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New to Eldar
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Default New to Eldar

And I'm working on my first army. Currently I have:

20x Guardians (two weapons platforms/four guardians for operating them.)
10x Dire Avengers w/ Exarch
5x Warp Spiders w/ Exarch
5x Dark Reapers w/ Exarch
3x Warlocks
1x Farseer (Actually have two, but was only planning on using one for now.)

And a single Fire Prism.

My basic question right now involves what options I should apply for each unit. I've read over everything in the codex several times, but I'm not sure what's really worth the points cost. I'm going for a shooting army mostly and that has me completely lost as my main army is a Tyranid CC swarm army.
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If your main army is a Tyranid swarm, then kit out your Dark Reaper Exarch with an Eldar Missile Launcher and Fast shot. That way, you can dish out either 2 AP4 blast markers that pin his infantry each turn, or 2 krak shots to take down his Tyrants and Carnifex(es).

Warp Spiders are also an excellent choice against Tyranids - they may have a short range, but their assault movement usually gets them out of the assault range of the critters. Give the Exarch twin deathspinners and make sure to purchase the withdraw option, as it will save your squad, should it ever get caught up in CC.

Dire Avengers with Bladestorm and Defend, Exarch with twin Cats.

Warlocks with 1x Enhance (beat them damn nids by their own initiative lol) and 2x destructor flamers accompanying the Farseer who should purchase and possibly mindwar to take out the big critters or Eldritch storm to fight the horde.

Fire Prism is always good against Nids, just don't waste any points giving it upgrades like Holofield, Spiritstones etc - IT DOESNT NEED THEM.

You might also wanna invest in some Warwalkers. Their cheapness + rate of fire is perfect against Nids.
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