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Eldar Armies of Tau Online
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

[size=10pt][size=10pt]The Larrasurath - Warhost of Craftworld Ulthwé [/size][/size]

"Only the youngest of Eldrad's protégés, Q'sandria, believes that the Farseer can survive the unending struggle within the heart of the chaos fleet. For how can a single soul be strong enough to escape the predations of the Warp?"

in Codex: Eldar, Games Workshop, 2006.

For centuries, Q'sandria tried to persuade the Seer Council to embrace his quest and retrieve Eldrad's spirit, lost for the pshycic matrix of the Blackstone Fortress.

When the Council finally agreed with his appeal he raise a warhost among the Black Guardians and the Aspect Warriors of his Craftworld. The mighty ghosts where summoned and the serves of the Laughing God joined the host. The Nighwings and Vampire Hunter of the Woris Baruth support the ground forces.

The Warhost embarqued in the 3rd Ulthwé Fleet, commanded by Farseer Q'sandria in the Void Stalker "Sword of Vaul" battleship.

The Larrasurath
is the Eldar word for questing warrior. The quest for the lost spirit of Eldrad Ulthran, the mighty Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwé, The Damned.

Pics soon!
The Larrasurath sample Army list

1700 pts

Q'sandria, Farseer of the Damned @ 83 Pts
Singing Spear

6 Fire Dragons (Elites) @ 96 Pts

8 Striking Scorpions (Elites) @ 180 Pts
Scorpion Chainsword; Scorpion's Claw
Shadowstrike [20]
Stalker [5]

8 Harlequin Troupe (Elites) @ 198 Pts
6 Harlequin's Kiss

10 Dire Avengers (Troops) @ 262 Pts
2 Avenger Shuriken Catapults
Bladestorm [15]
Wave Serpent @ [110] Pts
Linked Shuriken Cannon
Spirit Stones [

10 Guardian Defender Squad (Troops) @ 95 Pts
Scatter Laser

10 Guardian Defender Squad (Troops) @ 95 Pts
Scatter Laser

10 Guardian Defender Squad (Troops) @ 95 Pts
Scatter Laser

1 Vyper (Fast Attack) @ 60 Pts
Shuriken Cannon Upgrade; Shuriken Cannon

1 Vyper (Fast Attack) @ 60 Pts
Shuriken Cannon Upgrade; Shuriken Cannon

1 Falcon (Heavy Support) @ 165 Pts
Shuriken Cannon
Spirit Stones

1 Wraithlord (Heavy Support) @ 155 Pts
Flamer (x2); Bright Lance (x1); Missile Launcher (x1)

1 Wraithlord (Heavy Support) @ 155 Pts
Flamer (x2); Bright Lance (x1); Missile Launcher (x1)

Models in Army: 72


1800 pts

"Oh stranger tell the Lacedaemonians, that we lie here,obedient to their laws"
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

[size=20pt]Craftworld Soryu, The Blue Dragon [/size]

"The Soryu Clan will be avenged, you can be sure of that."
-Prince Fuyutsuki Soryu on the Night of Dieing Dragons.

Much of the history of the Soryu Craftworld has slipped into legand due it's cataclysmic birth, however what fallows is what is known.

The Craftworld was constructed on the orders of a Seer and warrior named Myamoto Soryu near the presant day Eye of Terror. Myamoto had seen the dangers of the depravity his fellow Eldar where inflicting upon themselves and had attempted to forstall the eventual Fall, but his words fell on ears that would not listen. And so with a group of 12,000 followers that included his descendent's he left the bulk of Eldar society to it's fate.

He and his followers barely finished construction of the Craftworld before the apocalyptic event of the Fall began. The Craftworld had not been able to reach safety before the psychic backlash of the Fall began to suck it into the newly created Eye of Terror. The new born Craftworld was beset by Daemons created from the Eldar's own sick ambitions. The Eldar inside the Craftworld fought tooth and nail for every soul, but the effort was futile. The tide of Daemons was endless and the Eldar where slowly being drowned in a sea of dark perversion.

Desperate to save his people and his craftworld Myamoto performed an act of extream sacrifice. He waded out into the tide of daemons and slew hundreds before reaching the Daemonic commander of the tide that was assailing his craftworld. He challenged the great daemon to single combat with one condishion. looser would posses the victor. The Daemonic commander agreed and the two fought.

