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Dark Elf saga
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Default Dark Elf saga

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this....


The Dark Elf saga. Anyone have any comments about it? Why you liked or disliked it, that sorta thing.

I think the series is good, especially up to the Servant of the Shard quad of books. The first three, the Homeland trilogy, I think are the best. Showing Drizzt's roots and how he grew up to be the way he is. Salvatore keeps the story original and follows a huge plotline that continues through about eight books. No easy task. The only books that I don't really like all that much are the most recent trilogy. It seems like the story just got tired and devolved into a smattering of combat scenes and Drizzt being depressed and falling in love with the elf lady.

Anyone else have opinions?
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Default Re: Dark Elf saga

they're good books, but i dont really understand the storyline. mostly because i think ive read them in the wrong order. i started with the crystal shard, the streams of sliver, then the haflings gem. then i went on to read the spine of the world(or something like that, the one where wulfgar gets accused to rapeing the girl and ends up addopting the kid) then i read the books where entreri takes over calimsha. so how the heck did wulfgar end up in hell?
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