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here are some of my army lists plz help me
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Exclamation here are some of my army lists plz help me

hey i need to get a 600 point force for a tournament but i need to beat chaos renegades to get into the team so i would like an army that would have no difficulty taking down a load of renegades in close combat or at ranged plz help me i dont even have 600 point army list they are only about 500 btw can someone plz tell me how many points Eldar phoenix lord Asurmen, The hand of asur is thanks. and i was thinking about having the avatar of khaine and was wondering if it was a good idea for close combat or whether he would eve get there thanks for helping me in advance and plz poke holes in it and write better ones thanks

Eldar phoenix lord Asurmen, The hand of asur(n)

13 gaurdians and warlock(152pts)
-shuriken cannon
-warlock with singing spear and conceal

14 storm gaurdians and warlock(167)
-fusion gun
-warlock with singing spear and enhance

5 Rangers(95)


HQ - 75

Farseer, Guide

Troops - 228

12x Guardians, Brightlance
11x Guardians, Brightlance

Heavy Support - 180

War Walker, 2x Scatter Laser
War Walker, 2x Scatter Laser
War Walker, 2x Scatter Laser

TOTAL = 498
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IIRC Asurmen costs 230 points, he's way too expensive for I'd say under a 1250pts game.

I like the list with war walkers in it, though I'd take more (maybe 3 squadrons of 2 or 3) and give them either two scatter lasers or shuriken cannons, depending on how many points are available. Also I suggest you take warlocks for your guardian units and give them conceal so you can keep your troops where you want and always benefit from cover. Also the farseer might want to have three destructor (basically a heavy flamer) armed warlocks with him.
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