The two opponents fought for a day and a night. Nither able to gain the advantage over the other. Then with a stroke of his blade Myamoto beheaded the Great Daemon. The spirit of the Great daemon raged at it's defeat and possessed Myamoto. Before Myamoto lost all sanity he reached for his sword and killed himself, locking the Daemon inside the sword.

As the death screams of the Daemonic commander reverberated through the Craftworld the tide of Daemons attacking the craftworld found their hold on reality weakened and the warp storm loosened it's hold on the Craftworld. Taking advantage of the laps in the assault, the craftworld escaped into the Webway.

In honor of his sacrifice the craftworld was named Soryu after Myamoto. The site of Myamoto's battle with the Daemon and his burial place are considered holy sites by the Eldar of Soryu. The sword that Myamoto used to slay the daemon, and still has the daemons spirit sealed inside was preserved by the Soryu clan and many legands surround the mysterious blade. The Sword is believed to be in the possession of the disfranchised leader of the clan, Prince Fuyutsuki Soryu.

Craftworld Socity Structure
The Soryu Craftworld has a feudal structure. It is divided into districts with each district controlled by a clan. There are a total of 12 districts and 12 clans created from the original 12,000 followers of Myamoto. Aspect temples are scattered around the districts and some clans have a special association with some aspect temples. Each clan has a ruling family and passes leadership down through hereditary lines.   

This unique structure means that the Soryu Craftworld is anything but united as the clans fight for control over districts and Aspect temples. It is considered a great taboo for an Eldar to spill another’s blood so the clans normally engage in economic warfare, but outright battles have happened.

The Ruling clan of the Craftworld has always been the Soryu clan, descendents of Myamoto Soryu. Their symbol, the Blue Dragon has been the symbol of the Craftworld for generations.

Of special note are the Seer temples. Each clan has a Seer Temple located near the Clan capital. The Seer temple is considered subservient to the clan that houses it and provides it with accomplished Warlocks and Farseers. The Seers of the temples swear solemn oaths to see to the best interests of the clan and protect it in as best a way as possible.

Craftworld Military Structure
Each clan maintains army’s of guardians and war vehicles. In times of open war the clans can also relay on the Aspect shrines located in their districts and the wraith constructs. Each clan maintains a shrine where wraithguard and wraithlord constructs are housed ready to receive the spirit stones of the clan’s most famous warriors. In times when the Craftworld itself has been threatened the clans have united to destroy the common enemy.

The Soryu Craftworld holds all the main beliefs of the other craftworlds with few variations. There is one mater in which the Soryu craftworld stands alone and that is the belief in Bishamonten. The cult of Bishamonten, or just Bishamon began several thousand years ago with Kenshin Soryu. Kenshin was the 48th ruler of the Soryu clan and was considered one of the greatest generals the clan has ever produced and it was whispered that he may have been a reincarnation of Myamoto Soryu.

In the era M.35 by the Mon-Keigh’s calendar the Soryu craftworld came under the attack from a massive Ork Waagh. The 12 clans united to defeat this threat to their home and elected Kenshin as general of the combined force. Knowing that the craftworld was in extreme peril, Kenshin withdrew the sword Ko-Kitsune-Maru; legendary Daemon Sword of Myamoto Soryu from it’s crypt under the Soryu clan stronghold.

It was said that Kenshin appeared as a god of war on the battlefield against the Orks. The sword Ko-Kitsune-Maru gleamed as it was bathed in Ork blood, but the Ork hoard was numberless and heedless of their losses. Kenshin was forced to retreat and conserve the strength of the craftworlds army’s.

The day after the defeat Kenshin withdrew into his war room and barred anyone from entering. It is said that he prayed there for a day and a night and wept for the Eldar that had been slain. In desperation he cried out for divine assistance. And his prayers where answered.

When Kenshin emerged from his solitude he was changed. His hair had turned a stark white and his eyes a light blue. He strode out to face the Ork army and challenged the Ork warlord to personal combat. The massive Ork Warlord came forward and laughed at the puny Eldar before him. Raising his Power Claw to kill, the Ork was struck down in lightning speed with one stroke from Kenshin. As the headless body of the Ork Warlord crashed to the ground the Eldar army became emboldened and destroyed the leaderless Ork army.

