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The Xeno scum
Closed Thread
Old 29 Jan 2006, 09:31   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default The Xeno scum

im not sure if this is general 40k or not, maybe it is. If not give it the boot to where ever.

I was considering buying the Xenology book, and seeing some of the pictures and what not, and the actaul theme of the book, how many people actually believe that sentient life exists beyond Earth? in real life i mean ;D

I for one think so.
Or maybe hope so even more, I mean it would be rather boring otherwise.

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Default Re: The Xeno scum

Sentient? Somewhere in the universe yes. The odds of it being intellegent are lower, but still possible. The universe is just to big for life to only occur once.

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Default Re: The Xeno scum

I don't believe or not believe because

a) you can't argue either way with a scienfitically backed up logical argument

b) it does not affect us in any way so there's no point speculating
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Default Re: The Xeno scum

Originally Posted by Faolin
Sentient? Somewhere in the universe yes. The odds of it being intellegent are lower, but still possible.
Huh? Intelligent is what sentient means ... roughly speaking.

The anthropic principle makes it difficult for us to predict the prevalence of intelligent life throughout the universe - the conditions on Earth could be an incredible fluke, but it would be no surprise for us to find ourselves on the one unlikely planet if we could not have developed on any other. Despite that, there are a few conclusions we can reach from our observations of the rest of the universe.

If we restrict ourselves to 'carbon-based impurities in water' life, the odds are still pretty good. There are billions of stars in our galaxy alone, and billions of other galaxies in the observable universe. From our observations of nearby stars, we know that many of them have planets - we can only identify massive planets at that distance with our current technology, but their presence indicates that smaller planets are also likely (given models of how solar systems form). Pure coincidence guarantees that many of them will orbit within the habitable range of distances from their stars, where water remains liquid and our variety of life can emerge - and we know that on our planet it emerged very quickly after the Earth cooled, within a few hundred million years.

So, life of some form is almost certain to be found somewhere off Earth. There are even a few places within our solar system with a slim chance of something being found - some parts of Mars, or underground in Europa (an icy moon of Jupiter, probably thawed inside by tidal effects). Intelligent life, however, is another matter. It took about 4 billion years for it to appear on Earth after life originally began. For that matter, complex multicellular life (presumably required for intelligence) didn't appear until the Cambrian explosion, about 550 million years ago. (An exception is made for the Ediacarans, but they apparently went extinct.) The universe might be full of planets bearing life, but nothing more complex than a sponge or algae.

Of course, all of this is based on the very limiting assumption that life must be based on chemicals similar to ours, with a range of carbon-based molecules interacting in water as a solvent. In practice, life should be possible wherever patterns can interact, stabilise, replicate, change and compete. I remember reading some speculation about the surface of a neutron star - you could have two-dimensional life on it, mediated by fluctuations in the intense gravity and localised magnetic fields. At those temperatures, it could appear, evolve, compete, develop intelligence and cultures to control the competition, then wipe itself out and revert to barbarism - all in the space of a few minutes, without any way to escape or be noticed by the outside world.

For those who haven't read it (and have some interest in hard physics), I recommend Stephen Baxter's Exultant. It has some interesting speculation about lifeforms based on fluctuations in spacetime itself, forming within the first few moments of the universe's life and persisting to the modern day. For those with less interest, I'll simply leave you with two points: if there is alien life out there, what makes you think that it's a similar size to you (rather than smaller than an ant or larger than a star)? or that it lives at a similar rate to you (rather than completing its lifecycle in a matter of milliseconds, or taking a million years to say 'hello&#39?
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Default Re: The Xeno scum

I was always told the arguement that (scientific fact) 1% of worlds can SUPPORT life and some of them will have life, and therefore 1% of infinity is:

However, I just don't think that it is possible for there not to be. I think however, that they have better things to do than buzz the ignorant earthlings and graffiti on fields.
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: The Xeno scum

I am of the opinion that if beings that can think exist outside, they will live in conditions far different to ours. So while we know of no planets that are similar to us, "life" is totally possible in a scorching desert. It just requires different ways of existing.
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Default Re: The Xeno scum

Abanim, I will try to get my hands on that book. I also say good point about relative size... almost every single science fiction book has gotten aliens way off the point. I think there is such a little possibility that they would even be comparable to humans, unless all races have been seeded as part of original DNA by a higher, perhaps extinct, life form.

Finally, has anyone ever realized how humans themselves may be "aliens"? I think, as stated above, that it would be highly likely if humans were "planted" so to speak by another race on this planet Earth. Before you dismiss this as the ramblings of a nerdy kid, bear in mind that humans have no connection to nature. What do humans and monkeys do to support other forms of life? Bees pollinate flowers, Birds poop out seeds to be planted somewhere else, and as I don't know much about science I would think there are more, but if not than this theory is not worth much.

And if that doesn't dissuade you, think about the Bible. Yes, the Bible. There are so many references to "dark clouds" and "silver chariots" and such like that it boggles the mind. What if, bare with me here, what if aliens decided to do the Human race as an experiment. A science project. Or, maybe to culture a race for their own uses. People make a common misconception that Humans would obviously be weaker than alien "foes". But, if the higher life form was the size of an ant, who would be the stronger (physically). I would guess us, although there are plenty of feasible reasons that they could be more powerful. (think telekenisis). I could go on for days, but I want to see what other people think of this. For other reading, I would suggest 2001 a Space Odyssey. Fake, probably. But it does have some good "planting" theories.

Oh, and where is the Xenos book sold? Can you give me a link?
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lonely tau
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Default Re: The Xeno scum

if the universe is infinite then there is no end right? and if there is no end then anything we think of can exist right? i hate this kind of thinking
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Default Re: The Xeno scum

If it's one thing life on this planet has shown us, is that life can exist in as many possible forms in as many possible enviornments . And that's just on this planet alone...who know what other enviornments exist on other worlds...

I'm of the belief that life exists in more places in this galaxy than doesn't...even if we don't have the capacity to measure or identify it. It's there...one sense or another.

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Default Re: The Xeno scum

I don't believe anything exists, so there. But this is still my reality.. so I play along. (Yes I know how similar this idea is to The Matrix)

This is my 100th post! Yay!
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