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I am a Riboflavin junkie
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Default I am a Riboflavin junkie

I am a riboflavin junkie. I don't even know what riboflavin is. All I know is I gotta have it, and I don't care how. i know it's in my favorite prodcuts, but I want more. I want to spoon it into my cereal. I know it doesn't taste like anything, but it makes everything taste better, like MSG or amonium nitrates. I'm none too sure of what riboflavin does, either. I don't feel smarter or healthier. I just know I gotta have it. I get teh shakes. The riboflavin DTs. Whne the additive stores are closed, and I'm broke, I'm on the street, scoring some riboflavin in a dark alley. It sucks, because they usually cut it with niacin, the bastards. I like my riboflavin pure, uncut.

Because I'm a riboflavin junkie.
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Default Re: I am a Riboflavin junkie


I'd class this is spam sorry.
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