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all the best drawers unite lol
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Default all the best drawers unite lol

so i need an awesome banner so i need some one to pm me and just for your info i want it to do with a firewarrior and you don't have to do this for me but it would be nice

lol i just noticed my bad spelling on the title I'm sorry for the confusion i was in a rush well i got to go bye
"they got ded big shooty guns dat'll kill tons of boyz, but if yer can get near em den you've got a chance. just gotta make sure you bring loads of boyz,coz you anit gonna have a whole lot left when you get close enough ta crump em"

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Default Re: all the best drawers unite lol

check my topic "anyone want a sig made"
"Time to decide. Do you kill for the Tau'va, that impossible dream that the tau hope for? or do you kill because you can, because you're good at it?" Thoughts by La'Kais

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Default Re: all the best drawers unite lol

Here's the link


And with that...

Originally Posted by Dra'Tuisich-Novae
Competitive, sure. Sports...
Originally Posted by executioner
Note "3.diversion; recreation; pleasant pastime."
Its a sport...
In that case, so is sex. Therefore, pornstars and prostitutes are professional athletes.
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