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1500 mostly speed army
Old 01 Sep 2007, 04:37   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1500 mostly speed army

my mates keep telling me to take more gaurdians, so i have tried it and unfotunately they work (i hate guardians)

Autarch on jetbike with mandis, laser lance and fusion gun.

Used more as a support unit, just to fly in and add that small punch in combats where units are struggling. also works great against tanks towards the back after a turbo boost. Bit expensive, am thinking about a seer instead.

5 Banshees with exarch with executioner.
Like autarch as a counter assault/support assualt unit.

6 Fire Dragons
"Snakes on a plane"

10 Guardians with Scatter laser
Good range with lots of shots, opponent either detsroys them or they damage light vehicle and some troops (and they might hit with four shots from the scatter laser)

10 Guardians with Scatterlaser
See above

9 Dire Avengers With exarch with bladestorm, defend, diresword and pistol
Fire heaps then take a charge, dire sword and pistol for extra attack, more likely to wound.
Wave serpent with vectored engines, tl shuriken cannons, shuriken cannon and spirit stones.
Lots of shots and cheap

9 Avengers with exarch with blade sotrm and twin catapults.
Guardians as first attack wave, mop up enemy survivors

Fast attack

Vyper with bright lance
fast tank buster

Seperate units

Vyper with bright lance
fast tank buster

Heavy support

2 Falcons with scatterlaser, holo-field and spirit stones.
190 each
Taxi services for banshees and dragons, plus nice shootiness.

Comments: I don't like the twin cannon idea for falcons (too lazy to convert) but autarch is real concern. I'm a teen without much money so i can't get my hands on another serpent. i dont want many static units, otherwise my reapers would be there in an instant. Comments and reasons behind would be great. I'm mostly against marines but i think this list is an all comers list.
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Old 01 Sep 2007, 19:47   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1500 mostly speed army

I think a lot of it looks good, but here are a couple thoughts:

-Try using EMLs on the Vypers instead of lances. Two Falcons, a dragon squad and the Autarch should be enough anti-tank, and you've got plenty of scatter lasers already. EMLs are cheaper, can still go for tanks, but you have the added option of firing plasma missiles. You could try going for more scatters, but 6 scatters will probably get a little boring.

-I know you probably don't want to buy more stuff, but consider that for 5 more points, you could replace the Autarch with an Avatar, who would make all your foot squads fearless and take some heat off your skimmers, not to mention being one scary mofo who can do his fair share of damage. Alternately, you can get a cheaper HQ in a Doom+Guide Farseer, who adds some good offensive support.

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Old 02 Sep 2007, 01:24   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1500 mostly speed army

I love the avatar, and the fearless idea would help quite a bit, buty put a doom seer with my avengers and bladeastorm and assault is slightly scarier
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Old 02 Sep 2007, 01:24   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1500 mostly speed army

but i do like the eml idea quite a bit
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