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Eldar Armies of Tau Online
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Default Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Welcome to the Eldar Armies of Tau online,

These are the Remnants of the once mighty Eldar Empire, or at least those who have not fallen into darkness: Craftworlds, Exodites, Pirate Fleets, Harlequins, and Rogue Enclaves.

-Rules of Engagement-
1) This thread is only for posting pages that showcase your Eldar Army. All other posts will be deleted.
2) One Post/Army - But you may include as much as will fit into that post.
3) Reccomended Format. (This is not mandatory)
-a) Army Name
-b) A quote from one of it's characters
-c) A short background of the Army
-d) Several PICs of the army, interspersed with your fluff.
4) As always: Have Fun!

Ged of Paragon
[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Craftworld Paragon

Craftworld Paragon was one of the many that rode out the psychic shockwave of the fall, only to find itself being reeled in by the Gravity Well of the newly formed Eye of Terror. (Much like poor Altansar) Thanks to the leadership of Karrandaras the Shadow Hunter and numerous sacrifices by it's people, Paragon was able to fight it's way free of the Eye's grip, and make for open space. (Unforunately this process took centuries; this is also how Paragon came to be in Karandras' debt)
This long battle against the horrors of the Great Enemy galvanized the poeple of Paragon into a warrior culture not dissimilar to that of Biel-Tan. Like Biel-Tan, Paragon has both a Seer Council and a Court of the Young King, unlike Biel-Tan the line between Seer and Warrior is blurred, and the saftey of those citizens not on the path of the warrior is paramount. Paragon's Seer coucil is made up of "Battle-Seers" whe dedicate themselves to striding along-side the Aspect Warriors and augmenting their might. (Thus my long tradition of having Farseers accompany aspect warrior squads.) This Warrior-Seer class call themselves the "Wind Serpents". They traditionally ride with the aspects on a Wave Serpent or take to the air on "The Wings of Wrath"; (a winged, armored construct that emulates a jetbike), carrying Twin Shuriken Carbines. (Emulates Jetbike armament, and Pistol for CC purposes rules-wise)
Seeing as the Seer-Council and the Court have differing philisophical views on the nature of warfare, the office of Warlock Lord was created to act as a Liason between the two, and act as an overall non-political force commander. The Warlock Lord essentially replaces the Autarch in Paragon's military structure.
The most recent leader of the Wind Serpents, and my namesake, is Gedrakke Nailo. Before walking the witch path, Ged had strode the path of the artisan, the path of the Father, (Child-Care is a whole path in itself I think! ) and the Swooping hawk, Striking Scorpion, Fire Dragon, and Dire Avenger aspects of Khaine. After a short time walking the Witch path under the tutalage of the Current Warlock Lord (Sariss Solarr) he temporarily assumed that post when Sariss was greviously wounded in battle. During a great battle against the forces of the Emperor's Childern, Ged's Wings of Wrath were damaged, farcing him to the ground among a snarling horde of daemonettes. Such was his fury that it attracted the attention of the Avatar of Khaine, who granted him new wings of flesh, blood, and fury; infused with the War God's might, his Witchblade gained the ability to hurl great arcs of lightning at his foes. (Represents the same upgrades as an Eldar Jetbike rules wise, and I also use either Eldrich Storm or Mind War for this Character) A certain measure of the War God's ancient wisdom came with these gifts, and he soon became leader of Paragon's Wind Serpents. (I figure if the Chaos Gods can grant gifts, so can Kaela Mensha Khaine... )
Paragon's current intersts include a loose alliance with a Tau Expeditionary Force, constant Skirmishing with the Slanneshi forces of (my Wife's) House Bellemuerte, and the scouring of any alien presence from the Eldar Maiden Worlds. (Again llike the forces of the Swordwind, the people of Paragon see the Maiden Worlds as the future).