When Kenshin returned to the Craftworld he started the Cult of Bishamonten. Bishamonten is believed to be an aspect of Khain that is formed from the collective consciousness of the Eldar of craftworld Soryu and the Soryu clan in particular and is a defensive spirit that protects the Eldar of the Soryu craftworld. Bishamonten is said to appear in the form of a blue and white dragon and has the power to be embodied in ‘Living Avatars’.

The ‘Living Avatars’ of Bishamonten are Eldar born with white hair and light blue eyes, that before Kenshin never appeared in Eldar of the Soryu craftworld. The ‘Living Avatars’ are said to be destined for a life of war and blood.

Recent History
     The Night of Dieing Dragons and The Flight of Prince Fuyutsuki
500 years before the currant era the power of the Soryu clan was failing. The clan had been defeated in a long and costly war with the Orks of the Artemisia Cluster to retrieve the spirit stone of a fallen lord. Upon the return of the Soryu clan from the Artemisia war an alliance of 6 other clans engaged in an economic battle that the Soryu clan simply did not have the resources to win.

Events spiraled out of control and culminated in The Night of Dieing Dragons. The army’s of the 6 allied clans stormed the Soryu clan stronghold and slaughtered all members of the ruling family and took control of the Soryu clan district.

However, one member of the clan's ruling family survived. Prince Fuyutsuki Soryu, heir to the Soryu clan was spirited away from the slaughter with the help of the Seer temple allied to the Soryu clan. The Soryu fleet was stationed just outside the Craftworld orbit and received Prince Fuyutsuki and as many artifacts and members of the clan and Seer temple as it could before making its escape.

Since then Prince Fuyutsuki has become a Corsair prince and is slowly attempting to rebuild the strength of the lost Soryu clan so he may regain his and his clans place amongst the Soryu Craftworld.

Heros of Craftworld Soryu
Fuyutsuki Soryu
Prince Fuyutsuki Soryu has pursued the life of a Corsair Prince since the loss of his clan stronghold. Dealing in many activities that would be considered disdainful of most Eldar, he seeks to rebuild the lost strength of his clan. He has attracted many Eldar to the life of the Corsair under his banner and maintains a secret base of operations known only to a select few.

Prince Fuyutsuki wealds the sword Ko-Kitsune-Maru, the famous blade of Myamoto Soryu that has a greater daemon of Slaanesh sealed inside. The power of the weapon is fearsome to behold and many legends surround it. One of the more popular rumors is that if an Eldar wealds the blade for to long the daemon inside will possess him, whether this is true or not no one can be sure but Fuyutsuki never lets the weapon out from his person.

Of note is a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch known as Ag-Angaur-Breaga or Gaigheil among humans. This creature has attempted to steal the sword Ko-Kitsune-Maru from Fuyutsuki but has failed in each attempt to date. It is implied that he means to free the Daemon sealed inside, but has been hampered by an ancient spell cast on the sword by its original owner Myamoto Soryu. The spell is such that no one but a descendent of Myamoto can touch the blade and survive.

Maya Hyuga
Maya Huga is considered the greatest psycher the Huga family has ever produced, if she was only more controllable. At an extremely early age she was capable of levitating several people at a time, a talent she aptly demonstrated during a celebration held by her parents. Thus she was placed under the care of the Seer temple in the Soryu district.

However having been gifted with powerful psychic powers at an early age, she was under the constant threat of daemonic possession and was under constant guard and training. It was she that foresaw the destruction of the Soryu clan and managed to warn Fuyutsuki Soryu in time for him to make his escape.

Upon escaping the Craftworld Fuyutsuki discovered that Maya had stowed away onboard his flagship. As she was the most powerful Seer he had in his fleet he agreed to allow her to join him in his Corsair lifestyle.

