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strange happenings
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Default strange happenings


me first:a couple of years ago my mates were messing with a Ouija board and nothing happened except my friend felt very cold and sad,
but when i was asleep upstairs i heard screaming,so me and my friends went down and found that our friend (the one who had been the gate) was standing in the kitchen with a knife screaming and stabbing wildy,his eyes were glazed over and everything!
we shouted at him and he awoke,remembering nothing except thinking of the Holocaust (for some reason)and falling asleep.

your turn,

for those who don't know a Ouija (weegee) board is a square board with yes/no and the alphabet writhen on it,
you put a glass or crystal on the board and a spirit communicates with you,if it is good there is no problem but if it is bad you could be possessed or even killed.

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Default Re: strange happenings

Ouija boards are dumb in my opinion. Still, I hope your friend was okay after that.

I've never has anything like that happen.. My and a friend seen/thought we seen a ghost once - It was around 11 pm and we had snuck into this kid's playarea (Understatement. The playarea was fairly big, with a wooden fortress in the middle of it) We were climbing around the fortress and we climbed some stairs. Then I saw this transparent white figure about 10 metres away - I thought it was just me although when I screamed pointed it out to my friend ( ) he said he could see a ghost like thing too. We ran away fairly quickly! I think it was a ghost at least. The funny thing is, there was around 8 of us and we got scared in a kid's play area :P
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Default Re: strange happenings

Mostly its been.....lucky guesses. Like "A red ford is about to come around the corner" or "Pink Floyd is being played two floors above you in a busy train station"

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

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Default Re: strange happenings

Probably while playing the first halo game. (so you can see this yourself if you try, but it's EXTREMELY RARE)

I am finishing the level where you first meet the flood, and escorting (running like heck away from the zombies) some marines so I could win the mission. This was on herioc, mind you, and the marines don't like to back up or anything while the flood are running at them...

Well, being the battle brother I am, I tried to save as many as possible, but "Bob" the marine died. I know he was named bob because a marine screamed something to the effect of "no, they got Bob! NO!" when he got eaten. Poor guy.

Anyway, I'm now at the place where the sentinels come out of the tower, but the sentinels haven't appeared yet. Human zombie comes along, another among a million, and one marine yells "Hey, I recognize that one, it's BOB!"

It was really surreal. Nobody believes me to this day... cept my one friend who will never doubt me again, because we did co-op and it happened again. ;D
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Default Re: strange happenings

Well, here's one from last week.

I was driving to work at about 6:15 last Saturday morning. I was taking my usual sidestreet shortcuts to the expressway. I was at a stop sign when a car flies by me on the wrong side of the street and races in front of me, almost sideswiping me in the process. Immediately behind that car was another car that did the same thing. I was wondering what everyone's big hurry was. My question was quickly answered. The guys in the second car started shooting at the guys in the first car. I figured it would be a good idea to keep some distance from the cars. After all, a bullet to the chest would certainly be the wrong way to start the morning. The first car made a hard left and flew down the sidestreet. The second took off straight and quickly disappeared. With the excitement over, I continued on my way to work.
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Default Re: strange happenings

i've had a coupla dreams that've come true...such as when i changed schools...the first day of my new school, i dreamt about

but then again, its possible that's just my memory playing tricks on me...
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Default Re: strange happenings

I did a Ouija board at an RAF camp. We were on the third floor, and the wall was an outside wall (so it was thick), yet somebody knocked on it three times (it happened once, then the guy who organised it said "Spirit, if you are there, knock again", and it did. He did it again, and it happened again). I also felt very cold.

Ouija boards are creepy. I don't believe in anything I can't prove scientifically... but I can't explain what happened. I tried, but "mass haluciantion of a sound" is implausable, and "someone playing football outside" is stupid... why would you kick a football into a third-floor wall three times?
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: strange happenings

yeah i know how you feel ,
sometimes freaky stuff just happens

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Default Re: strange happenings

The mind is a strange thing. We had a psychologist in to talk to us at school last week, and some of the stuff he said about the mind having total control over the body, the subconcious, and the concious.
He also showed us some Derren Brown clips- that guy is impressive. He can make you feel pain, and no pain, just by talking to you and touching you.
If this can be done, then making you hear a sound should be easier. Maybe this guy who organised it knew exactly what he was doing, and made you all hear this noise that wasn't there?

Or maybe someone just set up a contraption that knocked the wall when you press a button?

Who knows?
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Default Re: strange happenings

How does that quote go? There is things in Heaven and Earth Horatio, than dreamt of in your Philosophy. For all we know there is alot we don't. Partially because we have no idea what to look for I think. Anyhow, I tend to be a bit of a amateur cryptozoologist and have for years likd looking into reports and stories of supposedly true but unexplained happenings. Everything from my family's ghost story to ancient tales of ghosts and other creatures.

You guys want I can see about digging up a number of them, but only if you ask.
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