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Maugan Ra Aspect army - 1500pts
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Maugan Ra Aspect army - 1500pts

i haven't played 40k for some time and am comming back into the game having recently purchased Eldar models of a friend. i really like Maugan Ra, he is in my opinion the best phoenix lord and so i have based this army around an aspect warrior theme. i have all the models except for the fire prism.

-Maugan Ra........195pts

-(10) Fire Dragons- 9 dragons
- Exarch with Fire pike and Tank Hunters............195pts
- Wave serpent with brightlances............135pts
-(10) Howling Banshees- 9 Banshees
- Exarch with executioner and Acrobatic........187pts

-(5) Dire Avengers- 4 Avengers
- Exarch with two catapults and bladestorm............92pts
-(5) Dire Avengers- 4 Avengers
- Exarch with two catapults and bladestorm............92pts
-(5) Dire Avengers- 4 Avengers
- Exarch with two catapults and bladestorm............92pts
-(5) Dire Avengers- 4 Avengers
- Exarch with two catapults and bladestorm............92pts

Heavy Support
-(3) Dark Reapers- 3 Reapers.............105pts
-(4) Dark Reapers- 3 Reapers
- Exarch with eldar missile launcher and fast shot..............182pts
- Fire Prism- shuriken cannon.......125pts

Total- 1492pts
The basic idea is to have a mobile fire base and objective sitters in the form of the avengers, the fire prism, fire dargons and wave sepents to take out tanks and the howling banshees to deal with TEQ's or MEQ'S. The reapers will do the same job from afar and Maugen will be with the squad of 3 reapers.

As this is my first real go at a Eldar list, any help is welcome
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Default Re: Maugan Ra Aspect army - 1500pts

A few potentially handy links related to units you're looking to incorporate:
Dark Reapers Tactica
Wave Serpent Tactica
Dire Avengers Tactica
I've found the Wave Serpent one and Dire Avenger one particularly helpful because I play a fairly mechanized and Aspect heavy army. They're all quite good, done by our own Good Ol' Shakey/Why So Serious (who sure knows a thing or two about Eldar).
About the list though:

- In general, I think you might be a little too static. By that I mean that our prodigiously squishy units might be able to dish out the pain, but we can't take it too well. Since you have so many footslogging units but a rather low body count you will run into problems. One way to avoid these problems is to go mech. Putting our squishy units inside the surprisingly tough Wave Serpent/Falcon is the common way to ameliorate this disadvantage. Problem is that you've not too many points for loading up on Serpents. Another way is to include 2 or 3 fast moving flanking/counterassaulting units. These mobile elements take pressure off of the main force by distracting the enemy with closer threats and just outright killing them.

My favorite flank units are Shining Spears, a unit in a Wave Serpent, and Warp Spiders, but you don't have the points for the Shining Spears so forget that. Warp Spiders could be very good in conjunction with the Dragon team in the Serpent if you can fit them in points-wise. For the sake of including as much info as possible here's a Warp Spider Tactica if you're interested. If you are dead set on not taking a zippy disruptor unit like Spiders then, well, you could face a bit of a... dissection.
Speaking of the Dragon Wagon: 10 Fire Dragons is overkill unless you're gunning for a full squad of Carnifexi :P. I have found that with adequate support, a 5 man squad can slag a tank with ease and even live to tell of it (or do it again). Furthermore, a squad of Dragons in a Wave Serpent with a TL Bright Lance just screams "threat to tanks" and begs to be shot down on Turn 1 or avoided like the plague :-\. If you want a Transport for them; great idea (truly, it is 8)) but it seems a poor idea to put all your Anti-Tank eggs in one basket so to speak.

Another thing: the Exarch and his powers/wargear are quite superfluous. You can save a decent amount by dropping him(/her) and his(/her) powers and wargear.
Banshees look good for a Banshee squad, but in your army I think you could use more anti-horde. Unless you dislike the models it may be that Scorpions would be more effective (in a friendly game people shouldn't have a problem with you proxying your Banshees as Scorps). With Shadowstrike they can show up and ruin an enemie's day, effectively acting as one of those "flank/disruptor" units I mentioned earlier.

Even though they aren't designed for it, a large Scorpion squad with an Exarch sporting the Scorpion's Claw can tear into MEqs quite well. Termies, well, not so much, but... 2 squads of Reapers and a Fire Prism can dish out quite a bit of anti-MEq (at 1500 the small blast mode should cover the amount of TEqs you'd run into). If you run into a lot of T/MEq heavy armies &/or have no (or few) Horde style armies in your area then go ahead with the Banshees, just thought that I should offer up the idea.

2 squads of 10 Avengers each may give you less scoring but also increases the survivability (and efficiency) of those squads (more wounds before they reach 'useless' strength). You may not get 2 Exarchs each with 2 ShuriCats but you can avoid paying 32 points by combining them, which saves you 64 total. IMO 4 shots aren't worth 64pts...

At 1500, 2-3 units of Troops are good enough in my experience. If you find yourself lacking you can always just contest the objective with, well, anything you have handy :P. I'd feel even better if you mounted at least one of them in a Serpent but points are tight here... Look over the Dire Avenger Tactica for more, as mostly what I'll say started from there/incorporates bits of it. Okay one (maybe 2) more remark(s): most anything that would assault a 5 man Avenger squad (willingly) will roll it up in a round unless it's very low numbers/strength, and there are even more that could shoot a 5 man Avenger squad and do serious damage (hence the need for a few distractors/interceptors)...

