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Why do you people still visist Ebaums World?
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Default Why do you people still visist Ebaums World?

I just don't get it, do you wish to be raped up the rear end by spyware and banner ads? Knowing full well that your actions are making a dishonest cheat filthy rich without working a day in his life or even completing high school?

Eric Bauman has earned over a million dollars by stealing and blatant plagiarism of other people's public work, putting them without credit (going so far as to modify the work to eliminate the original credits) onto his own site, he does not acknowledge any author's request to have the work taken down or to partake the profits. He himself sits on his lazy ass all day long reaping the benefits of other people's hard work.

His site is a total scam, it puts spyware on your computer, overwhelms you with banner ads, yet still you people support this liar and cheat?

5 of the biggest entertainment sites on the internet, Newgrounds, Somethingawful, Fark, Gamefaqs and YTMND are all trying their hardest to bring this evil tyrant crumbling to his knees, but through his technique of BSing, and stealing off independent sites who do not have the financial power to sue him, (heck, the only party semi successful against his plagiarising was Sega), through his power of a compliant ignorant mass, he is reaping the benefits more than ever. He is now the 3rd most popular entertainment site in the world as seen through alexa.com

How long are we supposed to suffer this injustice?

Why does he get to drop out of high school live comfortably in his 850 grand house with his company of 20 all from stealing other people's works?

I just don't get it, somebody please enlighten me.
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Default Re: Why do you people still visist Ebaums World?

I no longer visit eBaums. As far as I am concerned it's only a matter of time before the loopholes in the law making action against theft such as this is sealed.

For example, the minute you create something, you have the copyright over it, basically. 'Badger Badger Badger', the second weebl made that, was his.

All he needs is proof he made it first, and he has a case. Same with hundreds of others he may have stolen from. But at the MOMENT, we have no actual proof he's stealing it. He's just an accomplice according to his own comments.

Before anyone puts anything online, they should take a printout or screenshots of the item, and then, mail the printouts to themselves. According to my college course lecturer, that means that since the postal service has dated the letter, you can use it as evidence. So long as you never open the envelope unless it is needed...

I suppose you could put it on a CD as well. Public domain requires the creator to release it. The Baumans claim that everything put online is public domain. It's not.
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