The Ascension of Soyokaze Solarr:
Silence was Soyokaze’s only companion as he approached the sealed chamber that contained Paragon’s Avatar. The great doorway stood cold and ominous in the soft twilight that cast a grey pall of light and shadow over the towering wraithbone statues depicting the many aspects of Khaine. Each statue stood at what appeared to be the furthest branches of the great tree that is Paragon’s Rune. Cyan of the Dire Avengers, Talia of the Fire Dragons, Rikard of the Striking Scorpions, Venom of the Warp Spiders, Scaur of the Swooping Hawks, Argon of the Shining Spears, and Thorne of the Dark Reapers. There was currently no Exarch present repersenting the Howling banshees, as they held Soyokaze in contempt. Standing before the Khaine Gate, was Gedrakkenailo, chief Farseer of Paragon, and the leader of its council elite battle-seers, the Wind Serpents.
In the deepening shadows that fell darkest where the branches of the great tree of Paragon met it’s Trunk, stood Soyo’s uncle, Sariss Solarr. The ancient Battle-Seer had led Paragon’s War-host as it’s Warlock Lord since before Ged’s rise to power, and in fact had been the current Farseer’s mentor just as he was Soyuokaze’s. Wearing their ritual battle armor, the two Warlocks traded subtle gestures of greeting and respect. Long had Soyo served his uncle as his most trusted lieutenant.
Silently, gracefully, the Ceremony of the Warlock Lord began as each of the Exarchs in Turn came forward to express either their support, or lack thereof for the young Lord Candidate. Talia, Venom, Scaur and Thorne all made gestures of welcome aquiesence, as they had all fought alongside Soyokaze, and they felt secure with their lives and those of their Disciples in his hands. Cjan, and Argon made gestures of reserved acquiescence. They felt that Soyo lacked proper respect for their skills, and was not ready to command their Disciples, but that he showed promise. If the Wind Serpents decided in his favor, they would follow.
Rikard of the Scorpions waited to the last to show his support. He came forward bearing the Helm and Chainsword that Soyo had borne when once he trod the path of the Striking Scorpion. As a Warlock, the young Seer had always received Rikard’s blessing before battle, donning his armor in the Shrine of the Scorpion. The Scorpion Exarch’s stance and gestures indicated nothing less than brotherhood with the young battleseer, he and his Diciples would follow Soyo unto death. In answer to this show of loyalty, Soyo took both helm and blade with a silent, but solemn oath to bear these weapons in battle, always.
The court had cast its support for the Young Seer, all that remained was to hear the council of the Wind Serpents. Sariss slowly circled his nephew, moving in slow dance-like steps. He used his movements and the shifting runestones that orbitied his Midnight-Blue form to recount his protégé’s accomplishments; both in battle, and in the more sublte aspects of the Witch path. Finally the aged Warlock Lord stopped behind his nephew, allowing his form to be eclipsed by the younger Seer to the eyes of the Council, showing his readiness to step down and allow the next generation to lead. It was now time to hear from the Council of Seers.
Ged stepped from the highest stair leading from the Avatar’s Chamber, gliding slowly over the two kinsmen on his pearlescent wings to stand upon the center of the great Craftworld Rune that made up the trunk of paragon’s graven emblem. No less than one hundred runestones burst away from his robes, each glittering like a tiny shooting star as they swirled about his Khaine-touched form. The signs of Scorpion, Seer, and Autarch rose ascendant, as the sign of the Dire Avenger fell. The Scorpion Seer would ascend to replace the Seer of Asuryan.
A rumbling came from the Avatar’s chamber as the rune-light grew in intensity, and with a gesture, Ged halted the ceremony. He whispered, “The great enemy has touched the virgin flesh of Lileath. Her body must be cleansed and her Honor made whole by the fires of Khaine. Sariss and Soyokaze will journey together as kinsmen of Eldanesh under Isha’s watchful eye to bring her daughter back into the fold…”
He turned to the assembled Court, “Make ready the engines of Vaul, and recall your Disciples. Perform the Rites of War as proscribed by the Asur, and make haste to Cjansyn. This Maiden Crucible will grant Soyokaze the insight of Saim; then he will be ready to guide the Host as our new Warlock Lord.” With this pronouncement, the assembled leaders of Paragon moved swiftly to their shrines. Their new leader would be forged in the cruicible of battle, and quenched in the blood of their enemies.

-A 1500 Point Craftworld Paragon Warhost led by Warlock Lord Soyokaze Solarr, and Ard-Exarch Kuron-Togath (Wyvern).
See the Army List - Here!

-Paragon's Leaders (from left to right): Ard-Exarch Kurom-Togath (Special Operations and Intel), Farseer Geddrakkenailo of Paragon (Commander in Chief), The Avatar of Khaine (War Incarnate), Karrandras the Shadow Hunter (Savior of Paragon), Soyokaze Solarr (Warlock Lord)

Wyvern: The Tale of the fallen Autarch:
Arith-Drith had just finished his report to the assembled leaders of Strike Force Novis Dyann. The Warock Lord, his apprentice, the Pathfinder, and the assembled Ard-Exarchs shared their thoughts and experience through mental gestalt. Runestones glided in complex arts before Sariss, depicting the shape of events surrounding the Eldar forces deployed across the surface of Cjansyn.
With the enemy no longer being unknown, the shrouds of the future parted to show many possible paths. Allowing his mind to briefly touch the ghostly tendrils of fate, the Warlock Lord sought the best path to victory.
One path showed a road to victory that would force the forces of the Mon-Keigh from the surface of Cjansyn with minimal losses to the Eldar, but it required the success of an almost impossible mission. A Vortex Bomb, essentially a supercharged warp core that could rip a hole in reality and suck in whole armies, would need to be planted in the heart of the enemy’s beach head. Immediately he felt Arith-Drith’s desire to take this mission and avenge his fallen friend, Tokath-Feon. There seemed to be plenty of support for the pathfinder’s plan, but Sariss already had someone else in mind.
Sensing his intent, an exarch of the Fire Dragons stepped forward from the shadows. Kurom-Togath, or more simply Wyvern, was… unique. The aspect armor that was Wyvern bore the marks of both the Fire Dragon and Striking Scorpion aspect Shrines; and was exchanged between the two shrines each time the life of it’s current incarnate was lost. Legend had it that in the desperate times just after the fall, and before the creation of the Wind Serpents, an Eldar Autarch who had tread both the paths of the Dragon and the Scorpion found herself lost , the sole survivor of her strike force, within a great bastion of Chaos. Drawing on the skills of both aspects she was able to not only survive, but to destroy the entire fortress.
The experience had an unexpected effect on the Autarch however, and she found herself lost to both aspects at once! The fusion was both beautiful and deadly. Wyvern had since been the Craftworld’s Black Ops expert; reborn again and again. Even when presumed lost, her armor would mysteriously manifest itself in one of it’s parent shrines; hungry for it’s next wearer…
The Warlock Lord bid her to choose a small team of warriors to accompany her. By the time she had returned, he would have appropriated the Vortex bomb. He then turned to Arith-Drith, “You and your Pathfinders will follow Wyvern’s cadre, but will be as a shadow. Observing all, but performing no other function. No matter the outcome, you must return to me to report it.”
A slight inclination of the ancient Seer’s head indicated the dismissal of all assembled. The future of the Cjansyn campaign was now in Wyvern’s capable hands…

-The Wind Serpents of Paragon - The craftworld's Seer Council riding the Wings of Wrath.

