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New Numa video.
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Default New Numa video.

I wonder, has anyone seen it? It's here:


What do you guys think of it? I found it highly irritating. Why? The first Numa Numa video was of some large, obese guy doing bizarre gestures to some Romanian song. It was obviously an amateur video, but it had a certain essence to it. It was actually funny. It actually looked as if though some guy was doing this without knowing that everyone would be watching him, like some sort of webcam accident.

His new video is nothing but a crappy rehash of a good joke (in my opinion, at least). It reminds me much of Hollywood sequels. Y'know, the ones that go like, "IF YOU LIKED THE ORIGINAL... YOU'D LOVE THIS!!!!", and they just turn out to be the worst movies ever made. I don't care if Gary Brolsma made this. He isn't funny anymore, and the novelty has been killed at least a dozen times.

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Default Re: New Numa video.

Meh...the first one was funny. This one is just disappointing.
Heh, but it can never beat the "wanker-accident" by a guy in my old high school class.
It involved himself, moisturizer, a tubesock and a webcam he did not know was on.
It was hilarious. And we never let it go. On the last class picture from HS, we all hung a tubesock on our shoulder when the picture was taken. Cruel perhaps, but hilarious. He took it in good spirits as well. ;D
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