Away from the strict protective discipline of the Craftworld, Maya’s powers have been allowed to be unleashed at their full and devastating effect as was evident when Daemon Prince Gaigheil attempted to kidnap her. The injury on his left arm has never fully healed. But the threat of possession remains constant and there have been several close calls. However Maya seams to prefer the Corsair lifestyle and freedom it offers.
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

this is my first attempt at eldar fluff, so any constructive criticism and/or ideas will be greatly appreciated. This is a really long story, and i intend to add pics in the near future

[size=18pt]Craftworld Sylaras[/size]
The Twilight Hunters

"For eons, we have lived in fear of the Great Enemy, but she will soon learn that we are the ones to be feared!"- Kethalamor Sunfury, Autarch of Sylaras

The eldar of Sylaras fight fiercely to restore their fallen empire to its former glory. Like their Biel-tan brethren, they believe the Eldar Empire will rise to greatness once again. It is their belief that only by rectifying past mistakes and ridding the universe of their creations, Slaanesh and the Dark Kin, can they rise to power once again. Because of this belief, the Sylaras eldar tirelessly hunt both the forces of chaos and the dark eldar, hopping to redeem themselves and their race. Long ago, the Craftworld was invaded by a large Slaaneshi force. In an attempt to repell the invaders the seers of the Craftworld, old and young, assaulted the daemons at their source. Many of the seers died in this bloody conflict. The Craftworld has yet to recover, having very few seers left. Due to this, the Craftworld employs very few seers in its military. On many occasions, the Sylaras eldar have been allies to the Imperium.However, the Craftworld holds no true ties with the humans of the Imperium, viewing them as a necessary evil. Tools to rebuild their fallen empire...


Autarch Kethalamor Sunfury
Centuries ago, Craftworld Sylaras was invaded by the forces of Slaanesh. The Daemon Prince Vrigoth, in an effort to gain the favor of Slaanesh, sought to use the entire Craftworld as a sacrifice. The Sylaras eldar fought valiantly to stop the onslaught, but the daemon prince would not be denied. As the more and more waves of chaos marines and daemons rampaged throughout the Craftworld, Vrigoth himself led a force of chaos legionaries into the very heart of the Craftworld. There, he and his sorcerers opened a demon gate through which an endless tide of daemons flowed, threatening to swallow up the entire Craftworld. Guardians and Aspect Warriors fought fiercely to push the daemons back, but inch by inch, Vrigoth drew closer to his prize, the Craftworld's infinity circuit.
It was hear that the current Exarch of the Swooping Hawks, Kethalamor Sunfury and his host made their last stand. Together with the few remaining defenders, they slowly pushed the daemons back, desperately staling for time as the Farseers worked to close the Daemon Gate. Javelins of light pierced the air as daemon corpses rained from above. Enraged by this sudden increase in resistance, Vrigoth himself battled Kethalamor. As powerfull as the Daemon prince was, he couldn't land a single blow on the Exarch, for he was far to swift, a true master of the sky. Kethalamor's bravery gave the Farseers the time they needed to dispose of the sorcerers maintaining the gate. As the daemon portal collapsed, Vrigoth retreated into the warp, the portal closing behind him. With their leader gone, the warp spawn fell before the ravaged defenders. But the Exarch would not be satisfied until the prince himself lay slain, vowing to hunt him and his kind until the end of time. It was on this grave day that the Craftworld attained a new Autarch, but at a terrible price.

Farseer Thyranel
Durring the Slaaneshi Invasion it was Farseer Thyranel who led the assault on the Daemon Gate. Together with the Craftworld's Farseers and warlocks, He did battle with the foul sorcerers maintaining the Gate. Many seers fell in the bloody conflict, but in the end the sorcerers lay dead, and Thyranel himself closed the dark portal. But his act of bravery cost him dearly, for as he preformed the sealing ritual, the dark beings within the gate itself lashed out at him, atempting to flay his very soul. Thyranel suffered through his torment long enough to complete the ritual and stop the daemons at their source. The effort had ravaged his body to the point of nearly crippling him. However his mental abilities had been vastely multiplied, giving him powers far beyond that of normal seers. Today he is the most powerfull Farseer on Sylaras, teaching the young all that he knows in order to help the Craftworld recover. But his body, wracked by the forces of the warp, can't hold out much longer...

