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2000 points Eldar Warhost
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Smile 2000 points Eldar Warhost

2000 points Eldar Warhost

HQ: 310p.
Avatar of Khaine

Prince Yriel (in the Wave Serpent with the Banshees)

Elites: 572p.
5 Fire Dragons (in the Falcon)
1 Exarch w. Dragon's Dreath

6 Banshees
1 Exarch w. Executioner
*dedicated transport
1 Wave Serpent
weaponry: TL-Brightlances, TL-Shuricats
Wargear: Vectored engines

7 Striking Scorpions
1 Exarch w. infiltrate and scorpion's claw

Troops: 403p.
10 Guardians + heavy weapons platform (Scatterlaser)

5 Rangers

9 Dire Avengers
1 Exarch w. 2 Avenger Catapults

3 Guardian Jetbikes (incl. 1 Shurikencannon)

Fast Attack: 202p.
4 Warpspiders (Deepstriking!)
1 Exarch w. Withdraw & a pair of power blades

1 Vyper
weaponry: 1 Shurikencannon, TL-Shuricats

Heavy Support: 512p.

Falcon Grav tank
weaponry: Pulse laser, Scatterlaser, TL-Shuricats
Wargear: Holofield, Spiritstones

4 Dark Reapers
1 Exarch w. Crack Shot & Tempest Launcher

3 War Walkers w. 2 Shurikencannons each (Outflanking!)

TOTAL: 1999 points (60 models, 1 monstrous creature, 3 walkers, 2 tanks, 1 fast skimmer)

I might drop the Avatar for a Jetbike Autarch with Mandiblaster, Laser Lance and underslung Reaper-Launcher for the same amount of points, who then joins the Warp Spiders and while they lose their deepstriking capability, still retain their hit and run ability, which means, that with the Autarch (and Yriel, giving me a total of +2 on my reserve rolls, so that my war walkers then arrive on turn 2 on a 2+), I have a hard hitting unit able to wipe out squads just as effectively as Yriel and his girls.

But the reason why I'm still keeping the Avatar is so that it can act as a fire magnet and draw attention away from the Falcon and Wave Serpent as it sprints towards the enemy. (start shooting it later than turn 1 and it WILL reach CC alive)

So anyways, the main strategy of my army is this: The Wave Serpent carrying Yriel and the girls, as well as the Falcon carrying the Fire Dragons speed 24" on turn 1, gaining 4+ cover saves. The Serpent' vectored engines protect it from crashing on a 5+, while the Falcon relies on its Holofield and Spiritstones to stay mobile.

Avatar sprints.

Turn 2, the troops disembark from the tanks (the Fire Dragons may have to fly 12'' more to reach enemy tanks before disembarking) and shoot and, if the tank didn't move, assault the target. Should the Fire Dragons find no armor, they still have a heavy flamer to deal with infantry.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are holed up and, with their 2+ cover saves, keep pinning units trying to get too close, or generally targetting MEQs with their sniper rifles. The Dark Reapers do the same, their Exarch's double blast ignoring cover as well!

The Warwalkers outflank and should enter a battlefield from the enemy's weaker side and unleash a torrent of S6 fire. Why didn't I take Scatterlasers? Well, the significant points increase and the fact that my war walkers are outflanking make range not so much of an issue to invest more points on an already fragile unit that may not see more than 1 turn of shooting.

The Jetbikes, accompanied by the Viper, are for harrasment and last minute objective grabs/contesting.

The Warp Spiders are also for harrasment, but teleport onto the battlefield and once possible, try to shoot and charge into the enemy, only to withdraw at the opponent's end of combat phase, so I can shoot and charge in my turn once more.

The Striking Scorpion infiltrators are for early harrasment. They should hold out till the banshees arrive.

Finally, the Dire Avengers sally out on foot to shoot and clain objectives, while the Guardian squad is basically a 10-wound Scatterlaser, holed up in some building.

I think I have enough anti-tank with the Wave Serpent's TL-Brightlances, the Fire Dragons, the outflanking Warwalkers, and the Falcon's Pulse laser. Anti heavy-infantry is present with the Avatar, Yriel, Banshees, Fire Dragons, Dark Reapers and Rangers (last resort). Anti-monstrous creature: again, I have the Avatar, the Fire Dragons and Rangers for this job. Even Yriel can serve as a hard hitting-monster.

And the good thing is, thanks to Yriel, my warp spiders and warwalkers can arrive on turn 2 on a 3+. C&C much appreciated

The main theme of my army, is that it is aspect heavy (save shining spears and swooping hawks, all others are present) and I don't like to take multiples of a same unit, as IMO it destroys the beauty of a versatile army.
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