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Posting Guidelines: Eldar Army lists board:


Posting units and upgrades. (MANDATORY)

When posting your list, only two types of points values should be included. Unit total costs, and army total points are the only points values allowed in your list. This means that individual model costs (Exarchs, Warlocks, Spiritseers, Shadowseers, Death Jesters, Troupe Masters) must not be included in your post.

Units consisting of one model (Farseer, Autarch, Avatar, Phoenix Lord) may have their point total posted, but costs for individual psychic powers, wargear, or other upgrades should be included in this total, but NOT posted individually.


Farseer 113pts
Doom, Jetbike, Singing Spear

- Note that the cost of the psychic power and wargear is not posted individually.

For units:

5 Wraithguard 350pts
Warlock, Destructor
In Wave Serpent,
Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons, Hull Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stone, Vectored Engines

- Note that the points values for the squad leader, his wargear, and the dedicated transport are not posted individually.

List basic structure. (RECOMMENDED)

Unit choices should be separated according to their slot in your FoC (Force Organixation Chart). This makes your army list easier to read and help identify with potential problems.

This means you should separate your units according to HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support.

Also- be sure and identify what upgrades go with what unit by using spacing, and ideally one or more of the following:

Bold Type
Colored font
[size=14pt]Font size[/size]

Spacing is the critical component here, so a common style is to post the unit name in bold and space in between units:


3 Jetbikes 76pts
Shuriken Cannon

6 Dire Avengers 89pts
Exarch, Exarch Shuriken Catapult

Now I know what I need to know for this example listís troops. I can tell that two selections are included for troops, and thereís no mistaking which upgrades belong to which unit.

Miscellaneous pointers on posting lists (OPTIONAL)

The more you can tell us about your situation, the better we can help! Here are some example criteria you might include as a prelude to your list:

Your primary goals
- Friendly list (emphasis more towards cool models/units, and fluff)
- Competitive list (emphasis on unit efficiency, competitive advantage)
- Tournament list (emphasis on versatility, force composition)

Your Strategic Goals
- Balanced list (emphasis on covering a number of situations)
- Shooty list (dominate the shooting phase! Dakka dakka dakka!)
- Assaulty list (dominate the assault phase!)
- Speedy list (dominate the movement phase! Eldar wunz go fasta!)
- Specialist (emphasis on a theme, jetbike heavy, aspect heavy, etc.)

Your Experience
- Brand new to 40K
- Brand new to Eldar
- Returning to 40K/Eldar
- Experienced player (varies)

Your Assets and Liabilities
- Available models
- Available time
- Your desired points values/limitations

Your gaming environment
- Regional preferences (geographic regions have shown localized tendencies re: armor, MCís, specific armies)
- Terrain (common % terrain, area terrain, board sizes)
- Most commonly played/hated opponents

So in closing, just remember to mind the legal stuff, keep your list easy to read, and tell us about yourself. You are very fortunate to be in the company of many wise (and some friendly!) seers, and helping you enjoy your games ensures that there will be one more cool, friendly gamer out there.

My your craft be guided by the Light in the Darkness.

- Yriel
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