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Campaign: Andanafril- A Tau based campaign.
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Default Campaign: Andanafril- A Tau based campaign.

OK, now that I have

TO's permission to advertise this site (tips hat in thanx), I would like to inform

all readers that I neep help with a campaign.

As the title states, the name is

Campaign: Andanafril and is Tau based. Other races involved are Eldar (Cha' Los

Craftworld), Chaos (Nurgle), and closer to the end of the campaign, Deamonhunters will be

introduced. The Tau have colonized a feral world, and unbeknownst to them, there are is a

Chaos Warpgate near their major port. The Eldar have known about this warpgate, and kept

tabs. The predatory habits of the Kroot have awoken this Warpgate and let all kinds of

things loose. The Daemonhunters get word of this, so come to the Eldar and Tau's

aid. any way, if you want to help out, go to:



there you can find more information about the campaign. I look forward to

seeing your work, no matter what size it is.

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Default Re: Campaign: Andanafril- A Tau based campaign.

I've been posting a load of fiction items on there, so if your a fan of fluff, then

check out that site above regularly for new stuff too!
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Default Re: Campaign: Andanafril- A Tau based campaign.


kills proboards* ugh I used to have a site there... couple dozen members and a few

thousand posts before I got pissed off at the popups and bought a domain for it :P
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