-The Court of the Young King. (Note that Pathfinders are considered Aspect Warriors - The aspect of the Silent Kill...)

[img width=650 height=487]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b6/GedofParagon/WitchHunters/S5000001-1.jpg[/img]
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Craftworld Hni-Benn
[size=7pt]The favoured of Khaine.[/size]

Long ago before the fall a great war of the gods split the sky asunder. Khaine, the eldar god of war, fought Vaul the smith god. The eldar, intent on watching the celestial war, to see how it would end. But the two ancient eldar systems began to side with the gods themselves. The first was the Puratar System, regarding Khaine as impulsive and too angered, chose the smith god as their sole patron. The other was a almost pure warrior culture of the system of Hni-Benn. They looked upon Khaine with awe and respect, it was no surprise that they chose him above other gods. Other eldar began to see the tension between these two and sent emissaries and ambassadors to try to stop the fighting before it began. But it was too late. The Hni had already donned their armour and the Puratains were dug in their homeland. Both sent back the emmisaries, sent their own to convince other systems to join their side. Unfortunately, a large number of systems had joined both sides and were readying themselves for war. As the great battle ensued in the heavens, a great battle unfolded in hell as eldar fought eldar in a war not seen in the galaxy for millennia. All the craftworlds not involved cried to the heavens but no one answered them. Eventually as Khaine had beat back Vaul and crippled him, the Hni won the war. Every Puratan was dead and their spirit stones engraved onto the new found construction of the Hni-Benn craftworld. After the fall they escaped with their sanity but after the Slaanesh defeated Khaine and rent him into fragments, and after they landed on every imaginable place, Khaine sent a message to the farseers of the craftworld, that he would come back if they could join all the pieces of him together. And with that, now they hunt, looking to bring back their god. And if they have to fight brethren to get them, then so be it! The Hni care not.

"Our brethren have forsaken Khaine, let the battle horns sound as we purge them from life." -Autarch Honzik Dolezalek during the purging of the Puratar System.

For more fluff click here

For a army list click here

I'll make some fluff for the leaders later.

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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

[size=14pt]Belac Tannedi - "The Way of the Ghost Colors"[/size]

Belac Tannedi is not an army of a remnant craftworld nor a maiden world, but rather a elite troupe of Harlequins that perform for the remnant Craftworlds and launch assaults from the webway wherever their assistance is needed. The Belac Tannedi can be recognized by the colors Red, White, and Green - the colors of the three Eldar Moons from legend and aspects of the Eldar language. Their assaults are quick as they strike from the webway, accompanied with displays of holo-images, mysterious vapours, displays of lights and acrobatics, and their accompanying wraithbone constructs towering over the battlefield. The skill required to both entertain and fight effectively is difficult to attain, even by Eldar standards, and consequently only the most elite warriors are recruited from the Craftworlds to fight as Belac Tannedi, so there have been a large number of recruits from the Aspect Warriors of Biel-Tan, and connections between the Craftworld and the Belac Tannedi are stronger than any of the other Craftworlds.

Belac Tannedi consists of three seperate Corps of warriors that represent the three colors of the Eldar Moons and the three paths of the Belac Tannedi:
Belac Arithdris - "The Way of the Red Shadow"
Belar Orkantainn - "The Route of the Green Spirit"
Belah Addan-carrec - "The Path of White Souls"

"To be Belac Tannedi is not to acquire strength. To be Belac Tannedi is not to acquire speed. To be Belac Tannedi is not to acquire skill. To be Belac Tannedi is to be all those things. To be Belac Tannedi is the ultimate path, to recognize what we are: the best." - Dorch-Edi Farseer and leader of the Belac Tannedi

The Harlequins of Belac Tannedi

The Technicians of Belac Tannedi

The Swooping Hawks - The Aerial Acrobatic Specialists

The Spectacle, Magician, and Pyrotechnician

[b][i]Belac Tannedi

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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

[size=12pt]Kian-Dalthash[/size] - lit. the flame between worlds.

"We must leave this galaxy for the mon-keigh is too many for our few to destroy. We must flee, a new empire awaits!" - the grand seer of Kian-Dalthash

Kian-Dalthash was founded soon before the fall by the grand seer, having been founded so soon before the fall much of its population was killed. The craftworld's bonesingers soon made wraith constructs that the dead might live on. Though a small craftworld Kian-Dalthash's decline is slower than many craftworld's. The bonesingers of Kian-Dalthash are experts in making wraithconstructs and they are in constant use, the eldar of Kian-Dalthash believe it the ultimate honour to die and be entombed in a wraith construct. They believe the dead will guide them and armies are occasionally led into war by specialised wraith constructs with advanced psycho-sensor arrays allowing the deceased Autarch to react almost as quickly as in life.