Army list 2K pts

Autarch Kethalamor-115 pts
Scorpion Chainsword ,Fusion gun ,Swooping Hawk wings , Mandiblaster

Farseer Thyranel-148 pts
Singing spear , guide , Mind war , Fortune , Spirit stones

6 Striking Scorpions-132 pts
Exarch, Scorpion's claw, Stalker , Shadowstrike

6 Fire Dragons-131 pts
Exarch , Fire pike, Tank hunters

6 Howling Banshees-128 pts
Exarch , Mirrorswords , Acrobatic, Warshout

8 Dire Avengers-128 pts
Exarch , Dual S-catapults , Bladestorm

5 Pathfinders-120 pts

12 Gaurdians-111 pts
Scatterlaser platform
Conceal , Singing spear , S-pistol

12 Gaurdians-111 pts
Scatter Laser Platform
Conceal , Witchblade

Wave Serpent-145 pts
T-L Bright lance , Spirit stone

Wave Serpent-125 pts
T-L Scatter lasers, Spirit stone

Fast attack
6 Swooping Hawks-168 pts
Exarch , Sunriffle , Skyleap

Vyper-80 pts
Starcannons , Spirit stones

Vyper-80 pts
Starcannons , Spirit stones

Heavy support
4 Dark reapers-182 pts
Exarch , EML , Fast Shot

total points: 1995

Sylaras Gaurdians led by warlock

Sylaras Gaurdians

Warlock close up

Dire Avengers

srry if the pics r a lil big. i plan to update periodically with more pics as my army grows. enjoy
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Craftworld War-Jen
The Serpents of the Dark Tide

We are the Ruin of Chaos, Our Joy is their Destruction and our Wrath is their Doom, Now until Their ending!
-War cry of Myrmidon, 8th Autarch of War-Jen

The Craftworld:

War-Jen’s construction was begun fairly early in the Craftworld timeline; as a result it’s quite large and well-constructed. Originally it was a bustling metropolis, but today its population is cool and calm, directing their energies to maintaining their great Army. Its aspect shrines are large, with great training fields and arenas. As a tribute to the vision of Crucis, War-Jen has colored black, leading the few humans who have seen its image to conclude that it is a Blackstone construction like the legendary Fortresses.

The Drive:

In the Ancient times, long before The Fall, the prophetic dreams which would eventually become critical to the Eldar’s survival were often disregarded. The Eldar of the time had little time for prophecy; nothing had stirred them from their complacency for millennia. Nonetheless, some of these dreams were recorded by the Seers, and after The Fall the survivors would consult these for clues or hopes that might be found within. One of these records was the account of Crucis, a Seer living on the Hunter’s Moon approximately 3 millions years before The Fall.

Crucis dreamed that he was hunting with an elderly man, and that as they stood on a hill the companion showed him a great Eldar city sprawling across the land below. As Crucis drank in its great beauty, a storm of fire and blood erupted from the city’s center and consumed it. Scores died in torment, and the city’s buildings themselves were corrupted into horrible mirrors of their past beauty. Crucis could see small pockets of his kin huddled on rooftops, looking in vain to the heavens for salvation as their number dwindled. But the Gods could not be found, instead something far different came. From the North, Eldar dressed as great Serpents appeared, flying above a vast Tide of dark water. This tide washed across the city, extinguishing the flames and calming the torment.

As the waters receded, the corrupted buildings changed again, becoming magnificent spires of black stone. The Serpents shepherded the survivors from the shelters, bringing them to city’s center where all, including the Serpents themselves, threw off that which differentiated each other and became one people. Taken aback, Crucis looked to the old man for answers, only to find him gone.

This Prophecy has become the center of the faith among the Eldar of Craftworld War-Jen. The Seers believe Crucis’ dream was a message from the last of the Old Ones, who once directed the Great War against the C’tan. They believe that the Old Ones foresaw the Fall and Rebirth of the Eldar, and it is this which Crucis was shown. Since the Old Ones are gone, the War-Jen reason, it was their intention for the Eldar become the leaders of a new great army, the Serpents leading the black water to extinguish the fires of Chaos.

The War-Jen dedicated themselves to becoming the Serpents of Crucis’ vision. They influence and study the other races, looking for ways they might be united under their leadership. They make war to strike those who aid Chaos, either purposely or inadvertently, and turn them back toward the true enemy. They search the depths of space and lost tracts of the Webway, looking for the knowledge and tools of the Old Ones which will help them unite old enemies into the Black Tide.


