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Whats the big deal with Happy holidays
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Old 19 Dec 2005, 19:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default Whats the big deal with Happy holidays

* * *I'm not sure if any of you guys have heard about this but Fox news recently did a news topic complaining that christians and christmas was under attack because people said happy holidays instead of merry christmas. I watched some of what they were talking about and my first reaction was " WTF, after so many years of using that phrase you complain about it now, this isn't news"??!! Bill Oreily actually said that people were trying to offend christians by saying happy holidays and said that merry christmas was disappearing. It was dumdest thing i had ever seen put out by any media source. I felt like grabbing Bill Oreily by the collar and yelling " Happy holiday does not equal screw you to christians" > and then curse repeatingly in his face. What your opinions? ;D
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Default Re: Whats the big deal with Happy holidays

I think this topic was already discussed about a week ago...but I can see both sides of this issue. Let's say Christmas is a "Christan" holiday which is the poplar belief' then by substituting Christmas for Happy Holidays is like taking Christ out of the holiday which most Christians have a problem with.

On the other hand, Christmas in a secular sense is more about giving, love, peace and joy that crap. And to force those people to say Merry Christmas is like forcing religion on them.

Here's the reality; everyone these days can find something to be offended by. I believe it was said in the other thread that we should just enjoy the day off, I agree and here is why. Christmas is NO LONGER about the birth of Jesus or giving or anything, it has been sanitized, commercialized, and devoid of any of it's origin (pagan or Roman Catholic). But we all know it is the nature of man to get PO ed about stuff, that's why we have invented chat rooms right?
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Default Re: Whats the big deal with Happy holidays

I think that's exactly why we invented chat rooms...

But yea, this topic came up here

Also, Bill O'reilly is a... well, not cool person.

I'd go into christmas, but its already been said in the above topic.
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Default Re: Whats the big deal with Happy holidays

And since it's already being discussed eslewhere...
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