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Help upgrading to 1500 points
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Help upgrading to 1500 points

Hi, I currently have the following 1000 point army:

Farseer w/ Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Guide, Doom

6 Fire Dragons, Exarch w/ FirePike

10 Dire Avengers, Exarch w/ Dual Catapults, Bladestorm
-Wave Serpent w/ Twin-Linked EML, Spirit Stones
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch w/ Dual Catapults, Bladestorm
-Wave Serpent w/ Twin-Linked EML

Falcon w/ Scatter Laser, Spirit Stones, Holo-Fields

I'm looking to upgrade to 1500 points and don't know what to buy next. I'm pretty new to the game. The only models I currently have other than what is listed are 3 warlocks. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

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Default Re: Help upgrading to 1500 points

Well, add those Warlocks as a bodyguard for the Seer first. Enhance and Destructor are really the only powers worth taking with them though, Embolden isn't so handy with a Seer council and Conceal only helps if the enemy has a Psycannon or forty.

I think you need some close combat power. Striking Scorpions are a good choice: 3+ saves and not bad options for the Exarch. A biting blade can go to up to S8 (thanks to Mandiblasters) if he hits 4 times on the charge, two more strength than the Scorpion's Claw, but it's not a power weapon so might be a little less useful. The best bet is to get 2 boxes of Scorpies at some point, assemble Exarchs with a Biting Blade and a Scorpion's claw. Both are useful, and the option is handy to field 2 squads of them. A six-strong squad will be fine for now though I'd think. They lack fleet and have at most a single power weapon (and that's a power fist) but Mandiblasters help them have a whole torrent of attacks. A transport might help them

Banshees counter the Scorpions two disadvantages though, but are a little less flexible. They do have fleet and their power weapons ignore all but invulnerable saves and the like, so they chop up squads easy. Vehicles and tougher monsters however are tricky for them, and they are a bit more fragile, so mount them in a Wave Serpent I think if you take them. They lack grenades, but are always I10 on the first round. Don't let anyone in cover try to argue otherwise: A brick wall doesn't stop a Banshee wail!

Their exarch has some decent options too. Triskele, executioner, mirrorswords. Some useful powers too in some situations.

The other Eldar CC units are a lot more fragile. Guardians with CC weapons lack grenades, so aren't so fun, Shining Spears are expensive, and the other close-up units aren't build for assaults as such.

Your Fire Dragons maybe could use some more manpower and a transport unless you've popped them in the Falcon. If you expand them, the Falcon can take the Seer if needed.

Whatever's left, could be invested in Jetbikes if you have enought. Jetbikes are a fast unit that can contest and take objectives, which is always handy, plus they're tough. 3-5 with one cannon can also chase after light vehicles or rear armour. A lot of Side armours are vulnerable to the cannon too, everything short of AV13 can at least be glanced.

You're not going to have points left, but if you do run Jetbikes, a Jetbike Aurtarch can be potentially nasty. Mandiblasters, Jetbike, Laser Lance or Power Weapon, and a Fusion Gun is expensive but with jetbikes can make them into a tank hunting squad that can handle even a Land Raider. However, he clocks up at about 140 points like that. He can go to 120 by dropping the Mandis and swapping Lance for Power Weapon, or 110 if you want to risk using Haywires in close combat on vehicles instead. Either way, he'd make Jetbikes into a nasty versatile unit, that'll draw a lot of fire from any player who knows what they can do. If that squad has a Warlock too, with Conceal or Enhance if you don't need the coversave, it's got the potential to hit very hard

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Default Re: Help upgrading to 1500 points

Fire Prisms would be able to keep up with your mechanized force or hold back all while shooting with that huge gun it has, which is good against vehicles, geq, meq, teq and essentially everything.

Harlequins are another viable cc option. All of them should have harlequins kisses which makes their attacks rending. You can use the shadowseer to make them unseeable on an average spotting distance of 14'.

Vypers can be excellent transport escorts or second line fire support. Equip them with EMLs and you have a long ranged balanced pick. The only vulnerability is that they are extremely fragile so it will be necessary to keep your other tanks in the enemy's face and keep these glass cannons alive.

Warp Spiders make a good harassment unit and can keep up with any tanks firing and/or become an excellent second wave unit mop up option that has the armor to allow you to make a mistake or two and the firepower to kill everything but land raiders and monoliths with proper maneuvering.

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Kroot Shaper
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I would definitely put the warlocks w/ the farseer, then i would add some howling banshees, a fire prism, and the rest of the points filled w/ jet bikes.
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