War-Jen society is very martial, having dedicated itself to fulfilling the Prophecy. They call their take on the Path of the Eldar the Path of the Serpent, and it is focused on giving the Craftworld the tools it needs to fulfill Crucis’ Prophecy. The vast majority of the Populace follows the Warrior or Witch Paths, resulting in large numbers of Aspect Warriors and Warlocks. Those “civilian” War-Jen which remain are dedicated to maintaining and providing for this great army.

Unlike some other Craftworlds, clans hold little sway among the Serpents of the Dark Tide, as families spend little time together unless they are on the same Path. Instead, camaraderie is strongest among members of the same Path. In fact, several groups of Aspect Warriors coordinate their movement among the paths, maintaining their friendship as they move from shrine to shrine.

Generally, Warlocks direct day-to-day activities, serving as local officials and officers. The Farseers are in charge of directing the Craftworld along the Serpents’ Path, acting as both Senate and Council of War. There are 2 Autarchs which are in overall command of the War-Jen, commanding its great Army and Navy. Technically outranking the Farseers, they are the titular “heads of state” for the Craftworld. However, since the Farseers and their subordinates keep the Craftworld on the Path of the Serpent, no War-Jen Autarch has ever defied their will.

Other Craftworlds may not yet share their beliefs, but this does not disturb the War-Jen too greatly. They see those who reject the Path of the Serpent as the huddled masses from Crucis’ vision. Other Craftworlds’ faiths are treated with respect, but the War-Jen view of the gods is very different from many of their kin. While most Eldar still have great faith in the power of the Eldar Gods, even believing that a new god, Ynnead, will arise from the death of the Eldar and strike down Chaos, those who follow the Path of the Serpent believe the time when the Eldar could count on their gods for protection has gone. Their salvation must come by their own hand, or not at all. When the Phoenix Lords return for the Rhana Dandra, they too will be traveling the path of the Serpent, and join the War-Jen in leading the Dark Tide against Chaos.

Heroes and Leaders:

Currently the 2 Autarchs of War-Jen are the Princes Entei and Tanis, veterans of combat on the ground and in the stars. They share this command equally, and there is no division of the Craftworld’s forces among them. Before a campaign, or on the eve of battle, the two will plan and assemble their War Hosts together.

Prince Entei is nicknamed “The Firestorm,” both for his volatile personality and penchant for wreaking havoc on the battlefield. He generally fights on foot, leading the warriors of War-Jen into battle propelled by his own muscles (and maybe a Warp Jump Generator). He’s a great hero of many battles, often scoring many kills with a Reaper Launcher or Fusion Gun and then storming in with his Power Glaive Re-Hamm to greet the enemy in person.

In Appearance, Entei surrounds himself with the trappings of his office. At peace he wears voluminous robes, emblazoned with the image of the Serpent. At War, his banners are bright and proud, his helmet tall and double-crested, and his armor garishly reflects his Fiery will.

Prince Tanis has a less heroic reputation than his comrade, but those with knowledge of such things would easily rank him the Superior Campaigner. Tanis has a knack for utilizing the mobility and lethality of the Eldar, often breaking off engagements only to strike with amazing speed where the enemy is not expecting him. Unlike Entei, who is not satisfied unless he’s bringing the might of the War-Jen to bear, Tanis prefers commanding smaller, faster forces to outflank the enemy or counter-attack their attempts to outflank the Eldar.

In appearance, Tanis forgoes Entei’s fire for cool confidence. At peace he wears subdued yet regal tunics. At war, his warrior’s armor is minimally embellished; his banners simply hold the Rune of the War-Jen. Unlike Entei’s infantryman’s approach, Tanis typically favors riding into battle on a Jetbike with Laser Lance in hand, directing his men and always ready to charge in to their aid.

The Farseers of War-Jen make up the Serpents Council, which directs the Craftworld along its Path. There are several offices on the Council whose holders head various divisions of labor. Among the most important is the Seer of Guard, who oversees the Spiritseers that tend to the Wraith warriors in slumber and battle, the Seer of War, who oversees the rest of the Warlocks, and the Seer of the Path, who protects and maintains the texts and errata which the Council consults to help them fulfill Crucis’ Prophecy.

