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Default firefly/serenity

has anyone seen firefly, or serenity?

I urge you all to go out and buy the box set of the firefly series. right now, its a cult classic. only 14 episodes before it was cruelly cancelled. and that was after the network putting the episodes in the wrong order, and wrong times and then finaly axing it. Firefly was one of those shows with a small cult following that spread the word. DVD sales have skyrocketed of it.

In a nutshell, its a western themed sci-fi, but dont let that discourage you. watch a few of the episodes. great acting. great chemistry. great scripts and stories and some seriously hilarious moments.

Serenity is the fim that continues where firefly left off. it seems it just got too big to be allowed a series continuation. So its am oderate budget sci fi film that is truly excellent. if you loved the tv show (and you should) you will adore the movie that takes everything god aboutt he tv show and puts it into overdrive.

i heartily recommend both to anyone out there looking for somethnig excellent to watch. do it. now.
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Default Re: firefly/serenity

i picked up the box set yesterday . had to order it in, but i got it for relatively cheap (ozzie 35 bucks). i've only got to watch the first 2 episodes so far, but its great IMO. gotta get the rest watched before i see the movie
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