Many seers prefer to, instead of crystallising, force their consciousness into spirit stones so they may live on as a wraith-construct. Before the Grand Seer died he flooded his spirit into one stone. He leads his craftworld still for without him his first grand vision might come true.

The first grand vision is a time without the grand seer's constant guidance, a time alike to the fall, his people killing, dieing and falling prey to excess, a time when half the craftworld was overrun by mon-keigh. A time of death. So he must live on to lead guide his people to safety, away from the mon-keigh.

In the second grand vision the grand seer was one with the void and it was one with him, he could see his own galaxy, consumed by mon-keigh. But from it a small flame could be seen escaping from the chaos towards another galaxy. The coordinates of a planet flashed through the seer's mind where they stayed. As the seer came closer he could see an eldar at the helm of the craftworld, a young man with a stone embedded in his forhead and his wrists, behind him stood a tower of wraithbone engraved with symbols of the seer's great deeds and from which poured forth his consciousness. Then the seer was pulled through the centuries to a planet, with towering wraithbone archways and art with an unfamiliar sky and it was peacefull, and knowledge flowed into him that here there was no need for a path, Slaanesh could not reach it but excess had been avoided, a perfect place. And in a square there stood the wraith-tower, now dormant, the seer at peace. That is why the seer stay on and leads us onwards with the psychic flame generated by thousands of eldar on the path of the burner. To protect the craftworld from the warp even in its own realm.

Then the third vision came and the seer saw a birth, but this eldar was different, he was born with a birthmark in the shape of the rune for Asuryan on his back and stones in his forehead and wrists, he was the baby of the man who would lead the craftworld to this new galaxy, only with him at the craftworld's helm will they get to the world in time. That is why the craftworld waits for the boy, without him there can be no rest.


The Current Warhost (1000pts)

The armies of Kian-Dalthash field large numbers of aspect warriors and wraith constructs. However psykers are rarely fielded as they are needed to preserve the psychic flame. The craftworld's armies tend be highly mechanised with only a few units without transports.

My Dire Avenger Squad

My Alternative Exarch

There are many dire avengers onboard Kian-Dalthash. And they are becoming more and more popular, so popular that there are not enough ancient suits of armour to fit everyone, as a result many suits of guardian armour have had to be upgraded by having the wraithbone stiffened and many enchantments layered upon it. These measures compensate for the weaker armour. Mnay shuriken catapults have also had to be upgraded to avenger catapults through a similar process of multiple enchantments and honing of the barrel, these can, as well, compensate for the weapon's innacuracies at longer range but is too long a process to be used on every shuriken catapult.

The Guardian Squad

Guardian squads are, unusually, very rare in this craftworld's armies and when they are seen tend to operate in small ten man squads with an eldar missile launcher in the squad (depicted above) without warlocks. They also rarely have storm guardians and when they are seen the are always a mere ten men.


Wave Serpent

The armies of Kian-Dalthash have a large number of antigrav vehicles traditionally equiped as above. Falcons are either used as heavy transports or target light enemy vehicles before targetting their heavy infantry. Wave Serpents are traditionally equipped with two eldar missile launchers to provide flexible supporting fire for their squad, falcons operating as transports operate in a similar way. Alternatively transports may simply be used as a ruse to shock the enemy into shooting at it leaving the rest of the army unscathed.

War Walkers

War Walkers are traditionally armed with a missile launcher and shuriken cannon and operate in squads of two or three as fire support units, supporting the rest of the eldar advance. There is always a squadron leader in a war walker squadron and at least one other walker. The squadron leader's entire armour is white, he wears a helmet and his cockpit has squadron insignia on the front.

Swooping Hawks

Swooping Hawks have become more common as a result of Autarch Mearfaolchu's newfound fame. The shrines of the craftworld tend to have cloudy, ashy or dusty aspects to their name and colours. These Swooping Hawks are of theshrine of the darkened sky, the shrine at which Autarch Mearfaolchu served for many a year. They are identifiable as such from their light blue shoulder pads and feathers.

The Autarch Mearfaolchu

Recently Autarch Mearfaolchu and Farseer Ifaras have been sent to the summit of Golgotha to help decide the fate of the world, it is assumed that Autarch Mearfaolchu will lead the forces of Kian-Dalthash to great victory on the plains of Golgotha. Autarch Mearfaolchu served for many years a swooping hawk and still carries his battle-name and a lot of his equipment. The autarch has many times learned the need for rapid deployment of reserves and has a keen understanding of logistics. He only recently changed to the path of command, in battle he fights along side his former brothers and exarch to fall from the sky amidst the foe. Some say he succumbed to the warrior path but pulled himself out of it before he destroyed himself. If so he offers a hope to all eldar on the warrior path, a hope of escape, a hope of perfection but still changing path rather than having to cast it aside unfinished to save their own life.


Kian-Dalthash sample 1000 points Warhost


Autarch with swooping hawk wings, madiblasters, lasblaster and power weapon. 111 pts


10 guardians with eml. 100 pts

10 dire avengers including exarch with diresword, shuriken pistol and bladestorm. 157 pts
with Wave serpent with twin-linked eml and spirit stones. 130 pts

Fast attack

6 Swooping hawks including exarch with hawk's talon and skyleap. 163 pts

Heavy Support

3 War Walkers each with eml and shuriken cannons. 165 pts

falcon with scatter laser and holo-fields. 165 pts

total 991 pts


Experience with the warhost

My first game was an alpha level take and hold mission VS Tau. My friend was playing with a static army including a railhead, broadside, fusion blaster armed piranha, 2 crisis suits, a commander, an ethereal and three small fire warrior squads. I took the first turn and concentrated the emls on the railhead immobilising it. Then the falcon fired and destroyed straight afterwards. My Guardian’s eml hadn’t fired at the railhead and, having passed its target priority, wounded the broadside which was killed next turn.