The Army:

The War-Jen’s dedication to living the Prophecy is reflected in the standing Army, it’s huge. While all Craftworlds can gear their population to war when war calls, for the Serpents of the Dark Tide war is always calling.

Compared to other Eldar War Hosts, the War-Jen have much fewer of the Guardian “citizen-soldiers.” Almost all the Guardians of the War-Jen are tasked with manning the vehicles and heavy weapon platforms of the army, there are no Guardian infantry formations. The Wraith and Aspect Warriors do most of the fighting for the Eldar, led by the Autarchs and Seers. Guardians are their drivers, their pilots, their gunners, and their healers.

Although their population remains fairly strong, the War-Jen have not waited for times of crisis to create Spirit Warriors for battle. In the Craftworld’s Awesome Hall of Fallen heroes, large numbers of Wraith warriors are carefully maintained. As abhorrent as this disruption of the afterlife is to all Eldar, the Serpents view these constructs as the first Warriors of the Dark Tide. In battle, the Wraith warriors are colored the black, highlights in flames of blood red, to reflect the Dark Tide washing away the fires of Chaos.

Exiles of the War-Jen are those who grow tired of the Path, as with all Craftworlds, and also those who take it upon themselves to quest for secrets of the Dark Tide. Many young warriors strike out on their own or in small bands, traveling across the cosmos in search of tools to help the Serpents in their mission, returning hardened and capable Rangers and Pathfinders.

Although the Serpents of the Dark Tide hold no hope of salvation from the Laughing God, his hatred of Chaos makes them secure allies. Seers of the War-Jen have traveled the Webway with the Harlequins to consult the texts of the Black Library, and the enigmatic warriors of the Laughing God readily join the followers of the Serpents’ Path in battle.
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Default Re: Eldar Armies of Tau Online

Valhallan Eldar Warhost

Fluff : During the Dark times of the fall the craftworld known as the morai shankai (ice shadow) was struck down by slaneesh they were thought to be completely wiped out as their burning ship decended to the imperial ice world known as valhalla. there numbers were very few only a few guardians survived the crash and there hero , Farseer illoinis survived . 10000 years later 40th milenia the imperial guard detected them and sent in the space marines . for the Eldar were doomed without their former numbers. before the war began 5 Aliatoc Pathfinders arrived on the planet and found the eldar camp. Next to appear was 3 Wave serpents filled with guardians came and their seers came too. last to arrive were 3 Falcon grav tanks with 6 howling banshees in each. and out of a nearby webway gate a troupe of Harlequins came . with the great might of their combined force they stopped the marines advance but of great cost their farseer was mortally wounded and many of their men were killed in melee. when the craftworld of Saim hann heard this they sent spirit seer alloinis down to the planets war ground there he reconstructed all vehicles and made a mighty revenant titan for illoinis . Wraithguard were made to home the dead guardians and as saimhanns final gift they gave 3 of theyre wind rider host.

Main enemy : Imperial guard

Farseer Illoinis
Spiritseer alloinis

wraith guard
Revenant titan illoinis ( server of ill fate)
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Craftworld Gro-Galdr

After the Tyranid invasion of their craftworld, the Iyanden gathered to seek revenge. Whatever aspect warriors survived joined their new craftworld augmented by the souls of the dead. The Shrine of Asurmen was located on Iyanden. Many Dire Avengers joined their frigates as they fled their homeworld. They also were able to recruit other aspects including Fire Warriors, Striking Scorpians and Dark Reapers. Thus Craftworld Gro-Galdr came to be formed. Their frigate ship flies the Warp on a two fold mission.

The Craftworld Gro-Galdr Farseer could sense the spirit of their dead warriors even within the Infinity Circuit and believed that he could restore an Eldar soul to a spiritstone pulling it from the depths of the Warp. So they search the Warp looking for fallen comrades but they also hunt their sworn enemy - The Hive Mind.

The Iyanden Spirit hosts avoid battle unless threatened but not these Ghost warriors. Whenever Tyranids are near they hurl themselves into battle. They do not abandon their goal of replenshing their ranks with retrieved souls. Their Farseers have developed a process to accomplish this and even from deep in the Warp, they can sense the dead souls and begin the restoration.

