club (having been moved up) and then participated in a doubles tournament where me and my parter lost hideously since we managed to play against 3 of the 4 armies with magic users in them. Then I spent a while playing fantasy and all was well

So after that I then got the urge to start 40k again-I don't know why, I just did and set about making a themed army (my obsession with themes came after my lizardmen who were a sacred host) I painted my army to a decent tabletop standard and converted my tau commander who received great praise. I got back into 40k with new motivation and went to a 40k doubles tournament shortly after which Saw some of the best games I've ever played -the best against a farther and son ultramarine team no least- and then continued to enjoy 40K and never changed once from then.

well I'm pretty sure you're sick of me rambling on now so I'll try and finis with a few other things.

My first gamesday was 2006 and it was phenomenal- I strongly urge you to attend one if you haven't yet you will love it I guarantee it. I came to appreciate the painting and converting around my Lizardmen army, My friend who played Ultramarines then went to Dark Angels before finding out about Dawn of War and has not picked up his dice and figures since. I also appreciated the background and depth of the universe as I restared my tau, having read the Lizardmen background and enjoyed that. Tau Online was found as I started my tau army and I must say it has been great, I'll post in the enclave all the thank-you's I need to after this post.

so that is my rise -fall and return to 40K! I hope you enjoyed it but now it's your turn!

Tell us about your path to 40K and where it lead you to.

that's me, my thousandth post and my trip down memory lane.

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Default Re: 1000th Post! A trip down memory lane

An interesting post, my 4,000th post is only 80 away now, trying to think of what to do for that.

As for myself I got into the hobby, oh I have no idea. Some time early in high school. Late 2002, early 2003 maybe. Whats important is that a casual relation at school was getting out of the hobby and had some Tau. The old battleforce, a couple stealths and a codex to be exact. So I bought it all off of him for 10 bucks. Then the important thing was the rulebook. Long ago I had been to a hobby shop but the proliferation of old, overweight men with poor hygene and way too much facial hair made me involuntarily back out of the store. With the 3rd Edition rulebook in hand my first impression was simply OMG THIS THING IS HUGE!!! and then immediately sat down to read it, not that I really understood much of anything. Not getting it I went to the store to try and figure it out, but my first game was so dismal, ten Terminators deep struck right infront of my lines and chewed up my forces with 4 Assault Cannons, and two 5 man Tactical squads gunned down my suits, it was bad. When 4th Edition was announced and my funds dried up I had to put down the hobby for a while. But by the time I had another box of Firewarriors and my brother had started Eldar only to promptly put them down when I did. So my slightly painted Tau sat on my desk shelf for months and months, school passed by and eventually the next fall I decided to give it another attempt. The Battle for Macragge box was just being released and I decided it might be a good idea, so I scraped together the money and bought it. Selling the Tyranids and reading the book through cover to cover multiple times. Then I went back and re-read the Tau codex again and again. Then I went online and found the forum Kovash Tauva. Which was nice but rather small and inactive over all.

So with that knowledge in hand I gave up going to the Games Workshop store where I had simply been ridiculed for being new to the game and playing Tau and went to a nearby hobby shop. The place still had some of that stuffy atmosphere of old men with poor hygene but it wasn't as bad as it had been. I played a couple games and armed with a much better understanding of the rules I found myself correcting the veterans from the top of my head and I managed to win both of my first games there. With that step back into the hobby I kept going, eventually building my Tau force over the next 3 years to 1850pts and dominating multiple campaigns, becoming one of the best players, if not the best at the store. In that time I moved from KT to Tau Online, despite a bumpy start here. I also tried Librarium Online but immediately left again thanks to its members. Here I found good advice and helpful members and it was far more active than KT had been.

But eventually it got tiresome, I didn't lose even when I wasn't trying and the Tau were becoming boring for me. I had played static, hybrid and finally ended up with mech and played most of the races in the game quite often. So I decided to put my Tau down for a while as my Senior Year creapt up on me. But for some reason I never had the funds to start another army or expand my Tau the final step.

Then something rather strange happened, my odd, quirky, pack rat grandmother died. It wasn't something long in coming, or something long drawn out. She went in for ruitine surgery and three weeks latter was no more. I would be lying if I said I was close to her but as I walked through her house surveying all the sheer ammount of stuff she had I remembered just why my parents had been preparing for the eventuality for years, it would take a lot of work to clean out both of her houses and settle the estate. As everyone debated on how to get it done I came up with the simple solution, my parents could hire my scout friends. Sheer muscle for hire and not as expencive as contractors or other hired labor and of course there was always the option that all of us would work for food alone. All were willing after having been friends for years despite moving apart in the later years of high school.

So my parents payed my friends and I $15 an hour to clean out both houses. In the end I made over 1100 dollars, just under 74 hours working on the weekends for the 4 months after Christmas of 2005. With the money I did a lot of things, not least of which was finishing my Tau to 2500pts. But I still had not started a second army. I simply could not decide what to do. Imperial Guard had their atraction, so did Eldar and a number of other options but I kept coming back to Marines. It was not till the very last month of the summer of 2006 that I decided what to do. I bought a 1000pt Marine force. The Chapter was ironically enough Ultramarines, for the simple reason of what that name is assossiated with. I could not come to a set conclusion so I picked Ultramarines and went with it. I have now started a Blood Ravens, Grey Knights and Dark Angels army thanks to some deals I was able to get here at college.

So the long and short of it is that I have been playing for roughly 5 years, I have 5 armies, 2500pts of Tau, 2000pts of Blood Ravens, 2000pts of Dark Angels, 2000pts of Ultramarines and 1000pts of Grey Knights. Most are still works in progress. I am at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia and go to a new hobby shop aptly named Hobbies. My Ultramarines have been performing well and so have my Blood Ravens, I have yet to use the Dark Angels or Grey Knights and am still working on finishing up the models and have a lot of painting to do. Recently I find myself writing even more fluff than I had been and spending more time converting as I explore in more depth the painting and modeling aspects of the hobby.

And of course I continue to come to Tau Online in my free time. Months ago I was asked to help the forum as a co-mod to the Tau boards with Khanaris and I accepted.

That is in rather short terms my history with the hobby and the forum.

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