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i need a cheap boost to my army.
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Default i need a cheap boost to my army.

at the moment i have:

1 farseer

5 fire dragons

5 dire avengers + exarch

20 guardians + warlock
star cannon or shuriken cannon


2 dark repears + exarch
shuriken cannon

1 falcon
scatter laser
heayol! what the title says!
I need a cheep unit (US preferably 20 dollars or less), that can boost my army.
I play against marines, chao, tau, and IG.
any ideas?

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Default Re: i need a cheap boost to my army.

Bitz order a Dire Avenger Sprue to boost the squad to ten. That would help a LOT against IG, or order two more Reapers to max out the squad and to help wipe out those pesky Devastators, Havocs, or Battlesuits. Both options should cost under twenty bucks, or for a bit more you could do both.
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Default Re: i need a cheap boost to my army.

i'm in the same boat as you bro... i would suggest splitting yer guardians into 2 squads of 10, adding an extra warlock for the second squad, and bitz ordering a weapon platform for it. that's gotta be under 20 bucks... and definitely helps having that extra scat-las (or whatever heavy weapon you prefer - I just like scat-lasers because they are close to the same target choicing as the shuriken catapults). The ability to move 2 squads of 10 separately, pick your targets separately, and get locked up in melee (ugh) separately is far better than 20 guys trying to move as one. Besides that, the extra warlock can be made into a cheap anti-tank if he has a spear, and/or he can be given 'destructor' and turned into a dirt cheap infantry killer. just a weapon platform and a warlock could get you many more options.
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Default Re: i need a cheap boost to my army.

Another option is adding a unit of Warp Spiders. They perform well against all of your listed opponents. The new box set is harsh at $30 but if you can find older blister packs or maybe ebay, you can get them a bit cheaper.
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