Fire Prism: needs a Holo-field IMO, increases lifespan dramatically and sometimes dissuades enemies from shooting at it entirely. Doesn't need a Shuriken Cannon as much, but if you get a Weapon Destroyed result it helps keep it from being useless. Could also add to firepower depending on target...
Best for last, the Reapers & Maugan Ra, the 'core' of your army...
Reapers #1) look light on #'s probably points squeeze, I know all about that. 1500 seems just shy of feeling "good" for Eldar, ya know? If I were a betting man I'd bet you intend to stick Maugan on this squad to ameliorate the low #'s. I should've read your whole post . I think that's a decent plan. His leadership will boost help with the low #'s. Also, he'll be an incredibly nasty surprise for the unit that assaults him >

Reapers #2) Dunno about the EML and Fast Shot setup, I assume this is to add some more anti-armor/horde capability to your army. I'd read the tactica since Shakey has a few good things to say about setups. Otherwise looks pretty good on #'2 numbers wise, and at least the AP matches.

The had part for you may very well be simply staying alive. A whole army (mostly on foot) of T3 with only 2 Vehicles is fragile as heck, regardless of the save on those Exarchs and Dark Reapers. I'd try to get the Reapers as far away from the action as possible and let them rain death on the opposing army while the Dragons and the Fire Prism bust tanks. The Banshees could be a nice distracting unit if supported adequately by the Avengers...

Honestly, I hope you're not too heartset on an overly competitive list at this level that is centered around so many Reaper. It looks like it will be very hard to use effectively...

In parting: good luck and have fun regardless :funny:...
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Default Re: Maugan Ra Aspect army - 1500pts

Dire Avengers: As We-Tain said you are much better off having 2 ten man squads. You'll save points this way and the units become more durable. What was also mentioned is this unit does alot better in a Wave serpent.

You might consider changing the setups of one of the ten man squads to the "Tarpit" style (9 DA's + 1DA Exarch w/ Power Weapon, Shimmer Sheild and Defend) since you won't be mounting them in Serpents. Meet Enemy assualters with this unit then counter charge with your Howling Banshees.

Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent: Drop the upgrades off the Dragons. 10x FD's is all you need. They can overkill a tank yes but the advantage of a 10 man group is killing those classic "tough as nails" infantry units as well.

Take the points you saved and upgrade that Wave Serpent!!! Spirit Stones are a must have on our skimmers, especially our transports! Otherwise you can easily be stopped dead in your tracks by one puny glance, which stops your Dragons from being where you need them to be. I'd also recommend vectored engies, but thats more of a personal preference. I always move my dragons flat out first turn and this upgrade saves you from glances destroying your vheicle that moved all out which in your case means bye bye brightlance and your dragons are now stuck out in the open.

Fire Prism: I personally only use this unit in 2's to gain the ability to drop an ap3 large blast. Even with just one though this is still a solid unit. I'd drop the Cannon upgrade, if you are playing this unit correctly you are taking full advantage of it's massive range therefore rendering that upgrade useless. Another thing that there massive range provides them is if used properly this tank won't be taking return fire. With that said, contrary to We-Tain's advice I would not give this unit holo fields.

To me Holo fields are only really needed on Transports. A gun ship tank needs to fire to be useful so wether or not it gets stunned all game or stunned for turns 1 and 2 then destroyed on turn 3 doesn't really make a difference. The thing that's going to keep this unit alive and make this unit make its points back is you maintainging its long range advantage.

Reapers: If I were you I'd make a full sized squad, 4x Reapers, Exarch setup they way you like, and Maung Ra. Now take the points you saved and try to throw together a Farseer. I know that means buying another model however a Farseer is a fantastic HQ and a great addition to any Eldar list. Depending on the amount of points you have to upgrade him you can maybe Purchase guide for your Reaper/Maugan ra unit to up their killing power, or even doom for your bladestorming DA's and your Howling Banshees when they enemy gets up close. The farseer will take a solid list and just make it perform much much better.

Hope that helped and welcome to Eldar!
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Default Re: Maugan Ra Aspect army - 1500pts

You really haven't around for awhile, have you?

In 5th Edition, there's a strong emphasis on tanks (since new transports went down in cost 20-15 points), and Glancing hits no longer have the ability to wreck a vehicle; you have to Glance it to death now (e.g. take off all the weapons, immobilize it, and then get a weapon destroyed or immobilized result again to effectively wreck it). We call it "mechanized". So most of your opponents forces are either going to have devious ways of being in your face very, very quickly, or they will be mounted in tanks. One of the strongest reasons is because everyone now has the old Fleet rules (including walkers and Monstrous Creatures). The only difference is that those with Fleet can actually assault after that. So light vehicles got cheaper as did a few other things to compensate. Eldar are kinda in the middle ground, Tau are hurting, Witch Hunter troops are good enough to get through it, and everyone else (including Tyranids) got faster.

Mobility is the name of the game now and I see a lot of foot-sloggers. No longer do we sit back and unleash firepower or send out the toughest troops to walk through the hailstones. Terminators almost never teleport now; they go in Land Raiders (in now 1 of 3 different variants). That's why we're suggesting more Wave Serpents. You'll be strongly out-classed if you take a bunch of infantry; especially infantry as brittle as Eldar.
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