My opponent then fired with his fire warriors and took down about three guardians. I proceeded to tank shock a fire warrior team off the board, eliminate the crisis suits and finish off the broadside. During his turn the ethereal lead a charge on the swooping hawks and the Autarch, needless to say they died in the first turn. The Commander opened fire on the falcon which survived only due to the holo-field.

This turn my dire avengers jumped out of the wave serpent, and charged the last unit of fire warriors annihilating them. I then took the objective having killed the commander with repeated eml shots.

In my second game I played three-way against chaos undivided with a squad of khorne bezerkers and noise marines; and Kroot Mercs. At first the Kroot Mercs and Slaanesh formed a temporary alliance until the khorne bezerkers were forced to charge and slew the largest kroot squad in the army. In my turn, having lost half the guardians and the wave serpent I tank shocked the kroot who stood their ground and shocked my falcon. My War Walkers fired on the chaos lord and the dire avengers at the kroot killing a measly one while the guardians removed a kroot ox as the swooping Hawks and autarch skyleaped.

Next turn my war walkers were charged and systematically destroyed in combat, the falcon was downed and the guardians were finished off yet I was still doing better than the kroot. Then by miraculous chance the dire avengers wiped out the noise marines and later the obliterator leaving only the lord and his squad. In the final turn my hawks and autarch charged the chaos lord’s squad alongside the kroot shaper council, the kroot were slain as was I. But only the chaos lord survived.

Third game I played with 1000 pts of kroot mercs against 1000 pts of ‘nids and 1000 pts of ‘crons. I was meant to deal with the ‘nids. First turn the kroot snipers are wiped out by a lictor which was only killed at length by my autarch, the dire avengers and the guardians. The Hawks were killed as was the wave serpent and war walkers all on the first turn. Then we slew the lictor and it looked like we would win until the dire avengers were annihilated as were the guardians and the kroot were left with one squad. My Autarch set off to help the kroot squad against a wraith. The kroot squad waas killed before he got there but when he did I didn’t wound the wraith at all and it killed my Autarch.


The army is quite manoeuvrable and is flexible due to the number of emls and the mixed role War walkers which are ideal against heavy infantry.

The army ahs reasonable combat power in the dire avengers and autarch. The dire avengers bladestorm then charge to finish off any survivors.


The army is a little all or nothing, if you lose the falcon or war walkers you don’t have much hope as shown in my second two games.

If you don’t get the first turn this army doesn’t really work. In both of the last two games I started second and was wiped out. Agility comes at a price.

Chromatic significance (or why I chose the colour scheme)

The entire army is dark and could from a distance at first glance be mistake for dark eldar. This is due to the prevalent colour being black.

The reason for this is the craftworld is willing to surrender this galaxy and sees the future here as very dark and uncertain. Red and white are often used as contrast colours, either to show the psychic flame or the blood that will surely flow if the eldar stay in this galaxy. Blue or dark green are often used to complement the black and add depth to the armour. The armourers of Kian-Dalthash take great pride in trying to make it seem as though their suits of armour are as deep and dark as space itself.


fhirin hasoi urge
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

[size=14pt]Zaineth-Tril[/size] lit: the broken sword.

The name of this craftworld can be loosly translated into Broken Sword, named for the the god-blade Anaris. While it was Faolchu who brought Anaris to Eldanesh, legend has it that it was this craftworld that brought the broken blade to Vaul, to be reforged into Anaris for the final battle. During the fall, Zaineth-Tril was on the borders of Eldar space, trading with a number of Exodite worlds when the fall occured. Because of this, they did not suffer as badly as craftworlds that were closer to the epicentre of the empire, and remained relatively unscathed. Zaineth-Tril is a lot smaller than most craftworlds, but has so far never been encountered by ships of the Imperium, so this cannot be verified. Oddly, the Tau seem to have met this craftworld before, which would put its position somewhere near their Empire, but this has never been verified.

The seers of this world number in the few, and only the largest of wars warrant a Farseer's presence on the battlefield, normally, an Autarch will lead their warriors to war. The reliance on Guardians that most craftworlds have is not shared by
Zaineth-Tril - rather, they look to their many Dire Avengers to take the place of Guardians, and making use of many of the aspects for their soldiers.

The craftworlds elders and seer council follow the same line of thinking as that of great Biel-Tan, that is, the reclamation of the Eldar realm by drenching the galaxy in the blood of the cruder races, and while peaceful and willing to trade with a lower race, are quick to take offence, and once angered, will not back down.

The craftworld is ruled by a Seer Council, where the greatest of their Farseers debate the strands of fate, and guide their world throught the void. They are attended by Autarchs, who advise them in matters of war, and military, and are typically seen leading the armies of Zaineth-Tril. Unusually, many of the Farseers are female, while Eldar culture places few differences between the genders, it can be noted that very few male farseers attain the rank of Seer Council, although the reasons for this are not known

Notable Characters of Zaineth-Tril

Autarch Kiardras
Long ago, Autarch Kiardras was a master craftsman, before walking the path of the warrior. He fought many campaigns as a Striking Scorpion, specialising in stealth assaults. He led an expedition to the crone worlds and found a long lost Eldar artifact, a wrist mounted weapon called the OriosaLir, or Starheart (fusion gun). Now, as an Autarch of Zaineth-Tril, he leads the armies of the craftworld to war, as their supreme Autarch. A master of both ship to ship war, and battlefield strategy, he has fought for over 800 years, mastering all aspects of war.

