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2000 pt balanced list
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Default 2000 pt balanced list

The main armies i am fighting are SM/grey knights, CSM, necrons, orks, and tau so any comments on how u think it would fair against these armies would be appreciated.

HQ 220pt

Autarch W/ miandiblasters power wep and fusion blaster 100pt

FarseerW/ Doom Guide and Spirit stones 120pt

Elites 725pt

10x Banshees 1 exarch w/ executioner 182pt
in Wave serpent w/ EML 120pt

10x striking scorpions 1 exarch w/ claw and shadowstrike 207pt

6x firedragons 96pt
in Wave serpent w/ EML 120pt

Troops 509pt

10x Dire Avengers 1 exarch W/power wep and Defend 147pt
in Wave serpent w/ EML 120pt

10x Dire Avengers 1 exarch W/ twin catapults and blade storm 137pt

10x Guardians W/ star cannon 105pt

Heavy 487pt

Wrathlord W/ sword and EML 120pt

Fire Prism W/ halo fields 140pt

5 Dark Reapers 1 Exarch w/ Tempest Launcher and fast shot 227pt

Total 1941pt
I still have some pts left over any suggestions?
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