Craftworld Gro-Galdr uses Avatars even at the cost of an Eldar life as the combat monster has his role when hunting Tyranids. Combat is something that an Iyanden army seeks to avoid. Not so this force. They will search and kill any Nid force they can find to revenge themselves on Hive Fleet Kraken. They trust their Farseers to restore the dead souls.

I'm still painting up a few more models ... new farseer, another Wraithlord and a fourth serpent but for now all my pictures are here ...


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The Enclave of the Fallen Lord

Yet, do you truly understand what has happened? Were you really told the Truth or did they tell you the Truth they wanted you to know. For you see, history is written by the winners and never would they tell you the Truth...at least not if the Truth was damaging." Arhra The Fallen Lord.

Centuries ago, The Eldar turned their back against one of their Revered Hero: Arhra, The Phoenix lord of the Striking Scorpion. Betrayed by his own, he was forced into exile with some of his most trusted Followers amongst the Striking scorpions as well as a handful of liked minded Eldar. Sure the Craftworlder said that Arhra was the Betrayer, but this is a lie known only to a few.

Exiled and Hunted, those few loyal souls followed their Lord into the Webway, they only place where they could be safe and hidden. For centuries they kept a low profile, taking care of their needs and generally ignoring the world outside. Some like minded Dark Kin eventually joined them: They too were not interesting in the internal conflict of their people, wanting only to live their life in relative safety. Arhra in his kindness welcome them and trained them: turning some into the fiercest and dedicated bodyguard one can find this side of the Warp.

Socially speaking, it is an odd one. A mix of the older Eldar way and of the Dark eldar way, this little enclave focus a lot of stealth and surgical strike. As well as a certain neutrality when it come to the various Faction/Kabal they have to deal with.
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Craftworld Varg-Vakker
Lasting Beauty
Craftworld Varig-Vakker is a little known Craftworld for a mix of reasons. Situated in the Eastern fringe of the Imperium (just on the verge of the Tau Empire) following a similar route to Iyanden. This has lead to both Craftworlds communicating often because of their common foes and any need of aid that the other may call out for. During the attacks of Hive Fleet Kraken that left Iyanden mortally crippled, Varig-Vakker was dealing with a conglomeration of Necron Tomb Worlds, and many battles on-planet soon turned into a desperate space battle for the Craftworld, which after many days of hard fighting left the Craftworld in victory among it's ancient enemies, none of which escaped the system.

The occupants of Craftworld Varig-Vakker are always masters of two aspects, that of war and that of culture. In essence this creates a large amount of warrior-poets and musicians or artists, all of whom derive their experiences on the field of battle from success, defeat, and the emotions of the sway of a battle. Even the dead are not among the exempt from battle, because even though the society of Varig-Vakker revolves around a warrior culture, they barely hold the numbers to fight by themselves, and in a continuing crusade against the Necrontyr to rid themselves of the Ancient Enemy, and any race that stands in their way of recreating their old empire.

Characters of Varig-Vakker

Grand Seer Tiwaz
Grand seer Tiwaz is the oldest living Eldar in Varig-Vakker and has seen the destruction wrought by the Necrontyr to all living beings, in one particularly scarring display slaughtering hundreds of Eldar civilians in a surprise boarding raid on the Craftworld, in which his own family was ripped apart before his eyes by a Lord of the Necrontyr. Since then he has made it his personal mission to seek out and destroy the Necrons wherever he can find them, sleeping or awake.

Autarch Tir
Tir is relatively young and proud by Eldar standards, a trait attributed to the close friendship between Prince Yriel and himself. Tir is focused completely on singular combat and preserving not only his own pride, but also the pride of his Craftworld, and as such prefers to face the enemy commander in hand to hand combat by himself if he feels that they have earned the privilege of facing him as such.

The Harlequins
The dying nature of the Craftworld Varig-Vakker has made it a point of interest among the Harlequins. In interest of preserving Eldar civilization Tir and Tiwaz are usually in counsel with a group of Harlequins, and quite often they will ride into battle with the warhost of Varig-Vakker

I'll have more as I think I create my craftworld, but basically they're all warrior-artists, and a dwindling race. Just like real writers, musicians, poets, etc :P
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