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10 Cartoons that changed my life.
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Old 29 Nov 2005, 17:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

Ten cartoons that shaped my life:

1. The Simpsons- No one cartoon has said as much about American culture as the Simpsons. It is simply the smartest show on TV. Amid its cutting edge humor and intellectualism, it's interesting to note that the core of the show is a nuclear family, which maintains some traditional values.

2. GI Joe- No one cartoon has taught me more about loyalty, leadership, and how to survive a fiery disaster than GI Joe. Forget realism- GI Joe delivers you 20 minutes of up to 3 different battles, each of which teaches a moral lesson.

3. Robotech- This cartoon has it all- action, romance, adventure, humor. Robotech is an adult cartoon- they never meant it for children, but how can you resist watching a jet fighter transform into a robot! Robotech is like putting Transformers and Days of Our Lives in a blender, a perfect cartoon to watch in your early teens.

4. Ren and Stimpy- Ren and Stimpy. Rocko and Heifer. Beavis and Butthead. The cartoon duo should really only take up one slot, but few of these taught us the lessons of friendship and powdered toast that Ren and Stimpy did. Yes- Ren and Stimpy were gay, and perhaps it was another perspective into that lifestyle as well.

5. Southpark- Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives brought the female foursome into TV series formulas, but the boys in Colorado had it first! Southpark teaches tremendous social lessons in the same half hour that it rips celebrities to shreds, and offends us in every way imaginable. Southpark is brilliant TV, and if you are mature enough to understand the absurdity, you can learn a great deal from 4 4th graders.

6. Voltron- The five man formula has been a staple of Japanese cartoons. Voltron is no different. Like all five man Japanese toons, Voltron's key issue is teamwork. Plus they say "Let's go Voltron Force!" out of sync every time they form Voltron, which is hilarious.

7. Lord of the Rings- Ralph Bakshi's masterpiece, so snubbed by the fan film and contemporary fans, influenced my life tremendously. It was what got me into the books as a child, and it would echo through my life as I was a huge Legolas fan since the cartoon. I went from Tolkien Elves to Gygax Elves and now Space Elves (Eldar).

8. Watership Down- I will never look at rabbits the same, ever. Great cartoon, wonderfully cerebral and introspective.

9. Thundercats- Similar Japanese teamwork formula, but this time promoting ethnic diversity. Thundercats! Ho!! And don't forget Thundercats bloopers, some of the most hilarious [stuff] ever.

10.Battle of the Planets- G-Force!! Again, Japanese team of 5, but also taught me about the darker side of things as a young child. Raven (Jason in the American version) gets hooked on drugs, has a violent temper, and gets drugged and shot in the head by a drag queen. Fascinating lesson for a 6 year old me to learn. Power struggles, suicide wishes, and kamikaze tactics gave this cartoon some real gravity.

Could you name 10 cartoons that shaped your life?
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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

I have ten cartoons that changed my life.

The simpsons


Outlaw star

Spirited away

Erm.. Erm... Damn I don't have ten, well these are ones that changed my life.

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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

All the ones I would list would be anime. Except Family Guy.
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Competitive, sure. Sports...
Originally Posted by executioner
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Its a sport...
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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

well i wont state any of the cartoons that ahve been said since i don't want to be redundant so:
Futurama- if the simpsons aren't on, this is the best substitute.

Tom and Jerry-its a classic

Fairly Odd parents- ah, good old fashion brainless humor.
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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

lol...only one changed my whole style..Kim possible..no wonder why im called Ron Stoppable lol
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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

1.family guy
3.ren adn stimpy
4.outlaw star
5.cowboy bebop
8.american dad

but definitly not the simpsons,
i find that it never was is or will be even remotely funny to those with an iq higher than average

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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

10. American Dad (not as good as Family Guy, but still pretty good)
9. Invader Zim (why did they take this off the air? WHY? :'( )
8. South Park
7. Futurama
6. Rocko's Modern Life (back when Nickelodeon was actually good)
5. Spongebob Squarepants (Seen every episode, and it still is funny. My bro makes me watch it every day and has been for the past 2 years, and I still like it.)
4. Hey Arnold (great show. One of the only relatively serious cartoons)
3. Beavis and Butthead (classic!)
2. Family Guy
1. The Simpsons (Best. Show. EVER.)

A fantastic sig by Kais.

Originally Posted by Rev_Enge(spc)
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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
Bucky O Hare
Defenders Of The Earth
Street Sharks

Any of these sort of Cartoons....That is what society is lacking. In Britain, they don't seem to show cartoons like that any more. They are too violent or something.

Now, When I was younger, I idolised thosae cartoons. They gave me hero's dammit!!! Something to aspire to. Its like, Yeah!!! I want to be Raphael!

What do kids in Britain have today....Tracey Beaker. A Stroppy, self centred, annoying little brat that needs a damned good kicking.

Thats why we must bring back Cult 80's cartoons.

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

family guy
ren and stimpy
aqua teen hunger force
rocko's modern life
megas XLR (soooo funny... but short lived :'( )
american dad
invader zim
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Default Re: 10 Cartoons that changed my life.

Good gods you guys make me feel old.* Most of those fall into 'new' cartoons for me.

2.)GI Joe
3.)Pole Position
5.)Droids(You know, between Reveng of the Sith and A New Hope those two really got around!)
6.)Transformers(the first ones.* before they got into the future stuff)
7.)Beast Wars
8.)Captain Power and the Soilders of the Future(Hey, two of the villians were animated.)* ;D
10.)Gummy Bears
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