BattleSeer Lir-Anastari
Lir-Anastari is one of the best known Farseers of Zaineth-Tril, as she leads many armies into battle to reclaim the lost eldar empire. She is young, in Eldar terms, and were it not for her great control over her abilities, she would not be allowed to be leading the armies of Zaineth-Tril. It seems to be a mircale that she was able to attain the position of Battleseer. Were it not for time and again returning victorious, she would surely be removed from position, as she takes a great many risks, risks Zaineth-Tril cannot afford to lose. She typically carries into battle a potent witch blade called the Larstil-Lyeath, or the Sword of Despair. This artifact was fashioned by the founder of her line, many millenia ago, and is typically wielded by the eldest son of the house. Many question her carrying such a powerful weapon and breaking tradition, but since the destruction of her line by the Despoiler, leaving only Lir-Anastari, it has been left to her to wield this weapon, and represent her line in the Seer Council, whether she is ready or not.

First Completed models:

Wave Serpent of Zaineth-Tril - carries the craftworlds Striking Scorpions into battle:

Equipped with Shuriken Cannons, the Serpent is able to unleash a storm of blades into the enemy, while its safely transported cargo charges in.
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Elathiad Craftworld - The Forsaken

Quote. “It’s all Elowyn’s fault. It took her 216 years to decide which set of china to bring with her on the craft world. Because of the stupid china we were 216 years closer to the epicenter of the Cry than we should have been. Thousands of Eldar died because of that china.” - Farseer Morvyn

(Alright, so that isn't a good fluffy quote, but I think its funny)

Farseer Morvyn sat motionless, eyes closed, hands relaxed and palms up on his crossed legs. Several rune stones orbited his head. Each one glowed as it followed a precise path. Like lightning, his hand snatched a rune from its orbit and the rest clattered to the ground. “Doom” The Farseer called the rune with his fist still closed and his eyes still shut.

Slowly, his hand opened, revealing a still glowing doom rune.

The Seer acolytes looked at one another in astonishment. This was the first casting they had witnessed. Though none spoke, their singular question was apparent. How did he know?

“It’s always the doom rune.” The old Farseer knew their question. He had cast runes concerning the future of the Elathiad thousands of times in the past. Every one had been the same: doom.

“Why doom?” A young seer named Giltheon ventered.

“It is destined and inevitable. It is the result of our arrogance. During the Fall, other Craftworlds fled away from our society. We too saw the ultimate end. But in our arrogance, we thought to stop it, delay it, or, in the least, redeem every last possible spirit. Like so many of our kind we fell into decadence, our delay became itself an obsession. We found ourselves unable, unwilling to leave. When we finally tore free, it was too late. The Cry of Slannesh ripped through our Craftworld. The majority of our people were killed. Of those few who survived, many went mad with grief.
“For centuries, the sane few battled through the streets. Warp creatures and Chaos cults stalked the shadows and alleys. Eventually, though with much loss, our people prevailed. But the cost was great. We had only a tithe of the population with which we began our exodus.” The Farseer paused but betrayed no emotion. Instead he stared intently at the doom rune in his hand.

“Gradually, we rebuilt our world. We accepted refugees from other Craftworlds and Exodites. We implemented the Path to keep our own spirits in check and the Infinity Circuit to protect our dead. However, our story spread before us. The other Craftworlds regarded us with suspicion. The intense battle with Chaos had left us grim and dark. We had been the Unwilling. We had tarried amidst the evil longer than was right. We had been punished through violence, murder and storm. The few who survived became the Elathiad, the Forsaken. Those few were assumed to have been tainted by Chaos.
“Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. We hate and have always hated Chaos as much as any other of our kin. But our struggle had changed us, changed our perspectives. We could no longer tolerate the sacrifice of the Young King that Khaine demanded. So we forsook him. No more could we disturb our dead kinsfolk and call them back through blood rituals. So we disdain the Wraith constructs.
“These convictions serve as a further wedge between us and the other Craftworlds. Perhaps they are a sign of our eternal arrogance. It matters not, for we are doomed. Our people are dying. The Eldar will not repopulate the galaxy nor will we dominate it again. The best we can hope for is to stop Chaos once and for all and, possibly, allow our spirits to finally rest.” Morvyn shook his head and began to collect the fallen runestones from the floor.

“We believe that we are doomed. We will die, all of us. All Eldar. In the final battle of Rhana Dandra, even the Phoenix Lords will fall. But from our spirits Ynnead will awaken and defeat Slannesh and her allies. Thus, in this final doom we will escape eternal damnation and know true peace.”

“Ynnead? We are not even sure that Ynnead exists.” Giltheon ventured. He had always doubted the existence of the god of the Dead.

“No, we are not certain. Few things, however, are certain. But our doom is certain. And Slannesh’s existence is certain. I am certain that our spirit-kin in the Infinity Circuit are growing and we on the outside are dying. Many believe that one day, when all Eldar have passed out of this world, our spirits will merge and awaken Ynnead.”

