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Jump from 1500 points to 2000 points (Yriel please advice)
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Default Jump from 1500 points to 2000 points (Yriel please advice)


Doom, Jetbike, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Mindwar

Warlocks (3)
3 Singing Spears, Embolden


Harlequins (6)
6 HL Kiss, Shadowseer

Howling Banshees (10)
Wave Serpent-TL Shuriken Cannon, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones


Guardian Squad (10)
Scatter Laser

Jetbike Squadron (3)
Shuriken Cannon

Jetbike Squadron (3)
Shuriken Cannon

Fast Attack

Dual Shuriken Cannons

Swooping Hawks (5)
Exarch, Intercept

Heavy Support

Falcon (Clown Car)
Holofield, Spirit Stones, Shuriken Cannon, Vectored Engines

Falcon (Seer Wagon)
Holofield, Spirit Stones, Star Cannon
So this was my 1500 point list.

I need a versatile/competitive 2000 point list, that still plays in the same way. (blitz army based on mobility and short ranged firepower with some assault).

So, my unused models so far are:

2 falcons
2 dual shuriken cannon vypers
5 jetbikes (1 with shuriken cannon)
10 dire avengers
1 bikeseer
1 biketarch
1 Avatar
5 dark reapers
lots of guardians
3 wraithlords

What to get for the 500 extra points?
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Default Re: Jump from 1500 points to 2000 points (Yriel please advice)

Well, I'm no Yriel, but I've got some opinions :P In point form, as usual.

1) I'd suggest you throw in that Biketarch (I really hope it's got a lance...), for a few reasons. If you give the Hawks Skyleap you can rubber-band them with more ease, and he can support the Banshees or Harlies on their charges.

2) I'd say you could use a hit more of a firebase, and some protection for it. Consider adding some more Guardians, giving them a Spiritseer and supporting them with a Wraithlord.

3) If you don't have a spare Warlock for the above suggestion, you could fill out a few more Troops slots with jetbike squads and maybe add the vypers in to escort your HQs.

4) If all else fails, there's always the option of running 6 Bladestorming Avengers in that leftover Falcon. You could give the Falcon an EML for extra tank-busting power and you've got a unit that can tackle anything.

5) I wouldn't recommend using the Reapers... they just don't seem fast enough to work well with the other units.

And that's it. I personally like points 1 and 2, but that's coming from a guy who hasn't even played a single game with Eldar yet :P Hope I helped
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