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Eldar Army List help 600 points
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Eldar Army List help 600 points

hey guys im a new eldar player but i need a 600 point army and i cant find one so i was wondering if one of you could make me a 600 point army list
i would like my HQ to be the avatar of khaine but if you knnow of something that will work better u can email that army list to me at
plaz 600 points though and i want it to be mainly troop choices and it has to be good against imperial gaurd because im playing against chaos renegades (chaos gaurdsmen) to get into my school team
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Kroot Warrior
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I don't have a battle report for this, as I have only just started using this in the store campaign, which means I have some additional special rules. This is a wraithguard army, and although this army is usually impractical because its about 90 per unit, I converted mine from Dire Avengers or Guardians.
Eldrad Ultharn, 210
The Avatar of Khaine, 365
3 units of ten wraithguard. Each one includes a spiritseer with conceal, 1553
Heavy Support
Wraithlord with diresword and starcannon, 1683
Wraithlord with scatter laser and shuriken cannon, 1803
5 Dark Reapers and exarch with reaper launcher and crack shot, 2000
This army has been accused of being spammy, and it is, but it owns in tournaments when people aren't expecting it.
I use the Avatar to take out enemy HQs, specifically space marine command squads and company command squads. I use Eldrad to fortune the wraithguard and guide them when they get closer to the enemy. Watch out for dark eldar armies, as they have a lot of poisoned weapons that ignore your high toughness.
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