“So you’re saying that Ynnead is only a theory?” The young seer smiled as he thought he had the upper hand. He reveled in such philosophical arguments and often engaged his fellow acolytes in them. “You’re saying that Ynnead is only a belief?”

“I’m saying,” the old Farseer said slowly and deliberately, “that Ynnead is our only hope. What else do we have? Asuryan, Vaul, Kurneos, Isha, Lileath, Morai-Heg? All dead. Khaine? Shattered, murderous, and defeated. Who does that leave? No, Ynnead is our only hope.”

“What about Cegorach-”

“Cegorach? Ha! He’s a coward. He fled to the web way instead of aiding Khaine. Together they might have defeated Slannesh, but Cegorach fled and hid while Khaine fought valiantly and was sundered utterly. Cegorach cowers still in the safety of the web way.
“As for theory, we know that Eldar consciousness can coalesce into a greater being. That is painfully true. We also know that the spirits captured in the waystones and delivered to the Infinity Circuit coalesce to some extent there. Finally, we know that the various Infinity Circuits are connected in some way as the Seer spirits seem to move around.
“Do we know for certain that one day Ynnead will awaken and defeat Slannesh? No. Of that we cannot be certain. But we can be certain that if a Ynnead does not awaken, Slannesh will certainly prevail. That is a certainty I would rather not dwell upon. So I will continue to cast runes, scry the future, and believe the Ynnead will awaken. I suggest that you chose to do the same, if not out of conviction then out of necessity.”

Craftworld Name: Elathiad, The Forsaken

History: Elathiad was one of the last Craftworlds to flee before the Fall. They tarried in a vain attempt to delay or prevent the Fall from occurring. The result of their vanity was the almost complete destruction of the Craftworld’s populace. The few survivors have become known as the Forsaken.

Culture: Elathiad is very similar to other Craftworlds. Though smaller than most, they follow the Path rigidly. They commit the spirits of the dead to the Infinity Circuit. Their Seers have never recovered from the Fall. As such, they have a relatively limited number of Farseers and Warlocks. Elathiad also disdain certain practices which are common on other Craftworlds, namely the sacrifice of the Young King and the use of wraith constructs.

Religion: Elathiad staunchly follows Ynnead. They believe that the use of wraith constructs unnecessarily puts spirits that belong to Ynnead in danger of being destroyed. They believe that they are doomed and, because of this, have little fear of physical death. They welcome the opportunity to join their kin in the Infinity Circuit and look upon the spirit’s escape into a waystone as the final act of defiance toward Slannesh.

Military: Elathiad, though few in number, utilize a fast attack force. They travel through the web way to make lightning strikes on the enemy positions before escaping back into the twilit maze. The Elathiad will often come to the aid of an Exodite world or other Craftworld. They fight valiantly, though their influence is limited by their small force. Many other Craftworlds hold them in suspicion. Because of this, their help might be welcome in time of need, but their friendship is not.

Government: The government of Elathiad, like many other Craftworlds is made up of councils from the various Paths. The High Council is made up of a representative from the Seer, Warrior, and Artisan Councils.


Army List:
3 Guardian Squads: 10 Guardians, 1 Warlock, 1 Wave Serpent
1 Ranger: 5 Rangers
1 Banshee: 1 Exarch, 4 Banshees
2 Swooping Hawks: 1 Exarch, 5 Hawks
1 Shining Spears: 1 Exarch, 4 Spears.
1 Falcon

Note: There are basically two fluff points with this list. 1) It needs to be fast so they can get back to the Warpgate as soon as possible. 2) No Spirit Stones or Wraiths.

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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

[size=18pt]Craftworld Yvien, Subsect of Ulthwe - The Lost[/size]

"Our Black Guardians are ... an impenetrable gate, a ... wall of spears, the gauntlet of our salvation. Each Guardian strenthens the grip with which the ... Eldar are pulling themselves back into power ... they will never break."
- Restayvien, Farseer of Ulthwe; spoken at the Great Hall of Seeing; addressing Black Guardians in preperation for an incursion into Imperial territory.

Farseer Restayvien is a widely feared Psyker originally from the Craftworld of Ulthwe. Supposedly second only to Eldrad in the council he now leads the Craftworld of Yvien.



Yvien was once a sect upon Ulthwe, led by the Farseer Restayvien and his Warlock council. It was a sect known for it's heavy armour and was often deployed on attacks against heavily fortified positions. Ulthwe is trapped in the vicinity of the Eye of Terror, no webway links are available to other reigons of space that are large or stable enough to accomodate an entire Craftworld. Before his death, Eldrad Ulthran (being the far-sighted individual he is) forsaw a time when even the mighty Craftworld of Ulthwe could succumb to the surging chaos tide, with Cadia no longer maintaining an effective vigil. He declared that Ulthwe should send some of it's number away, to fight Ulthwe's fate in places the Craftworld could not reach, and if the worst happens - to continue Ulthwe's legacy. [/td][/tr][/table]
But no one wanted to leave. Many argued against the decision to divide the Craftworld, saying Eldrad was going mad. Eldar Corsairs were beginning to eye Ulthwe hungrily, eager to take hold of the power offered by a leaderless Craftworld. But Restayvien stood in defense of Eldrad, and offered up his entire sect to him. Work began on a huge ship - a smaller Craftworld capable of navigating out of the damning loop that contained Ulthwe, one large enough to house a single sect - Yvien.

All Yvien Eldar take part of their Craftworld's name into their own (the higher the rank, the more of the name Yvien). Therefore, a Guardian would have 'en' at the end of his/her name, whereas Restayvien, being a Farseer, is granted the entire sect name Yvien.
Now, after many many years, Yvien is growing in power. Able to react more quickly than it's bulkier cousins they often arrive to intervene at the critical moment, when otherwise all would be lost. Utilising a devestating combination of heavy assault and fast attack units few can withstand thier wrath. Their Black Guardians are a formidable obstacle for the most ravening horde or coordinated raid.
Although far smaller and less powerful, Yvien is the only Craftworld other than Biel-Tan that is slowly gaining strength and numbers. They watch for tides in the sea of fate, interjections that make possible Ulthwe's continued survival - Yvien is Ulthwe's child, and her hope.
Ulthwe the damned, and Yvien the Lost.
Lost from Ulthwe, yet one day to return.


Yvien has also an invaluable ally in Pirate Prince Yurrath, though perhaps ally is too strong a word. The Prince's Corsairs have distracted or beaten back enemy vessels on more than one occasion, and due to a blood-pact with Restayvien, will answer Yvien in times of dire need.

[Pictures of my Xunsunh Corsair fleet soon hopefully]
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

[size=16pt]The Vaedir- Remnant of Craftworld Iyanden[/size]


The Vaedir is the remnant of Iyanden's 11th Fleet- a celebrated warhost known primarily for its tremendous speed and numerous victories. The 11th fleet made extensive use of jetbikes and speedy warrior aspects, and many of Iyanden's most infamous attacks in the Ultima Segmentum prior to the attack of Hive Fleet Kraken were the work of the 11th.

It was during the attack from the Great Devourer that most of the 11th was destroyed. Being amongst the fastest of Iyanden's fleet, the 11th was one of the very first warhosts deployed, using their speed and specialized combat forms to hold off much of the attack, buying valuable time for the rest of Iyanden to mobilize. This was, however, bought at a terrible price, as most of the 11th's most skilled and powerful combatants fell to the tooth and fang of Hive Fleet Kraken.

The restless souls of the great warriors of the 11th were eager to rejoin the greatest of Iyanden's battles. Being reborn unto the cold and impenetrable wraithguard bodies, the last living memories of the 11th were in the desperate struggle for Iyanden's survival, and it is this will that drives many of the same spirits today. The 11th was renamed the "Vaedir", or Remnant in honor of its former glory.

Farseer Sarielle of Ebonstar

" I reach through the very fangs of Kraken and emerge with the Light in the Darkness."

- Farseer Sarielle Ebonstar

Sarielle was a new warlock at the time of Kraken, and prior to this path she served as a Howling Banshee in the 11th during its prime. Still filled with the Banshee-like speed and rage, Sarielle joined another Iyanden fleet during the battle of Kraken after it seemed the 11th was destroyed. It was the endless cries and rage of the souls of her kindred in the 11th that drew her to grim necromancy, and so she took part in many of the Spiritseer rituals borne in the desperation of Iyanden's imminent peril. When the Vaedir was re-formed, Sarielle rejoined her dead kindred, standing shoulder to shoulder with the towering wraith constructs in a march of the dead during Iyanden's darkest hours.

Sarielle ascended to Farseer shortly after the attacks from Hive Fleet Kraken were repelled. The council of Iyanden were going to order the mighty 11th to rest, and deploy Sarielle with another fleet, mainly to host patrols of the now desolate areas of the once largest of craftworlds. Instead the Vaedir refused to stand down, and so the helm of this once mighty fleet was bestowed upon Sarielle.

Among her contemporaries, Sarielle is considered brash and impetuous, and is often criticized for exposing the Vaedir to unnecessary peril. Still- she is one of the most successful military commanders of Iyanden since the devstation, marching her faithful ghost-kin to countless victories in the name of the Light in the Darkness. Sarielle's victories have drawn many living back to the Vaedir, and she is even rumored to have fought side by side with the scion Yriel, who has on rare occasions accompanied the Vaedir on critical spearhead attacks. Of late the Vaedir has been joined by a Harlequin Troupe, who also have their own, unknown reasons for fighting alongside the dead. With her new, powerful allies, Sarielle is seen as a beacon of hope regarding the restoration of mighty Iyanden.

Though it is now that Sarielle is realizing that she does not have much time left to lead the Vaedir. She can hear the call of the Dome of Crystal Seers, and it will not be long before she joins the ranks of those whom she inherited the Vaedir from. This has caused some struggle within the very ranks of the Vaedir itself, as Sarielle has not yet chosen a successor.

The Vaedir Today

The Vaedir is gathering much steam of late. The attention of Yriel and the Harlequins has drawn many living to join the ranks of the Vaedir, and some believe the army is starting to look like the 11th of old. Jetbikes and Aspects have returned as a mainstay of the Vaedir, though the army is still centered around its wraithguard corps. Perhaps the next leader to take the helm of the Vaedir will be riding a jetbike, much like the legendary 11th fleet of Iyanden's prime.

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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Craftworld Im'Bolc

More photos available in the Showcase

I don't have much in the way of fluff though. They live near the webway, have few aspect shrines on the craftworld, and refuse to rely on artisians in war, so they rely on advance rangers and the harlequins, along with their pilots, to defend the craftworld.
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